Sunday, 11 August 2019

Alhena by Azra

When Azra was 4 yrs old, I did a crash course on a trip to Pakistan on the basics of henna application. Since then my little one was obsessed with it.
What turned out to be a love of henna for me turned into a business venture, called Mendhi 4 u.
It took us on a journey to wonderful events, across SA, homes all over Durban and we met alot of wonderful people.
Whilst my business grew, Azras obsession grew as well, applying mendhi alongside me at various events, etc. 
But all things have an ending point and when I had my last bout of brocho pneumonia and my fibro had gained momentum, my hand was unsteady and I coaxed a very young Azra into taking over a pre- booked bridal appointment.
She was hesitant at first and then she jumped straight into it. Thereafter there was no looking back. Even though i had stopped trading at the then Essenwood market, Azra persisted and traded on her own, applying mendhi. 
Azra mastered the art and seventeen years later she's become a sought after mendhi artist @alhenabyazra

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