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The Great Conquest of Istanbul

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)is reported to have said something to this effect:   
"Constantinople will definiately be conquered what an excellent leader is its leader and what an excellent army is its army." (Hadith, Musnad-I Ahmed Bin Hanbel)

"Sins of the first army from my ummah, who go to conquer the city of Caesar (ie. Istanbul), are forgiven." (Hadith, Sahih Al Bukhari)

The two ahdith mentioned above had inspired and motivated numerous muslim armies to conquer Istanbul, however, many got as far as to besiege the city, but none could penetrate it's solid was. It was the magnificent Sultan Muhammad the second who inspired by the words of the Prophet (saw) took up the challenge.

Galata Area
In a short-time he managed to besiege the city from both and and sea. The siege continued for days due to the inability to penetrate the mighty fortresses of Istanbul. The Sultan was no ordinary man, despite his young age, he had an amazing intellect. His mind was as sharp as a sword. He displayed great passion and vigour in his actions. A man who was creative and innovative even in the most tense circumstances. His inability to penetrate the great fortresses, eventually led him to one of the most genius ideas that was ever recorded in history. Seventy battle ships were made to slide over Galata Hill into the golden horn on rails greased with animal fat, towed by oxen and controlled by hundreds of men with ropes. What an amazing site it must have been, to witness ships "sailing" on land. A canon launched by the Sultan blasted the first hole through the walls. The strong city gates of Istanbul were finally demolished.

Istanbu had eventually surrender to Fatih Sultan Muhammad. Not only was he one of the youngest magnificent conquerers of history but also proved to be one of the most intellectual and broad-minded emperors in history by the administration system he established, which was based on equality, freedom of religion and trade practises. He had immediately started reconstructing the city.

The young conquerer, by his courage and tolerance, speeded up the process of renaissance and the reformation movement which enabled Europe to evolve to its current state.

In conclusion, he left a model city, an outstanding example to the world in which people of various religions, culture and languages co-existed in peace for 559 years. For the very same reason, Istanbul has been a "city of peace" for 559 years.

The Universal Islamic & Cultural Trust
invite you to
Lectures by Historians from Turkey

Date: Friday, 1st June 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: Orient Hall
Donation: R175 pp

Ladies accommodation provided.

Call: 031-2078596 / 083 516 4276

Sammy Signs

For birthday banners, vinyl signs, magnetic signs, key rings,
vehicle signs, business signage or any other signs

Sameera on 072 626 0724 / bb pin 22470d95

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Wakefields Property for Sale - Verulam

Sea View in Verulam
A contemporary design home,
comprising of 3 bedrooms, ff kitchen,
fully fenced land, auto Garage & auto Gates.
Situated in Verulam area          

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email me on

Wakefields Property for Sale - Mt Edgecombe

Mt Edgecombe Complex

Lovely 3 bedroom freestanding home
in secure complex.
Few minutes to musjid and Gateway.
Access control.
Levy approx R820 & Rates approx R430


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Radiant Beauty

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Rauf's 10th Annual Family Dinner

In 1998 Muslims involved in welfare work realized that a large percentage of family hardship was due to drugs.

They set up the Refocus And Upliftment Foundation (R.A.U.F) to counsel drug addicts and ended up having a treatment centre with 20 to 30 in-patients at a time.

R.A.U.F will be having their 10th Annual Family Dinner in Durban this year.
The topic for the evening will be, Family Support: A tool for rehabilitation.

Date: 22nd June 2012 (Friday)
Time: 19:00
Venue: NMJ Islamic Centre (Hendry Road, Overport)
Price: R100

Do not miss out on supporting this worthy cause.

Please contact me should you wish to book a ticket or have any questions:

Ayesha Mulla

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The Beauty & Slimming Studio

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Tae bo


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Shape Up Now

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Al Baraka Bank Visa Debit Card

Quotes by Hitesh Surujbally (Contributor to The Life & Style Mag)

"Choose to love rather than hate.

Choose to laugh rather than cry.

Choose to create rather than destroy.

Choose to persevere rather than quit.

Choose to praise rather than gossip.

Choose to heal rather than hurt.

Choose to pray rather than curse.

Choose to live, rather than die!"

                           ~ Hitesh Surujbally 


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Zohra Soomar

Zohra Soomar [BComm (Honours) HED is in the beauty Business for 17 yrs.

She works mostly with the Guinot Range of Skin care Products and Kryolan Basics make-up.

She is the owner of The Beauty Studio, in Florida Road
and can be contacted on 082-786-0332.

She will be heading the Beauty Focus Section of The Life & Style Mag!

