Saturday, 2 May 2020


I went on an important trip for three days, and immediately after my arrival, I called to check on my wife and son, because I am not used to their separation, and they are not used to my absence.
We have been married for three years.
But unfortunately she did not answer my calls, and this went on for all three days. 
My phone did not leave my hand, as I was calling her without exaggeration, every quarter of an hour or half an hour, and no one answered.
I was so much worried, I thought I will go insane. 

I contacted my brother and sister to check on their conditions, they told me they are fine. I did not believe them, and I called my wife's mother, and she told me the same, I asked her to tell my wife to call me. But I waited for so long, and no one called. 

Three days passed like three months, and sometimes I get in the midst of wanting to explode from anger.

I wondered why she is not answering my calls, and sometimes the Shaitan whispers terrible things to me. 

I returned home to my country, and as soon as my feet touched the ground, I rushed to my home. Because of the intensity of my fear I knocked the door, and rang the bell at the same time, until my wife opened the door and to my surprise, she was fine and very elegant, and she welcomed me with all her heart and soul.

Behind her was my child, his eyes dancing with joy, he ran to hug me. 

I was confused, I did not know what was the reason as to why she was not answering my calls. 

Soon my anger was replaced by surprise. 

I asked my wife about the reason for this childish behaviour that I almost cut off my trip for.

My wife replied calmly: 
"Did you contact your mother?" 

I answered her, but I did not understand why she asked me that: 
"I do not know maybe, but I called your mother to ask about you." 
She said: 
"What you felt in these days which you did not hear from us, is the same feeling your mother feels when you forget to call her for so many days. You do not call her, unless she takes the initiative to call you. She too gets worried of you when you do not call her for a long time. I tried so much to alert you on this issue, but you are ignoring it. I did not find a better way than this to make  you understand my point, O my dear husband."

I bent my head downward because what she said touched my heart. 

She gave me my car keys and whispered in my ear: 

"Your Jannah is waiting for you." 
I went to my first love, 
"my mother" 
after my wise wife taught me a lesson I will never forget for a lifetime. 

I am grateful to her that she made me come back to my senses, before it is too late, and then I come to regret. 

I thank Allah for this wise and brave wife, and for her mother, who raised her the best way, and for my mother who chose this wife for me.

Thank you Allah for Having Mercy on me and Waking me up from ignorance. 

Your mother is your Jannah do not forget to call her, even once a day, and this is the least. 

Because her heart waits for you, prays for you, and thinks about you all the time. 

Her love for you prevents her from calling you all the time for fear of disturbing you. 

Sisters, Remind your husband that his mother is the treasure of his life, and his Jannah.

Do not distract him from his Mother.

Help your husband, to obey his parents.

This obeying will come back to you and you will see it in your own children. 
May Almighty Allah bless our Mothers with a long life and also grant All Mothers (those still alive & those in the Graves) Jannah al'Firdaus Ameen Allahuma AMEEN 

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