Saturday, 4 May 2019

Be Authentic in an Artificial world

Written by Naadira Chhipa

A young lady perhaps 17years of age recently messaged me to ask me a very disturbing question. A question that stirred my soul as I read her message I began to cry. 

She asked me a question that every young mind on social media is questioning. 

Are the lives of social media influencers real?  Does the true meaning of happiness, success and contentment in adulthood lie in fancy clothing, designer bags, flashy cars, luxurious vacations every month and make overs everyday? Does popularity, exposure, body image and appearance mean all to the women I look up to who are old enough to be my mum? Is this what I should aspire to become? I see happiness embracing them through materialism so is it true that money can also make me as happy, popular and loved by all.

This is the sad reality our children are faced with everyday. Yes we tell them to find role models in our Sahaabia(R.A) not these instagram models but how often are they opening an Islamic history book compared to login onto social media? We tell them that these women are showcasing a piece of their lives not the entire puzzle but everyday seems to be picture perfection updated. We tell them to unfollow and block these type of influencers but everyday there are new models on the market. 

So I told her what I would have wanted to hear if I was a teenager.

Life is not picture perfect. Their reality is far from what you see in a moment in time. When Allah blew life into us each soul has challenges we know not of. Every person you see or meet is facing a challenge that is unique to them. Wealth, clothing, designer bags and flashy cars are also a test for them. Remember death knows of no age, beauty or status but rather we all end up decomposing into the soil, dressed in the same white kafan. Do you know what lives on? Our goodness, our character, our humility, our kindness, our smile, our memories, our deeds and our light that illuminated the heart, mind and soul in others. So do not be despondent, sad or feel inferior when you look at those perfect lives as you have no idea what their struggles are, you may be shocked to know you have less worries, anxiety and despair than they do. Materialism is not a synonym for happiness but rather happiness is always within you. Aspire to become close to Allah, to befriend Allah, to have a special communication and connection to your Lord and to be auntenic in an artificial world.-Naadira Chhipa

 You are amazing just the way you are.

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