Tuesday, 5 May 2020

The invisible enemy

The world has become involved in a war with an invisible enemy. 
The lockdown that has ensued throughout the world is slowly but surely taking it's toll on young and old. 
If the virus doesn't kill you, you will kill yourself if not through suicide then through self-sabotage. 
The stress of not working, pending unpaid bills, having to still have to have your basic needs fulfilled, kids to take care off and keep entertained.. The list is endless. 
And there doesnt seem to be an end in sight. 
Keep thinking about it and stressing about it and you working to self-sabotage yourself. The pain you causing yourself is more painful and prolonged than suicide. 
The day brings with it a glimmer of hope, but as the day passes and circumstances remain unchanged the pending darkness, the gloom and doom of an uncertain future looms.
Nothing you do can change the situation overnite but you can work to slowly take baby steps to gear yourself to get through this. 

The first thing you need to do is give yourself a break. Dont strive to be and live in perfection. Take it easy. Your home doesnt need to be spotless it needs to be livable. Your kids dont need to be on good behaviour 24/7, they too need to let their hair down. You dont have to be picture perfect, you can totally work in pjs and from bed and run both home and work at a leisurely pace. Take time to reboot your system. 

The second thing you need to do is keep the idle mind occupied.. If you are working from home, try to create a routine where work and chill time Co-exists. All work, with low results due to the limitations you are facing will drag you down cos you think you are failing but every step you take forward is part of the pathway to the success you are leading yourself to. It will be slow and tedious but know that you will get there. You can make it happen, you just need to reshuffle and adjust to the new norms. If you dont you will fail and if you do you will succeed. 

The third thing you need to remember and remind yourself constantly is that we are all in this together. Yes no ones alone. We all are facing the same issues, the same fears, the same uncertainties. 

The fourth thing you need to do is not blame yourself. The current situation is out of our control. 

The fifth thing is more of a realisation.. Back in the day.. I was always told, "Dont put all your eggs in. One basket".. Today with many dedicated to a specific job, and learning one specific skill and not broadening our horizons, we have now learnt the hard way that we have infact put all our eggs in one basket. But its never too late, to start a side hustle. There are also many institutions offering free online courses to broaden your knowledge and skills. 

Last but not least is to Pray, Persist, Persevere and stay as Positive as possible... This will lead us through this dark era. 

See you on the other side.. 

Shireen M

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