Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dua for eternal PEACE in life

اللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ السَّلَامُ وَمِنْكَ السَّلَامُ، تَبَارَكْتَ يَا ذَا الْجَلَالِ وَالْإِكْرَامِ

''O Allah, You are Peace and from You comes peace. Blessed are You, O Owner of majesty and honor''

May Allah bless us with everlasting peace in our hearts and lives,

Monday, 28 November 2011

Send A Scarf Campaign

The Send A Scarf initiatve was thought up as a community project to better the lives of our Sisters in Zimbabwe.
After a visit to parts of rural Zimbabwe, it became clear that of the numerous challenges in the area, one which could
be solved both immediately and effectively was through clothing.
In particular, the fact that so many women currently have to struggle with tattered cloaks & scarves, while we are so
fortunate to have more than enough. The idea, was to collect cloaks & scarves in as good
condition as possible and then take them to women who would make best use of them. Not only would we be providing
a basic essential, such as clothing. But by showing each and everyone of them that someone cares, we are actually sharing
our hope and love with others.

Right now, there are women in the world who have to suffer the indignity of not having clothing fit to wear. The lack of
such a simple item, can effect their self confidence, esteem & stature in society.

Through both a practical & achievable action, we hope to provide comfort to our Sisters by sharing what we may have
in abundance. In Zimbabwe, like most other places, there are extremes. After a visit to rural Zimbabwe earlier this year, it became
clear that the living conditions are very difficult. One of the striking images, was that of the tattered clothing women had
to wear simply because of the lack of an alternative. Their scarves were in no condition to be worn. It seemed unthinkable
that this was the case, considering how often we had unwanted cloaks & scarves that we didn’t know what to do
with. Of the numerous problems faced, this was one which we could make an immediate positive difference to.

Our goal is to provide clothing in good condition to 1000 of our Zimbabwean Sisters.

As a community project, the aim is clearly defined. The idea is to make this an inclusive project. That welcomes all ideas,
thoughts or otherwise which will benefit those most in need of our assistance. Everyone is a contributor, a member & a

he heart of a community is its women. Through them, we can empower and uplift people.
This can be difficult if everything is stacked against them. Wherever you find poverty and dispair,
chances are you will find women who are low in confidence, self esteem and hope. Through no fault of their
own, life has tended to be more difficult. At times it can feel like they are isloated, alone and forgotten.
Yet, we know this is not the case. If we could, we would all do everything to change their lives for the
better. But where do we start and how do we help each and everyone?
The answer we believe is by showing we care. Sending a cloak or scarf, is a simple act to show that
you are thinking about them. That you believe they have the potential to better their own lives, the lives of
their family and their entire community. By sharing something so personal, you instill a
sense of self esteem and belief in each individual. This connection you build with these women, is the hope
that you pass on to them. Working with them, we can make better, small and simple things that add up to
best change the situation they find themselves in.

Women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours, produce half of the world’s food, yet earn only 10 percent
of the world’s income and own less than 1 percent of the world’s property. Women play a crucial role in local economies and
the health and well-being of their families. Women who are educated are more likely to have fewer and healthier
children. In fact, mothers with some education immunize their children 50 percent more often than mothers
who are not educated, while HIV/AIDS spreads twice as quickly among uneducated girls than among girls that
have even some schooling. Poor maternal health reduces women’s capacity to work and limits their ability to generate
income and overcome poverty, often in communities where their contribution to household income and childcare
is crucial.

Poor women are often extremely vulnerable to injury or death from violence. At least one in three of the world’s
women has been physically or sexually abused at some time in her life. Many, including pregnant women and
young girls, are subject to severe, sustained or repeated attacks. In armed conflicts since 1945, 90 percent of
casualties have been civilians and three in four war fatalities are women or children.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ..... Mother Teresa

The Send A Scarf woman, represents all women. With an inner strength to be the focal point to all around her.
Each woman you help, has the potential to uplift both herself, her family & community. But nothing happens
over night. We believe that first, we need to inspire, support & instill confidence in her. With this & the knowledge
that others care for her, we are building a platform to change lives for the better.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”  .....  Diane Mariechild

It is as easy as spreading the word. Tell a friend, a family member or a complete stranger.
If you have spare cloaks or scarves, we would surely appreciate if you could send them. Why not include a
photo of yourself or your family to be included. That way, the woman fortunate enough to receive your donation will
know who it is that cared enough to send a scarf. Find us on Facebook (facebook.com/sendascarf) &
share your ideas on how to improve the initiative. The more ideas the better. Any and all contributions are very
If you would like to act as a drop off point for your area, we would love to broaden our reach for people to easily
find a place to participate. Fill in the form on our website (www.sendascarf.co.za/drop-off/organise/)

It is very simple, in 2012, we hope to have collected enough to travel to ZImbabwe with anyone who wants
to be apart of the journey and distribute the cloaks & scarves to our Sisters. After collecting the clothing, we will clean, press and
pack each garment. If there are letters, photos or whatever sent as well even better. The items will be presented
to our Sisters and documented for everyone to see via our website. For each garment you send, you are creating a bond
with the woman who will receive it. We hope to maintain that through the use of technology. Better placing us in a
position to assist in the best ways we can. So what exactly is Send A Scarf...well, it’s a simple idea.

