Sunday, 14 July 2019

Mummy dearest

My mummy on her wedding day... Wish I was there to see her, but for now the pic will have to do. An  school leaver, and daughter of a tailor, she was a self-taught dressmaker from watching her daddy. At the the age of 19 when she married, she sewed the beautiful lace gown herself for her wedding. One of the first weddings to have been held at a hall, she set the trend in the family henceforth and sewed many a wedding dress for family members.
The dress although frayed due to not being kept well, still exists and me and my girls have all wore it and did pics in it. It fits each of us like a glove.
I begged her to stitch me the same gown for my wedding but years later she cudnt remember the intricate detail of ita pattern work.
A legend in her own right and still as creative and smart as ever, my mummy remains an enigma in my life.. A woman that has aged but still exudes the same style and grace that she had in her young days.

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