Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Daddys little girl

I was born into a family where my parents were in their 40's. It was like their life has re-begun, despite already having two much older kids.
My dad gave me precious memories.. Long walks, appreciating nature, board-games, the strength to persevere, building blocks of a strong character and personality, my first car..
He was my critic, my go to for advice even when I did the opposite, my strength when I was weak. He picked me up when I fell, shouted at me when I was wrong, thought me that half a loaf is better than no loaf or even a full loaf sometimes..
You left and the tide of time changed, I'm still holding on to all you thought me and persevering.
You are not here, yet you still live within me.. Your memories, your thoughts, your spoils, your actions, your dreams all reside in me..
Sometimes you are so alive in my dreams that when I awake from them it's strange to believe that you no longer physically in my life..

#ShireenM #DurbanMuslima #AspiringToInspire 

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