Send a cloak or scarf to someone who needs it. In this way, you not only are sending the item of clothing, but
also the hope and promise that there are people who are. The initiative was created and is run by ordinary people
like you and I. Each volunteers their time & energy to donate and collect cloaks and scarves that will end up
making a difference in someone elses life. It’s very simple: Cloaks+Scarves+People who care =
Something way bigger than any of us. Ultimately, the problem that needs solving is Poverty.

The best way we believe we can tackle this is by small gestures that add up. Assisting our Sister in need is
the most effective way of changing the lives of all those around her. Send A Scarf exists to help everyone. And everyone
includes men. Indeed, better lives for women mean better lives for everyone in their communities, including
their brothers, fathers, husbands and sons. When you improve a women’s life these changes have a positive
ripple effect. A women is the most influential force in her community to break the cycle of poverty.

The secret behind Send A Scarf is that it’s not one large campaign. It aims to be a collaboration of hundreds of
small campaigns, started by champions of women. But we have to start somewhere. Where better than to
Send A Scarf.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”
~ Helen Keller

For further information please contact us through whatever best suits you.



Friday, 25 November 2011

The Beauty Studio....Make-up

Contact THE BEAUTY STUDIO on 031-3033726

Mendhi 4 U

We cater for individuals, companies, and for all occasions like bridal henna, individuals, corporate events, company fun days, marriages, birthday parties, hen / single nights, movie premieres, festivals, promotions, craft days and ceremonies. Our designs are free-hand and original and may be traditional, Arabic, ornamental or trendy depending on the clients specific requirements.

We also wholesale R&S Hand Mendhi, R&S Nail Mendhi, & Rizwana Nail Mendhi throughout Durban

For more info, visit our blog:  http://www.mendhi4u.blogspot.com/
Or mail us on mendhi4u@gmail.com

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Home Industry Open Day

Ladies Empowerment Tea

North Beach Events
invites you to a
Ladies Empowerment Tea
Safeeyah Moosa
Who will share her expereinces and guide you through a process of healing,
enabling you to discover and co-create the life you were meant to have
Saturday November 26 - 2pm
Balmoral Hotel, North Beach
Cost R50
booking essential for catering purposes
limited seating
contact -
Razia 073 717 2111 or email your confirmation

Essence Collection

Essence Collection showcased their gorgeous garments at Le Concierge at Gateway recently.
Here's a sneak peak to their gorgeous new range that was launched.

Catch all this and much more at ESSENCE COLLECTION, 122 Crescent Street, Overport

Summertime is Souk – Time with Al Ansaar

Africa’s mega shopping event, the Al Ansaar International Family Souk & Convention takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from Friday 23 December.
Join us for an eleven day global shopping spree.
Daily prize giveaways, comedy shows and live entertainment.
Introducing Fashion & Faith with Dubai’s fashion celebrity Rabia Zee.
Food Fusion with American Chef Yusuf & Asha Maharaj.

Summertime is Souk – Time with Al Ansaar at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

Visit www.souk.org.za for details.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Single, Divorced Women's Support Group

Single, Divorced Women's Support Group
Safeeyah Moosa
Who will share her expereinces and guide you through a process of healing,
enabling you to discover and co-create the life you were meant to have
Saturday November 26 - 2pm
Balmoral Hotel, North Beach
Cost R50
booking essential for catering purposes
limited seating
contact -

North Beach Events
Razia 073 717 2111 or email your confirmation

invites you to a

Friday, 18 November 2011

Enchanted Health & Beauty ... Year end destress special

Destress with a full body abyanga ayurvedic massage on special until 30 nov for R220.

For bookings call Igesh, on 082-788-0940

Essence Collection....new arrivals

The Essence collection was created by Maccia Moosa after being inspired by a mix of eastern fashion and western couture.

The collection is made up from ranges of the fast east, India, Dubai and most recently..London

A collection that is modestly elegant,appealing to any woman of discerning taste. Your senses will be overwhelmed at the stunning collection of haute couture garments, fashioned out of sumptuous fabrics, embellished with beautiful embroidery, featuring semi precious stones and swarovski crystals.

