Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The Extravagant Ummah by Naadira Chhipa

Brothers and sisters remember if Allah has blessed you with immense wealth, Alhamdullilah there is no evil in wealth itself but evil begins when pride, arrogance and ego entraps your soul in the name of fame and fortune. Use this wealth for your benefit in this world and your ever lasting benefit in the hereafter. Today we witness Muslims showcasing their wealth by uploading their ten star lifestyles and becoming overnight celebrities as a result of purchasing, eating, traveling, grooming and exposing their possessions. There are brothers and sisters who are crying tears of blood for a piece of bread, yet we are seeing the same Ummah obsessed over the latest brands, hotels, parties, appearances, holidays, make up, glitz and glamour. 

As a mother it brings me to tears to see this disease of extravagance being passed onto children as they start making their own picture perfect blogs and videos showing the world the power of their parents bank account.

May Allah bless us with understanding that we should be eternally grateful for everything we have and protect these gifts from Allah by being humble and private. Remember our beloved Prophet Muhammad(s. a. w) could have had mountains of gold but he refused. He chose to be from amongst those who were rich in character but owned nothing fancy of this temporary life. This life is a temporary journey and ultimately all your designer clothing, all your sea facing villas, all your flashy cars, all your glittery jewels, all your wealth and fame will not stop the angel of death from extracting your soul and finally you will wrapped in a plain white kafan(no designer brands) and placed into your deep, dark grave. Perhaps the same grave a beggar was buried into. May Allah guide us all. Ameen. - Naadira Chhipa

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