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Razeena Khan

Razeena Khan grew up in Toronto Canada and is living in Durban for past 11 years.
A wife and mother of 3 girls (18, 6 and 3).
Razeena, qualified as a Pharmacist in 2009 and Works part time as a pharmacist. 

She is currently studying towards her Masters in Pharmacy Practice. 

Monday, 28 May 2012

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Christine Hardy

Remedy for Reducing Stress

Has the stress of your daily life,work,family,responsibility, taken its toll?

Experience total and true peace of mind,body,heart and soul.
NO therapist needed.                           

All it takes is 1 min in the morning and 1 min in the evening.                                       
With these few( 7 )small yet simple doses of daily readings.                 
Which if read continually and with consistency will most definitely yield great and wonderful benefits for its reader. اِنْ شَاءَ اللَّه 

NO worries of this world will sway you or put you down.                                                                                                

1. Subhanallah (Thrice).                

2. Alhamdu lillah (Thrice).               

3. Allahu akbar (Thrice).                 

4. Astaghfirullah (Thrice).             

5. Salallahu alaihi wasallam (Thrice).                                               

6. Laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minathaalimin  (Thrice).                                              

7.Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal wakil ni'mal moulaa wa ni'man nasir (Thrice).

These few short verses are Your Peace Of Mind and Your Hearts Remedy

The Adventures of Professor Twiddle & The Terrific Time Machine

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Hitesh Surujbally

Hitesh Surujbally is an inspired, motivated and empowered SUPERSTAR committed to providing world class, services and 

products which empower individuals and organisations to live with purpose and Inspiration maximising their true 
potential enabling them to be the best that they can be.

He offers 1 hour presentations for conferences or organizations to powerful and life transforming weekend courses 
and one on one consultation.He is driven by Desire, Determination and Dedication and well as 

Persistence, Perseverance and emPowerment helping you make a success in the 5 Golden Spheres of Life: 

Health, Wealth, Love, Spiritual and Social.

Hitesh Surujbally has dedicated his life to the study of human behaviour, the laws of the universe and understand how the human mind works To date has written 4 books. His dream and vision is to travel around the world, inspiring people to live their best life, by simply obeying by rule: FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Hi energy and enthusiasm on stage will leave you feeling like anything is possible. He is a dynamic keynote speaker who is definitely one the best in the word in his field. 

He gives you information which will lead to inspiration, that results in transformation!Life is a game play it! 

Success is a choice, choose it!
"Be the SUPERSTAR you are, I AM !!!" Hitesh Surujbally

For more information visit: 


FB: hiteshsurujbally
Twitter: @hsurujbally

BBM: 27E14DE7

The Life & Style Pre-Ramadaan Fashion Show & Mag Launch

Date: 8th July 2012

Venue: Balmoral Hotel

Models wanting to participate may contact the Fashion Show co-ordinator: Safia Kazi  via bb pin 23180a3a

Designers wanting to participate may contact the Event organiser, North Beach Events on 083-623-1154 /

Be sure to make yourself available for an event that you cannot afford to miss!

Nur el Ein

Middle Eastern inspired. Corporating modesty with a touch of sheer elegance.

Perfect for any occasion...

Now introducing Arabian Dresses and Abayaat to suit your unique style!

- plain abayaat and sheila

- custome made abayaat -embroidery and stonework

- exclusive sheilaat

- arabian dresses

bbm : 23856964

Nur El Ein ~ Where Simplicity meets Elegance

Fairy Land

Benefits & Uses of Vinegar

1. Insect bites or stings will be soothed quickly by pouring vinegar on it.

2. Pour vinegar on sunburn.

3. If you drink a teaspoon or so of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to help with digestion, bowel function, cholesterol, and even preventing ulcers. With the latter you might have to help a little with the stress of course.

4. Salicylic acid is what you use on warts. Vinegar is acetic acid and works in the same way, however more gently.

5. Just 5% of vinegar mixed in a solution of your choice, can kill 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, 80% of germs (viruses).

6. A teaspoon or two of vinegar will cure hiccups.

7. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and honey mixed with enough hot water to melt the honey has been known to help with headaches and weight loss.

A Healing Miracle for Burns

Keep in mind this treatment of burns is being included in teaching beginner fireman.

First Aid consists of first spraying cold water on the affected area until the heat is reduced which stops the continued burning of all layers of the skin.

Then, spread the egg whites onto the affected area.

One woman burned a large part of her hand with boiling water. In spite of the pain, she ran cold  water on her hand, separated 2 egg whites from the yolks, beat them slightly and dipped her hand in the solution. The whites then dried and formed a protective layer.

She later learned that the egg white is a natural collagen and continued for at least one hour to apply layer upon layer of beaten egg white. By the afternoon, she no longer felt any pain and the next day there was hardly a trace of the burn. 10 days later, no trace was left at all and her skin had regained its normal colour. The burned area was totally regenerated thanks to the collagen in the egg whites, a placenta full of vitamins.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Ammarah

Ammarah is a Presenter at Radio Islam International.