Visit us at 122 Crescent Street, Overport.

Importance of Pap Smears

Every woman who is sexually active should have a pap smear or pap test at least once per year. 
A pap smear should be done:
- If you are over 21 years old
- If you are a teenager but have been having sex for at least three years.
In general a woman can stop having pap years when she is 70-years old. This only advised if she has had no abnormal pap smears in the last 10 years.

What is a Pap Smear?

This is a relatively quick procedure which involves a doctor taking a small sample of cells from the cervix or neck of the womb. The procedure is named after the doctor who first discovered that cervical cells changed before cancer of the cervix develops. Dr. George Papanicolaou made his observation in 1928.
The procedure is done by the doctor using an instrument called a speculum to widen the vaginal walls so as to see the cervix. A special stick is then used to remove a small sample of tissue which is then smeared onto a glass slide. This sample is then sent to a lab where it is examined for any abnormalities. If any unusual cells are detected, further tests are done to determine if treatment is needed. This is the best way to find out if cancerous or precancerous cells are present.

Pap Smear

Ideally the test should be done anywhere from 10 to 20 days after the first day of a menstrual cycle. Before having a pap smear a woman should ideally avoid some activities for at least two days before the procedure:
- Having sexual intercourse
- Using any type of vaginal sprays, deodorants or douches
- Using any type of medications that are inserted vaginally
- Using a tampon
Doing any of these things can alter the real state of cervical cells. This could lead to an incorrect result when the cells are sent for testing. The procedure is generally painless but many women find it uncomfortable.

Why Have a Pap Smear

A pap smear is useful in identifying precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix, not for identifying cancer. Despite the plight of reality TV star Jade Goody and thousands of women worldwide, cervical cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer. Treatment and a positive outcome are however dependent on it being caught in its early stages. This is why this procedure is considered a fundamental aspect of women’s overall health.
In addition to identifying possible precancerous cells, a pap test can also identify infections. The importance of a pap smear in saving lives cannot be overemphasized.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

THe Beauty Studio.....Xmas Specials

Hydradermie and Back Massage for R600 + FREE Upperlip & Eyebrows.

Call Zohra or Yadsha on 082-786-0332 / 031-3033726.

Glamorise Make-up Courses

Glamorise Make up 1Day Holiday workshop

Venue: 201 Alpine Road Overport
Date: 5th December 2011 / 19th November 2011
Time: 10am- 12pm
... Cost: R270per person (excluding kit)

Course Content:
1) Day Make Up
2) Evening Make Up
3) Smokey Eye
4)Kim Kardashian Make Up look
5) Hair Demo

If you build a class of 5 or more girls you receive the class for free

Raeesa Osman on 081 448 1787

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dazzling Couture Fair

Date: Sat 26 Nov 11
Venue : Sultan Bahu Centre Hall Mayfair Joburg.
Time: 10am ~ 10pm.

A very Glamorous Fashion Show.
Elegant indoor Market.
Exclusive n private Ladies only Spa.
Introducing a new dimension to Islamic n other Fashion Beauty n Elegance.
Pampering to soothe the soul n body.
Delicious meals n snacks will b on sale.

Be sure to b part of this Glamorous Event.

Enquiries Nooran 076 315 2868 Shihaam 082 309 9142 Tahiera 083 781 1709.

Monday, 14 November 2011


Mendhi application is a tradition inherited from the Indian subcontinent, encouraged by Islam as a Sunnah, and a big part of pre Eid, Diwali and wedding festivities in many Indian homes!  Gone are the days when nani ma use to grind freshly broken henna leaves in her stone kundi, seep it in tea and mix it into a paste. To the pungent green 'chutney' looking concoction she would add colour enhancing oils and keep it over night.  It is from fond memories that I recall the fun that soon followed! The young girls would gather around the aunts to get a share of the thick paste slapped and smeared onto their hands. The offending hands where the sorce of much teasing from the boy cousins who usualy wrinkled their noses in disgust! Undoubtedly put of by the strong rich scent!

Once all the little hands where carefully wrapped into brown paper bags, the excited girls trooped of to bed, each praying that the colour will 'catch' and dreaming that their hands would be the darkest, tomorrow.  After cleaning up the mess the ladies would then use fingers, match sticks and toothpicks to cover their finger and toe nails with the remaining mendhi, once tightly 'celotaped', they too, will retire for the night.

