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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu­čî╣


Many of you are aware that I am an optometrist and I practise in the township of Kwa Mashu.
I want to share something with you that came to me a perfect time to make me ponder on realities and difficilties that ppl go through..

This incident made me realise the dire and purposeful need for our current campaign.

So yesterday I had a 10 year old boy who came in with a letter from school saying that he needs an eyetest and cannot see on the board.
I get this routinely and very often its a vision problem. The child gets consulted and spectacles are presribed and thats it. Problem solved.
But this little boy caught my attention from the beginning. 
He was quite a cute little boy. Very shy but very insistant that he can see clearly.
1st thing that caught my attention was that he was in grade 2.
A 10 year should be in gr 4 or 5.
So i commenced with eyetest.
It was a task to even get started with him as he wouldnt talk or say much except that he can see.
And  when we did get going the results were normal.
Vision was perfect...however he did not know his alphabets.
Didnt even know  his phonic sounds.
Obviously his teacher was missing something.
His inability to read has been mistaken as poor vision.
He apparently repeated gr 1 twice and gr 2 twice.
I kindly asked the child to leave my consulting room and wait for his neighbour in the waiting room.
Upon having a heart to heart chat with his very intelligent neighbour.
I got to learn......
The boy is an orphan.
Both his parents had HIV.
He lives with his 85 year granny and 6 other kids.
2 siblings
4 cousins.
The granny had 3 sons.
All have passed on and she is taking care of all these kids with her pension and some(not all) of the kids have government grants.
This little boy is the youngest.
He barely goes to school.
He wears all the hand me down clothing.
The granny is always asking the neighbours for food.
And this neigbour knows for a fact that these kids very often go to school without lunches.

All this just got my deepest attention and concern...so i asked the neighbour to wait in the waiting room and called the boy back in.
With the help of my staff I managed to get him to talk to me.
And these were the few things that he related.
He barely goes to school bec he doesnt want to.
And why doesnt he want to?
Because he only has one uniform which granny washes every 2nd day.
He has no stationery.
Uses the teachers stationery.
The other kids dont lend him stationery.
And the days he goes to sch he is sent most of the time with no lunch.
If he stays at home then he gets a little food from the neighbours.
He has no friends and therefore he goes to sch only twice a week.
He refuses to go to sch more than that.
All the pieces came together. No wonder he repeated twice.
And no wonder he doesnt know his alphabets.
So it made me ponder on how many other 1000s of kids are there like this?

"Wrt this little boy I have asked to see the granny and will try and help will be as much as i can"
Insha Allah

All this got me thinking...
I did a bit homework and the facts are astonishing.
Actually its not what we dont know.
We just tend to forget.

And these are good reminders to us....

Studies have shown....
Millions of families are struggling with the hidden costs of sending children to state schools, with many forced to take out loans or scrimp on food for basics just the basic uniforms and stationery.

Parents on low incomes have reported difficulties meeting school-related costs, while large numbers of poorer children said they fell behind academically and were subjected to humiliation, embarrassment and bullying because their poverty made them “stand out” in the classroom.

More than 260 million children worldwide are out of school, yet more than half of those in education are not learning.

Children are spending several years in school yet remain unable to read, write or do basic sums

This is a learning crisis, and we call it a crisis because we need to recognise the magnitude of the problem.

The cost of food, clothing, stationery and books means families are often unable to afford to send their children to school even if tuition is free.


I get a child who tells me that he has no stationery and borows from his teacher and here we are currently doing our stationery drive . Other kids won't lend him anything and so he doenst want to go to school.
And from i gathered, with a bit more that he mentioned was that other kids wont lend bec they afraid of their items getting finished quickly and they wont get more from their parents.

Make us think.....
About reality
About suffering
About sabr and just resorting to not going to school

Sisters, I humbly ask you to plz consider contributing towards this stationery campaign.
Yes we cant help millions but together we can try and help a few 1000.

Our target is 4000 packs for 4000 needy kids.
Yesterdays count...we up to donations for 3200 and some odd.
So we still need about R80 000 to get to our target.

Plz do consider donating towards a few packs.

We are concentrating on giving these packs to kids in the township madressas, orphanages and some schools that have a few underprivileged kids so that  all these do not have to bear the brunt of standing out on the 1st day of school when the others put out their new stationery on their desks on their 1st day of school. 

90% of these kids are zakaahtable so we are asking you to kindly consider donating some bigger zakaah amts.
Your lillah and sadaqah towards this stationery drive will also help for those kids like this little boy who is not muslim.

Every pack donated gets us closer to our required target and hopefully more.
Our current confirmed recipient list is just over 3800.

_"The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others"_ - Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

*Cut off: This Friday 25th October* 

Kind regards 

*Yasiera Suliman*
*Caring Sisters Network*

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­čôž csn@samnet.co.za
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