Saturday, 10 August 2019

I am a Fibro fighter and this is my story

Aches and pains were there growing up, together with IBS, a weak immune system and other fibro related symptoms were apparant in my growing up years, but the gp's just treated it with pain killers, antibiotics etc.

With time I managed the symptoms, having to put food on the table I had no choice. 
I pushed myself to my limits always. I never was average, I was over and beyond in all that I did be it work related, or the home. I strived for excellence in success not just to succeed. 

Fast forward to my early 30's. I was pregnant for the second time and this time round I had loads of aches and pains. The Dr said not every pregnancy is the same. Other than the aches and pains I was good. Worked till a few hours before my delivery and had a really quick and easy delivery with no issues.

At the same time, my dad was in the last stage of cancer.. Bedridden. My mummy took care of him and I helped as much as I could. 
His passing away brought a sense of relief as I could not see his suffering. His suffering and his death changed my mindset and after some minor issues at the workplace I resigned after a lengthy service.

Health issues started creeping up on me, starting with bouts of depression. I started my own businesses, trading at events, teaching arts and crafts at schools. Again pushing myself to the limits to put food on the table. 

At an outdoor fair, one night I got really sick, next day Dr said I had a bout of bronchi pneumonia. 
Few wks later in the midst of planning my first fundraiser my baby got broncho pneumonia and ended up in hospital.

A week later after a successful event, I once again got sick, the dr diagnosed me again with broncho pneumonia. Meds were not helping, and my husband gave me his meds.. That turned out to be a huge mistake. 

I started convulsing and blacked out. 

I was rushed to hospital. 

Little did I know that this was the start of a vicious attack on life as I knew it.... 

To be continued.. 

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