Tuesday, 16 July 2019

It's your choice!

Lol, I jus block.. Then like 12 year Olds they complain to my mummy... Allowing people to add their toxicity to your life its a matter of choice! I choose not to allow anyone's misery spoil my life.. Cos every moment is precious and any moment could be your last. So choose who and what you want in your life. And see the change it will bring you.

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Kikis platters

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Quick to Judge...

We are so quick to judge yet we bow down in salaah in obedience to our Lord accepting Him to be our only Judge.

We are so quick to assume that the man that never publicly gave his wealth in the name of zakaat to have not given zakaat at all yet only he knows what he did in secret, for what we give out is not for advertising purposes, it's between you and your Lord. 

We are so so quick to call a man whose money is in a western bank haraam due to its interest bearing schemes, yet we too have accounts in western banks, insurance policies, investments etc.

We are so quick to advertise the good that we do for someone else when we are supposed to these things not for accolades but for the sake of Allah.

Quick to judge!
Quick to assume!

Before pointing fingers at others we should look at ourselves, our actions, our haraam and halaal activities, shouldn't we?

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