The older ones amongst them, inevitably, complaining about the 'cold' and 'pulling' pains the mendhi will cause!  That would have just left the last brave kala, who would scrap the rest of the mendhi from the bowl to streak her hair while giggling to herself about how shocked everybody would be when they see her flaming red hair the next day!(These where the days before salon highlights, after all) 

The next morning would be a rush of activity and excitment, as the young girls peeled of their protective bags and washed of the hardened mendhi! Crinkled and cramped hands were compared and those with the 'blackest spots' proudly claimed victory! Vicks and oils would then be massaged in by nani ma as she admired each hand and overheard the ladies complain about the cold pulling pain their mendhi had caused, knowing full well that many would want a second coat for their nails that night again! Then kala would make her grand appearance to show of her 'redder' hair to the chuckles and teasings of everyone!   

Today, mendhi  has come a long way from the full smeared palms of the past. Mendhi application has since evolved into an art, and mendi designs have gained popularity in recent years!  Fast becoming a global trend, traditional fresh mendi has given way to the ready mixed, store bought, cone variety which guarantees  even colour. While each mendhi artist is reputed to apply designs with his or her own flair, many carry a distinct signiture,true to time and place.   From the floral patterns of arabia to the glove like intricacy of indian designs. From the quick and thick variety of pakistan to the morden trends of splash, twirls and tattoos.

Mendhi has also become a South African familiarity crossing ethnic lines!   While many countries and nations fight for the claim to the orgin of mendhi, South Africans can proudly claim to have taken this ancient tradition to new heights. Mendhi is part of our cultural melting pot! The emerging South African  variety is trendy, morden and pleasing to the eye.   From the street markets to Eid fairs, eastern conventions and bridal mendhi specialist... mendhi is admired and appreciated across South Africa and carries a beautiful sense of heritage and tradition in the palm of the hand

by   Rehana Rawat
© RY Rawat (2010)  
The author asserts his/her moral rights to be identified as the author of this work. No part of this work may be published, copied or reused without the permission of the author.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Dubai Souk

The Beauty Studio

Last week I treated myself to a Hydradermie Facial.
I’ve had this facial before and wanted to share my thoughts….
I can’t put into words how much I needed this facial! I don’t have spots or any extreme skin conditions but my skin is drab and sallow…

Ok…please excuse me on the description of the treatment it’s not as accurate as it could be as I was falling in and out of consciousness (it’s a relaxing treatment, I was super sleepy!)
The therapist left the room as I slipped off my shoes and top and lay on the massage table under a towel. After cleansing and a gentle exfoliation the therapist applied a delicious gel to my face which smelt so good .
In the middle of the treatment the therapist begins a mild electrotherapy (ionising, galvanic and oxygenating high frequency).
This sounds scary but in fact the 2 cold Hydradermie machine rollers massage over the face which feels lovely and helps the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, removing impurities and toxins and improving sluggish circulation.
I think this was the point when the second gel and electrotherapy came, this time the skin tingles more and the electric device is now like a metal wand with small metal balls on the end.
I snoozed as a hydrating face mask was applied, I came round to the therapist’s whispering “are you wake?” she then removed the mask and massaged in a light moisturizer. I felt sad when it had to end!
I don’t really feel the benefit of facials without the electrical treatment any more, this method really does seem to push the product deeper into the skin. My skin is plumper and the benefits seem to last longer . I can only imagine after a full course of treatments my skin would look and feel great and I’ll keep you updated after a couple more sessions.
The products all smell like heaven and really suit my skin type.
Now, nearly 10 hours after my appointment my skin still feels more hydrated than it has in years!
Instead I can honestly say my skin is clear and looks and feels incomparably hydrated!

So if you want an equally wonderful experience,call THE BEAUTY STUDIO now, to make an appointment, on 031-3033726.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Africa 1 Aid Convoy-Bringing Gaza to You

Ladies of Durban...the moment you've been waiting for is finally here...
"Women in Defence of Al-Quds" n the Al-Ansaar Foundation presents to you:
"Africa 1 Aid Convoy-Bringing Gaza to You"...an afternoon of inspiration and solidarity with your sisters in Gaza.
Join us for da 1st ever inter-active report-back programme exclusively for ladies in Durban.Sister Shenaaz Farred(head of events@Al-Quds f...or 15yrs),recently returned from Gaza will share her experiences as a female on the convoy,highlight the contributions made by the sisters of KZN as well as recruit volunteers for the Africa2Aid Convoy.
Programme includes a live link-up to sisters in Gaza,slide presentations,a mini Gaza souk and scrumptious tea-treats.
Venue:Al-Ansaar Foundation,189 West Rd,Ovpt.
Date: Sunday 20th Nov.2011
Time: 14.30pm sharp.

A minimum contribution of R50 which will be directed towards medical supplies in Gaza is requested.
Call now to reserve your seat-031 2081601 or 0813594343.
See More

Tuesday, 8 November 2011