Friday, 26 July 2019

Review of the Journaling Workshop hosted by Celeste du Toit

Looking back at yesterday and the phenomenal results, I'm left with a positive force of energy that's simply amazing. 
My initial reason for wanting to attend the Journaling Workshop was to get totally past the block of writing, that had built up over the years. The past few weeks, words started to come out in dribs and drabs, as did thoughts that were pushed way back into no man's land in my head. But the flow that I had experienced before was not there, so I arranged with Celeste at the last minute to attend and re-arranged my busy work schedule so there would be no excuse to back out. 
The first thing that was just awesome was the environment. Calissa Lodge lies in Westville, near the freeway, yet the setting is one that exudes peace and Tranquility. Just being there made me feel relaxed and somewhat settled in my being. 
The group consisted of ladies from different walks of life. Although strangers, we all felt comfortable in each other's company and easily got acquainted. 
We introduced ourselves by identifying ourself with an animal. At first it felt strange, yet when each person spoke, one could see the elements of that animal exuding from that person's persona. 
From there we learnt more than alot about each other with many of us identifying with the others issue or plight. 
We then went on an exercise of self awareness. In those minutes of silence, simply concentrating on our breathing, taking in the sounds, and smells around us, the peace and tranquility of our surroundings seemed to settle our inner self. A sense of calm took over and all the baggage we walked in with simply fell away. 
Automatically as if by magic, positivity surrounded us. The writing exercises that followed were simply a flow of positive energy, positive thoughts and a sense of self awareness, self realization simply took over. 
The blockages seemed to simply have dissolved into the air with the simple act of closing our eyes and breathing. Like with each breath I let out the negativity was expelled and all I Inhaled was the goodness, the beauty and peace and serenity of my surroundings. 
For someone that has been so concentrated on the people that have wronged me, the pains that i experience from it physically and emotionally, and the perpetrators non acceptance of their actions, I suddenly felt burdenless. I felt lighter. The world seemed brighter. 
Words, thoughts, flowed articulating the present rather than the past. 
Ultimately, for me the workshop was a road to self realization. It increased my sense of awareness of the world around me and the awareness of my inner self. I realised that I am in control of the blockages in my life and I have the power to unblock what is hindering my progress and growth. 
This is the start of a journey of putting pen to paper. 
A simple Journaling workshop that we all left with, feeling highly motivated and highly empowered. 

I'll be sharing further snippets of the event on my social media platforms as well as my writings and a further bio on the host, life coach Celeste du Toit. If you don't want to miss any of it simply go to my blog and subscribe and you will me on the mailing list to receive my postings. 

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