Saturday, 10 August 2019

True colours...

In my sphere, I became a public entity due the work I was involved in. Yes, I gained a huge network but the downside is that the public started assuming they own me. Where I am, what I was doing, who I was with... All became juice to the public.
Amongst people, the jealousy and envy grew to the point that these toxic people that i started cutting out of my circle began a campaign to destroy me.
But what goes around comes around, through all my trials, tribulations I'm still standing tall.
I'm a fighter, and my fight for survival continues despite the backlash I face. The people that stood by me in my worst moments, are the only people that matter. I am grateful to Allah to have brought me this far and to have sent me the genuine support I needed when I needed it most.
In good times everyone wants to be your friend and in your circle.
In bad times.. That's when you see whose true and whose not.

#ShireenM #DurbanMuslima #AspiringToInspire

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