Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Simply home-made


I meet this couple in their 30's, Sieraaj and Fatima who has 3 kids and one on its way. The mom homeschools these kids and teaches the eldest one Ghifs. They live in a garage that was made into a seperate entrance where they make these beautiful SOAPS and try and sell it to whoever they can. The wife has scoliosis and is constantly living in pain. She couldn't finish her treatment as it was way to expensive. They are up early on a Sunday morning to hit Muizenberg market to sell their soaps. This is their only form of income, besides the husband selling socks on the odd occasion. You know what struck me about this couple is that they paid for 4 posts, no questions asked, never tried to negotiate, never asks for any handouts, takes hours to make their lovely handcrafted SOAPS, which by the way was self taught watching a documentary on how to make soaps.When he had a job, he would hardly see his girls as he left early and came home late. He then decided to be there for them and do the soaps from home to sustain his family. For extra income Sieraaj does deliveries for catering companies and also on the weekends works at his uncles pizza place. Hats off to this Dad. And I mean that. Again I will say, they do not ask for any hand outs, but they came to me as their last resort to try and put them out there as business is very tough. I feel almost like I will fail them if I don't get a few hundred SHARES. Guys, I am not asking everybody or anybody to support every post and person that I put on FB. Life is expensive and we all have different financial situations. All I'm asking is to SHARE these posts and hopefully in this case a big business or guest house see this and give this couple a contract to supply them on a consistent basis. But if  you can support them, please do. My big dragon now has a SOAP business as she is one of their clients.This couple says they would long term like to empower other small businesses and people who are unemployed by teaching them how to make their own soaps. But you cannot do that from a garage where you and your kids live and work.Their best sellers are,  Activated charcoal, Rooibos and black seed, Rooibos and Unscented. These soaps are such lekka gifts. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLICK THAT SHARE button and really put this very humble couple out there and support them big time as we are that lekka community mos. I thank them for allowing me to come into their home and sharing their story. And I wish them everything of the best.

Contact numbers.   081 7400105 (Sieraaj)
065 8410849(Fatima). 

Because now my big dragon mos lekka has a SOAP business. En die kind vekoep net siep.

By Yusuf Daniels


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