Tuesday, 13 August 2019


A couple of weeks ago, I bought a fan. When I opened the box, I couldn't find one of the pieces. I called customer service, and they said they will send me a free fan. After I hung up, I found the missing piece (lol). So I called them back and told them that I found the piece (It was a thrilling night).  They said they already processed the other free fan and that I could still keep it. So I got an extra free fan which is awesome because I don't have an AC and my apartment can get pretty hot. 

Fast forward a couple weeks: I ordered a chair set, and the package kept not arriving when it was supposed to. Three times, it didnt show up by its promised arrival date. And three times, I called the company saying that I still didnt get it. Finally, the guy told me the package is lost and that he will send me another chair set. When I asked him, "what if I still get the lost package plus the one they sent me?" He said, " ma'am this package is lost and untrackeable and you definetly won't receive it."   The next day, I received the "lost" package and today I received the free one they sent, so I now have double. 

Reminder/Lessons my Heart received from this:

1.) Sometimes when we can't find things  (like my missing fan piece), that is okay.  Sometimes we are veiled for a reason. God chooses what we see and can't see. Because I swear, I turned that box inside out looking for the missing piece and found it so easily only right after I got off the phone with customer service and had already gotten the free fan.  We tend to hate not having all the pieces in our lives, but missing pieces are part of our journey too and they also serve a purpose. They are usually guiding us towards something we have to gain.

2.) God never delays a thing unless He is setting us up to receive more than what we originally expected. While I was calling customer service all those times asking "why my package didn't arrive on time," I didn't know that I would later receive double what I wanted. I was veiled from what I was about to receive. 

3.) What people say does not hold any weight compared to what God can do. Do not let people ever tell you that something is impossible. Nothing is ever too great for God. With Him, there is nothing "lost," nothing "untrackable," nothing that can't be found, and absolutely nothing He can't bring right to your door. 

4.) There is a baraqah & blessing in every delay. Just because we may be veiled from them does not mean they aren't happening and they aren't in motion. 

A reminder to myself first.

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