Monday, 5 August 2019

Do You Think Your Wife Is Bad ?

In the city of Baghdad, there lived a great scholar. One day a man named Zahir approached this scholar to complain about the manner in which his wife would talk to him. On reaching the Scholar’s house, Zahir noticed that the Scholar’s wife was speaking to the Scholar in the same way his wife spoke to him.
Zahir thought to himself, “I came here to talk about my wife’s ill-mannered speech towards me, but the Scholar seems to be facing the same problem I have been facing.” So he turned around and began to leave. Meanwhile, the Scholar came out and called Zahir back and enquired about his visit. Zahir told, “I came to moan about my wife, but when I saw your wife talking to you in the same way I decided to go back”
The Scholar explained, “I have taken up a forgiving nature towards my wife because of the things she does for me”. He continued, “My wife serves me delicious food each day, she washes my clothes every day, she raises my children in the best way, she goes to buy grocery and other stuff from the shops, she takes care of every need of the family, also she saves me from the bad things of the society, she is my comforter when I am angry, my friend when I need advice”
After listening to the Scholar Zahir replied, “I derive the same benefits from my wife like you do, but I never thought the way you did and never overlooked her mistakes and shortcomings.” I shall adopt the same nature like you from now on Zahir said and left happily.
Moral of the Story:
This is a reminder to every husband and wife to not complain about your spouses’ faults and shortcomings. Try to overlook the mistakes of each other in order to keep the marriage and the society peaceful. Hasten to forgive each other. Recall the past good that the other person has done in order to achieve peace and harmony.
Adopt forgiving attitude towards your spouse and see for yourself the happiness it brings to your life.
May Almighty Allah shower blessings to all muslim houses

Success comes from Allah and Almighty Allah knows best

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