Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Defrauders

وَيْلٌ لِلْمُطَفِّفِينَ
The word Tatfeef refers to diminishing quantities when weighing or measuring. In other words, "cheating"
The nation of shuaib على hissalaam started the evil practice of cheating in weighing and measuring. Despite his efforts to reform them, the people refused to listen. So Allah's punishment destroyed them
We must take great heed in our daily life, because cheating has become widespread in our ummah.
Tatfeef is also found in our daily prayers.
Many cheat in Salaah by not performing the sunnah and witr. Omitting in this is called cheating.
Another form of cheating takes place at work.

An employee is obliged to do the full work he's being paid for.
An employee is guilty of Tatfeef if he uses his working hours to engage in activities that aren't related to work.
Examples of this is "stepping out to smoke", chatting on cell phones (not work related), idle chatter with work employee, taking extra time for breaks, watching or playing games on internet etc
The person is guilty of Tatfeef.

The Muatta of Imam Malik Rahmatullahi reports from Hadhrat Abdullah bin Abbas رضى الله عنه
That sustenance is constrained for those who cheat. This means they will be deprived of blessings in their sustenance.
Reminding man about the consequences of Aakhira, Allah Ta'ala says, "Do such people not consider that they will be raised unto an awful day, the day when all of mankind will stand before the Rabb of the Universe?"
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A real life experience of Tatfeef
A lady ordered a kaftan from another on Instagram. The garment arrived with faults when the seller was informed of this, she in turn asked the buyer to either keep the garment and she will be charged lesser, but the money will be "kept" for next purchase
Or return garment at her own cost.
My take on this is that the seller had to parcel  the garment and couldn't she notice the obvious faults? Also it's haraam not to refund the money when obviously the fault was with the seller
The pressure of returning a garment and deducting more money, the buyer had to pay another to rectify the faults on that garment.
A very clear example of Tatfeef.

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