Friday, 12 July 2019

You see people going for these amazing facials and treatments, which is great on the outside, but the secret to great skincare is also what you ingest. Many of us just don't have the time to eat right and end up in the fast food race. Hence its so important to take supplements to keep our skin healthy and make all the topical treatments worthwhile. And these Glutathione tabs are in special so get them now and save. 

I just started with these and they awsum. I did hav a RetiPeel at Perfectly Porcelain that I can only describe as the Rolls Royce in skin peels. My skin literally peeled for about a week. I saw skin hanging off my face without any redness or sensitivity. It revealed skin that was lighter and brighter, literally took years off. There's no peel That can come close to This in results. 

At the same time I took a face cream from Perfectly Porcelain that's been just perfect, not oily or greasy and keeping the winter dryness at bay that I usually suffer with in these months.

I also started with the glutathione tabs which I'm not consistent with but with the combo of three I  can face the world bare-faced.

Ive hated the caked and Porcelain  look that's the goin trend so I'm anti foundation and use a light concealer only on occasion, so I love the fresh faced look That the treatment and tabs give me. The cream is just perfect too.

But ladies Always use a sunblock, irrespective if u indoors all day or even if u are in niqab, sunblock is a must-have.

I generally go to Fatima of Perfectly Porcelain and she decides on what treatment I need, so do ask her for expert advice as she has many treatments for different skin issues.

They are conveniently situated in Overport. For bookings call or watsapp 0718393478

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