She Presents The Womens Weekly Program Every Tuesday Afternoon from 2 to 3pm, The Household Express Program Every Thursday Morning from 10am to 11am.

You can email her on   

Ammarah will be heading the In the Kitchen Section of The Life & Style Mag, with recipes, Hints & Tips and much more.

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Safia Kazi

Safia kazi is a fashion and image stylist trained by Colorworx International.

She uses her expertise in this field together with expertise and experience as a professional nutritional consultant to educate young girls through lectures and workshops.

Empowering young women to develop a healthy, confident self image equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in society!

Butterfly Beauty is her "baby" through which she supplies Lakme cosmetics - High performance, superior quality make up specifically created for indian skin!

Catch Safia Kazi's take on Fashion & Style in The Life & Style Mag.....coming soon!

North Beach Events - KidZ nd TeenZ Family Fun Day

Alhamdullilah the book launch for Yawar Baigs books was an overwhelming success.The next event is a 

KidZ and TeenZ family fun day
Date: 24 June
Venue: Balmoral Hotel
Times: 9.30am  to 4.30pm
Whole day of fun activities crafts, writing workshops, mendhi, face painting, health care professionals, supplements, demos and talks.

Am looking for exhibitors who sell educational material , health foods, supplements, financial products, books,clothing physios, OTs, speech therapist, phychiatrist,counselling services and so on to exhibit. 
cost is R400

Program wil include talks on-
1. Behavioural problems and instilling respect and etiquettes-Safeeyah Moosa- Journey therapist
2.Challenges facing youth and solutions-Ahmed Moola Cii youth foundation facilitator
3.Parenting skills- Edris Khamisa
4.Pros and cons of social networking- Ashwin Singh - clinical psychologist.
5.Trauma and stress and ways to destress eg homeopathic remedies,
supplements, meditation-( require speaker)

Please contact me if you are interested in exhibiting and I will send you an application form.

031 3329724 after hours 

The Life & Style Mag Contributor - Naseema Mall

Naseema Mall is a freelance journalist and a publisher.
Having worked in Egypt for several years both as a journalist at an online news site and as an editor at a publishing house, Naseema returned to South Africa in 2007 and started her own publishing company, Breeze Publishing.  
Although she continues to write on a freelance basis, Naseema has her efforts concentrated on her publishing company.

Read Naseema's Book reviews in The Life & Style Mag....coming soon.!/pages/Breeze-Publishing/171125486256336

Friday, 25 May 2012

Body Spin

Body Spin
 June 8th -10th or July 6th -8th
Body Spin is an introduction into energy healing and provides energetic support for a variety of conditions, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

It initiates a powerful flow of healing energy into the body which helps the body to heal rapidly and effectively.

·        It’s quick and easy to learn, no previous experience required.

·        Can discharge blocked energy anywhere in the body

·        Pain can be relieved and our structure re-aligned often in a few minutes, sometimes instantly

·        Everyone can benefit from this method

·        Body Spin workshops provide a gentle introduction to energy work

Body Spin is an integral part of LIFE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE which includes, Body Spin, Body Alignment Technique, Vortex Alignment Technique, Home Alignment (an application of Vortex). Organisation / Business Alignment

Body Spin, like Body Alignment Technique addresses the root cause of an issue rather than attempting to treat the symptom. It also honors the agenda of the higher self and, with permission and by priority; it addresses the issues locked in the body’s tissue.

In the workshop you will learn:
-               Vibrational healing and the subtle energy fields                           -               Use of Applied Kinesiology
-               Identifying and balancing body points and systems                     -               Dowsing with a pendulum
-               Major & Minor Chakras                                                                 -               Emotional Release balancing
-               Pain balancing                                                                              -               Detoxing of the body
-               use of vortex cards                                                                                         

Included in the course:
Extensive manual & colour chart; Seed of Life and Resonance Vortex Cards & Vortex pendulum. Certificate issued after case studies have been completed. Go to for more info.

Teacher:  Christine Hardy
Christine, trained by Dr Jeff Levin, has been Practicing Body Alignment Technique, Vortex Alignment and Life Alignment for eight years and is a qualified teacher. Member of NHTS.

Contact details:            Christine + 2782 373 5460  Website:

Venue:  La Lucia Ridge

When:  Fri 8th June Registration 5:30pm  Start:: 6pm -9.30pm   Sat 8thth & Sun 9th 9am- 5pm  or (July 6th -8th)

Investment: ZAR 3400.00  Inclusive of full course materials and practical session. Manual chart vortex pendulum  and  2 x vortex cards

Bank Details: C. Hardy; Standard Bank, Durban North Branch No: 042826
Current A/C No: 25 119 956 8 (Your name as a reference). Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

Deposit.50% secures place. Please confirm your payment to Christine via email or sms.

