Monday, 17 June 2019

Tumeric.. For good health

I am a fibro fighter.
Since i was diagnosed a few years ago i had never heard of fibromyalgia. When i looked at the symptoms which is a rather long list i saw i had most of them.
With no cure, i became a pill popper, reaching a point of taking upto 5-6 pain tablets at a time with no real long term relief.
I was then told about tumeric and started taking it daily but it didnt work well while i was still taking pain tablets. So one day i took all the tablets and chucked them in the bin. And dedicatedly took a concoction of warm water, a tsp of tumeric, sprinkle of black pepper and honey to taste, daily every morning. The results were amazing. I eventually had minimal pain and could live a 'normal' life. I do still get flares on occassion and resort to tabs only on those occassions.

To all those sufferers of fibromyalgia, i ask you to try this. Its inexpensive and taken with dedication you too will reap the benefits.

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