Friday, 12 July 2019

Theres always a bully...

I was born into a happy family, a family that doted on me as I was the late baby. But in stepped one jealous person, a bully that came from a broken background that tried to destroy and shatter every little joy and happiness.
It was little things that mattered. Thta brought joy and happiness. My daddy left work at the age of 14 to help his dad support his siblings. He married at 19 and worked hard to build a good life and when I was born his life was set. He had his own home, car, he gave his kids an education and me, I was the apple of his eye. But just like in fairy tales there's always a villain. A bully that can't see anyone else happy. He destroyed our happy family. My daddy would cry in secret at his helplessness.
When one is young, we don't understand the dynamics of parenthood, the responsibilities.
His reputation, his word, his character was everything to him.
I grew up as a quiet, timid young girl, having to Be coaxed to speak. As I grew up I learnt to Speak out. I learnt that keeping silent in some instances gave bullys more rope to hang you.
I learnt that no matter how juicy the carrot they dangle in front of you, the grass is not greener on the other side.. Like little red rising hood, the wolf in disguise is waiting to destroy you.

I saved myself, but I couldn't save the others... Others got taken in and died broken, betrayed and lost....

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