Sunday, 8 September 2019

The Perfect Outcast: By Naadira Chhipa

She always loved the idea of going to school as she is the only child and being at home with mummy was becoming boring now that she is almost 5years old.Her little  heart was so excited to be going to school and making friends that she could not sleep the night before her first day in grade R.Her mother was amazed at her little girls enthusiasm as they made their way to her classroom,her little eyes lit up on seeing the other children.Soon her mum left and it was time to take her seat and as she was just about to sit the girl next to her pulled her chair back and the little girl fell to the ground resulting in a roar of laughter from the other kids.This broke her heart and her tears stained her chubby little cheeks.She was thereafter labelled humpty dumpty by her classmates who never wanted to sit next to her or play with her.She never enjoyed going to school and felt like there was something wrong with her therefore the other kids hated her.The perfect Outcast.

She is an average 13 year old girl,always hiding away in her room on her iPad playing the lastest games.Her family relocated so she started the year at a new popular Islamic School.The girls at her school never befriended her as she was not pretty,fair or rich enough to join the elite group nor was she super intelligent to join the geek group.She sat alone in her classroom looking out the window as her young heart yearned for company or just someone to talk to during her free time but alas as she approaches a group of girls in the hallway they whisper to each other and giggle before rushing off to class.The elite group of girls did not stop at ignoring her as they decided to post edited pictures of her sitting alone in the classroom and tearing which they captioned:'cry baby'.This broke her heart and she could not talk to her parents as they would not understand hence she locked herslef in her room and started using blades to rip her skin and numb her pain.The perfect Outcast.

She is a chubby 16 year old girl,always cheerful,vibrant and energetic.She never failed to share a smile or a laugh with all.She loved making new friends and cherished her old friends until they started taking an interest in boys.They were suddenly focused on getting the best date or wearing the tightest dress to impress.On a usual movie night at the mall she was shocked to find that her friends had invited thier boyfriends and she was the only single in the group.This however did not hurt her as much as when one of the guys commented that she ate her boyfriend therefore she was single.She immediately left without ever saying a word to her friends again.She began to hate herself and her smile faded forever.She was now repulsed by her image and after every meal she stuck her fingers down her throat and vomited.Her new addiction is called Bullemia.The perfect Outcast.

She is a 21year old finance student at University.Her parents worked really hard in the local supermarket inorder to support their three beautiful children.She always did her best at school and secured a scholarship for herself as she wanted to give her family a better life someday.She could never afford a lift club hence she used public transport to University.She was making her way through the parking area when a group of popular students jumped out of their lastest sports car.They never did attend class as they were too busy snorting cocaine.They called her over to ask her of she could make notes and sign the register for them.She refused,this angered them as they started to insult her,verbally abusing her and calling her trailer trash.She was in tears when one of the boys pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the neck.Her body fell to the ground in a pool of blood.The perfect Outcast.

She is a 28 year old single lady living with her parents.She is a nurse by profession and works at the local clinic.She loves her job and her life yet her heart feels incomplete and she makes dua everyday to Allah to send her a pious husband.At her younger sisters wedding the comments she received left her in tears.Her own family taunted and insulted her for being single.They said she was being 'choosy' and will remain a burden to her parents if she did not settle down.She faked a smile and kept a respectful silence until she reached home and her parents started giving her a lecture on getting married soon.She cried that entire night and when the next proposal arrived she did not even see or know the boy but accepted.After a week of being married she realised he was a violent drug addict and was forced to marry her.This resulted in her getting a divorce.The perfect Outcast.

She is a 45 year old woman,wife and mother.A socialite in society.Her affluent businessman husband  adored her and showered her with gifts,jewellery and vacations.She had the perfect life.In a blink of an eye her world shattered as her husband went bankrupt and soon suffered a fatal heart attack.She was devasted and drew strenght from knowing  She had two little kids to take care of.After her iddat she soon discovered that her friends no longer wanted to visit her or call her.She became a threat to them as she was now a poor widow.She lost her mansion and fleet of cars but that did not disturb her as much as when she realized she lost her respect in society.She never begged anybody for help yet all she needed was comfort and support.She was soon accused of having an affair with her husbands best friend when all he did was visit her to give her the money he owed her husband.She was never the same again.She mourned her husband as well as her dignity and respect.The perfect Outcast.

She was a 50 year old woman,grandmother,mother and wife.She finally fitted in after  being an outcast all her life,she finally fitted in..into the grave.She finally wore what every BODY will be wearing,she finally travelled in what every BODY will travel in,she finally 'fitted in' ..inside a deep,dark grave..A popular final destination for all.

This is the sad reality of the world we live in.From a young age we as humans crave acceptance.Today we learn early in life that their are specific requirements inorder for you to 'fit in'.If you not pretty enough you will be teased,if you not rich enough you will be insulted,if you not thin enough you will be mocked,if you divorced you will be termed a home wrecker,if you a widow you will be a threat,if you a revert sister or another race you will be ostracized and when you finally fit in,it will be in your grave.-Naadira Chhipa 

Let US reflect and teach our children to respect themselves and build their self esteem so strong that nobody can break it.May Allah assist us in accepting people for who they are and not what they are.Ameen.

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