Monday, 18 November 2019

Family only by Title

Written by Naadira Chhipa

Family is sacred, a safe place, a place of love and happiness . Now what if your family is only by title? Families of the past had a unique understanding, love and unity that in reality is a dream for many today. Today we see families being torn apart due to inheritance, jealousy, lack of communication, self absorption, technology, toxic relationships and so much more. There are individuals who do the best they can to unite and be the glue to their family as well as tirelessly 'chase' after them but that love, sacrifice and attention is not gifted back.

These individuals are then emotionally exhausted by all the effort and energy they use to maintain family relationships and, yet when they need that love and attention there is nobody in sight. There are sisters and brothers who have not spoken or seen each other in years not because of a misunderstanding but due to them just 'not having time'. Priority is key. If your family member calls to check up on you everyday but oneday just stops calling. Would you call them to enquire about their well being or are you content in not receiving that 'annoying call' everyday.
If a family member visits you and finds happiness in your company, are you happy to accommodate them or are you irritated by their regular visits.

This is the mentality of families today. We feel overwhelmed and anxious when visitors come over, to a point of relief once they leave so we can go back to our smartphone in isolation. We roll our eyes when we see certain numbers appear on our screen. We lock ourselves up in our homes with our eyes, hands, heart, mind and soul shackled to our cell phones. 

This is the reality in so many homes and we wonder what has happened to family bonds. 

It is time to switch off the wifi connection and reconnect to the people who are yearning for your love, understanding, strength and comfort. We need to introspect and evaluate every relationship in our lives as this life is so temporary. 

Stop chasing and forcing relationships rather make peace with what it is and maintain the relationship by keeping a happy and peaceful bond rather than an emotionally unstable one. Be around people who bring out the best in you instead of suffocating in the company of those who will try to emotionally drain, blackmail and control your every thought, action and opinion.....

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