Thursday, 18 July 2019

Urgent Legal Advice required

I'm not one to advertise my wears in public but right now I'm desperate to get a matter sorted ASAP.
My dad has passed away 13 yrs ago, the executors one of whom is late appointed an attorney who was paid for the winding up of the estate. The estate has since not been wound. Everything has been haphazardly distributed despite the stipulations as per the will and as a result the estate is penniless. The property left to my mother cannot be transfered to her as the estate has not been wound and as all the funds have been depleted in the estate, there is no funds available for its transfer and we have to club to pay in bills. I tried to get another attorney to assist to sort the matter, we sold our jewellery to pay him his fees as he promised to sort the matter. After he received the fees which was paid into a trust acct, his subordinate changed stories and said it can't be sorted. Thereafter the lawyer passed away. New attorneys took over the practice and said they closing down and cannot assist me. I could not get my money back as the receipt for my pmt was missing from the file. Thereafter I learnt that the new attorneys did in fact. Ot close down but they simply did not want to deal with my matter and demanded further pmts from me.
I'm at the end of my tether in a this. And my moneys and my mums monies have been totally depleted in what the estate should have been liable to pay for as well as the further upkeep of a house that we cannot sell and is not hers until it's transferred.

We keep getting promised from the lawyer of the estate that things are being sorted, days are turning to months, months to years.

If there is anyone that can assist me with any legal advice or assistance I would highly appreciate it.

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