Monday, 9 September 2019

Sexual Abuse in the Muslim World: By Naadira Chhipa

She was born into a wealthy family.Her parents adored their little princess and gave her everything she could ever want.They loved her yet failed to protect her.She was just 5years old when her maternal uncle asked her to get comfortable with him on her bed.He sang her favourite nursery rhymes as he molested and destroyed her innocent body, mind and soul.Her parents never spoke to her about that 'bad touch' so she thought it was a game until her mother found her naked next to her uncle.Her parents were distraught yet they took no legal action as it would destroy their reputation.That little girl was forever destroyed and never again did she ever feel safe or protected not by her parents, not even in her own home.

He was the first born son to a pious family.His mother started teaching him the Quraan at the tender age of 3.He loved learning the Quraan and aspired to be a Hafiz someday.He was dropped off by his parents every afternoon at the house of a renowned aalim.He soon completed memorising half the Quraan when he began to stagnate.He became introverted and stopped reading his Salaah.When his father tried to speak to him, he would shut himself in his room for hours.The aalim of the uloom always favoured him as the rest of the class left he would be asked to stay behind and revise yet behind closed doors this innocent boy was sexually abused by his respected aalim. He soon ran away from home and began living on the streets, smoking weed.The police found his lifeless body hanging from a tree in the nearby park a week later.

She was married to her high school sweetheart.They were married for over a year when he started to develop an addiction to pornography.He would ask her watch these evil sexual videos with him and demand she re-enacts every dirty position she viewed even if it was haraam.His addiction became an obsession and soon he became a sex addict.He would force himself on her day and night even as her painful screams echoed through the house he would savagely fulfil his needs without concern or remorse.She could not seek help as her mother had said,'it is your duty as a wife to fulfil your husband's needs no matter what he asks of you'.She silently endured years of sexual torture until oneday he went too far and she passed away due to internal bleeding.Her family knew nothing of it and he was never brought to justice in this world.

We need to start speaking up and speaking out against sexual abuse.Yes my sisters it is happening in the Muslim community, we and our children are not immune to such evil.It is sad that we shy away from educating our children about sexual abuse.Many of our sisters are suffering in silence being abused emotionally, physically and sexually by the men they made nikkah to.They have no escape nor do they have support from their families.We need to expose such evil characters even if they are our beloved spouse, respected aalims or close relatives.Keep the doors of communication open between you and your children.Educate them about sexual abuse according to their age and level of understanding.

Allah has blessed us with a body, mind, heart and soul that is precious and sacred so respect yourself enough to speak up, speak out and seek help.

Nobody deserves to be abused.May Allah protect us and our offspring from the predators that are known to us and unknown to us.

As mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, cousins, granmas and Muslimahs let us unite to create awareness of this evil that strips our dignity, robs our innocence and destroys our body, mind and soul.

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