Sunday, 17 November 2019

Sunnah of acceptance

When 'Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, broke a dish of food out of jealousy in front of a gathering of people, the Prophet, (saw) was gentle with her. He understood that this behavior was a reflection of one of her personal shortcomings. 

He reminded us all, forever and always, that was was "our mother..." and that meant she had so much good and she deserved our respect, love, and admiration and ability to overlook this moment. 

We all have personal shortcomings. I've yet to meet someone who doesn't. The closer you get to a person, be it a family member, friend, a teacher, or your very own spouse the more you will see their shortcomings. 

But the sunnah of not trying to break a person in order for them to change is one I find most beautiful. 

Treating someone with gentleness doesn't mean condoning their choice. 

It's allowing love to be a teacher and a healer. 

One of the themes of my day today in terms of coaching wives and couples today has been one of acceptance. 

Accepting that their spouse is different. 

Accepting that their spouse has a certain personality. 

And being merciful and gentle in working with it rather than constantly criticizing it. 

Our Prophet... his character and choices always move me every time I imagine certain situations in real life situations. 

If I could just be a fraction of who he was.... salalahu alayhe wa sellum.... 

And even though we have, on public display and in public memory this moment of 'Aisha's, she was also amazing in every way masha'Allah.

If we had just a fraction of her patience, her taqwa, her resilience, her determination, her softness, her gentlness, her love.....

Your spouse will have moments. 

You will have moments. 

Let us remember the sunnah of acceptance and knowing how and when to invite change. 

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