Tuesday, 27 August 2019

The masks we wear..

Abuse is a constant in many lives, be it at home, at work, from life to loved ones, family, friends, colleagues.. Physical abuse is visible, the scars are visible, it can heal without much effort. 
Emotional and psychological abuse is invisible, it's inside a person. You may take note of a person's behaviour and think badly about them and say something is wrong with tgem not knowing that they are enduring or have endured extreme emotional or psychological abuse hence their behaviour is a product of that.

Some mask the pain, mask the hurt, mask the wounds and just continue with life. They soldier on painting a happy face and one will never realise that they go home and breakdown once the mask falls off.
A very important point made by Sister Naadira Chhipa at this weekends event.. Put yourself first, invest in yourself, heal your inner wounds or you will bleed on everyone around you sometimes unintentionally.

There are many coaches, counsellors, sister groups, support groups, get there and let out your pain, your anguish, your story.
Take time out for yourself.
You have but one life and any moment could be your last, live it alive, and not like the walking dead.

After a heart to heart with my mum this weekend, this is what she told me.. Shireen, live your life, do what you want, go where you want, don't look backwards, look forwards, don't be reliant on anyone in this world, do what you can for yourself, dont give in to what others want, don't overextend yourself for those that don't do the same for you.

Mind you my mummy is 85yrs old, she never finished her schooling, got married at 19, had kids from 20. She never had to step out and work, she was the house wife and my dad the bread winner. Coming from that background she still found time to do creative things. She was a self taught as a dressmaker, learning from her dad who was a tailor. She attended classes learning other crafts and my daddy never stopped her. She was and still is the smartest woman I know.

We are a product of our foundation, being our parents..the good, the bad and the ugly. The rest is up to us. 
Take a moment, step back and see who and what we are and notice the common points between them And us. 

In a world that is cruel and harsh, there is no room for the broken unless you make the effort. 

Make the effort! Dont wait for it to fall in your plate, it never will. 

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