Monday, 23 September 2019

Fibro Fighter Diaries

Just before I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was constantly sick, in constant pain, in a constant state of depression. I felt everything around me was just falling apart.
People couldn't understand what I was going through.
I was at the dr every week, with no real relief.
Years have passed and I fight the symptoms daily.
Some days are good and then there's always a bad day.
Still no one understands what a person with fibro goes through.
Each day is a struggle.

The pain is real and when it's at its peak its debilitating. You have no choice but to take a break and let the pain just do its thing, until you once again past a flare and the reprieve of relief.
You can't predict when you will have a flare, but I've felt it mostly startup at moments of some emotional upheaval.
The flares lead to an emotional Rollercoaster ride with overwhelming physical pain, abundant tears, a depressive stage of mind where you feel like your world's crashing around you and you have no way to survive. 

The pain, the struggle is real. 
If you know someone or your loved one is a fibro warrior, deal with them with patience and understanding. Don't be the root cause of their emotional upheaval, for it will lead to a flare up and a total back flip into the thick of the symptoms. 

It's hard yes, but it's even harder to Deal with the results of a flare. 
Just as they will suffer, you will bear the consequences of their state when they in the thick of their ailments.

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