Thursday, 1 August 2019

The spoilt brat...

I was considered a spoilt brat by many in my family circle. 
Why you may ask.. 
Because I was the youngest. 
Because I was different. 
Because my dad gave me his time. 
Because he indulged into my little fancies on occasion. 

I felt my dad was hard on me in many ways. 
I could have had everything on a platter yet I went to work and soon paid for my indulgences myself. 
Financially, he made me stand ony own two feet and despite being knocked down many times after his passing I manage to drag myself off the ground and carry on. 

Life has not been kind in many instances and very kind in other instances. 
The best gift my daddy gave me was his time. 
The second biggest gift was his making me independent. 

The people that thought I was a spoilt brat, in actual fact were the spoilt brats themselves, always waiting for my daddy to bail them out. 

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