Cancellations are non refundable but are transferrable to next course date providing 7 days notice is given.

Catering to be advised.

Life & Style Abhaya Fashion Show & Mag Launch

A pre-ramadaan extravaganza for ladies only with fashion, hi-tea and glitz and glamour.

Date: 8th July 2012

Venue: Balmoral Hotel, 125 Marine Parade, North Beach

Times: 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Organised by: North Beach Events -

Life & Style Mag's Contributor - Rehana Rawat

Rehana Rawat is a Bachelor of Education graduate with a major in English.
She has been telling stories for as long as she can remember and writing for almost as long.
With a keen interest for everything Indo-Muslim, her observations and comments on human nature has been published in a variety of media sources.
She dabbles as a Mendhi artist and spends her days disciplining the youth.
She is overly sentimental, and still refuses to eat,the first sweet her husband ever gave her!

Eid Shopping Festival

The EID SHOPPING FESTIVAL aims to bring together people from all spheres of the South African society in a festive environment with an opportunity to enjoy themselves.

This unique event Features:

An exhibition of exciting stalls,
Selling Fashionable & Islamic Clothing, Gifts & Ramadan treats
Promoting Islamic businesses & Products
Organisations who collect charity donations for Islamic Relief & Aid.
Islamic Finance & investment Platform
Islamic Education Platform with the feature on
An Islamic Exhibition of Arts & Culture
A series of Talks, Workshops & Seminars by local & international speakers.
An evening Concert & Entertainment throughout the Festival by on-stage artists in the form of Nasheed or Comedy Sketches.
Fashion Shows highlighting International Trends
Islamic Film Festival
Mouth-watering Cuisines emanating from a variety of cultures.
Kids Entertainment & Education
Fantastic Give-aways

Hosted at the Coca Cola dome in Northgate Johannesburg from the 12th – 15th July 2012.

With over 30 000 expected visitors - Can you afford not to exhibit/participate at this much anticipated event?

call Shenaz 082 410 1372 or email

Home Market Day @ The Baig's

This Saturday 26th May 2012 @ 82 Harris Crescent, Sherwood from 10am to 4pm -LADIES ONLY!!!

Stalls will include: Kiducate Islamic range øf books, puzzles ƒя kids, Angel Biscuits, Wedgewood Nougats, Honey, Jewellery Boxes, Handbags, Burqas, Cakes, Biscuits, Chutneys, Pickles, Designer Storage Boxes, Name Bands, Watches, Curtains, Pots, Tupperware @ Ridiculous prices, Sh'zen Products, Pastries, Cloaks, Sameeras, Earfones & Headsets, Lasers, Tazers, ReadyMade Masalas and Spices, Shawls n Scarfs, Savouries, Yummy Meals for lunch and more...

Free Tea n Coffee. Come bring ur friends to this cozy, LADIES ONLY mini house market.

For directions call 031 209 8057 or BBM Pin 28374118

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known as Natures miracle Plant.
Aloe Vera Juice can assist in treatment of many sicknesses.
It also helps prevent sickness.
Please let me know reasons you would consider taking aloe products and I will send you info on product you should take, reasons it will help you.
Skin care and personal Care products in Aloe range are excellent as well.
Aloe Vera was Cleopatra's beauty secret.....
Contact Hawa bibi.. 0793338770.. Bb pin 26E18C00.... E mail

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa

Perfect for those cold Winter nights....Sent to Durban Muslima by Ammarah of Radio Islam

½  cup dark/caramel chocolate chips
2 ½  cups boiling water
2 cups milk
¼ cup of milk powder / cremora
¼  cup of chocolate syrup
3 heaped tablespoons of smooth peanut butter (Black Cat) Dash of vanilla essence Pinch of salt

Heat water and milk until hot. Add chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and smooth peanut butter. Use your whisk to combine all until melted.
Thereafter use your immersion blender (stick blender) to blend altogether, this makes it creamier and smoother. Just before serving, stir in a dash of vanilla essence and a pinch of salt.
Serve in a glass mug with a swirl of peanut butter or a few choc-stix criss-crossed over the top.

Sister Ammarah is on air @ Radio Islam as follows:-
Mondays, 2pm to 3pm ..................... Natural Health
Tuesdays, 2pm o 3pm ...................... Womens Weekly
Thursdays, 10am t 11am .................. Household Express

Sister Ammarah will be compiling the "In the Kitchen" section of "The Life & Style Mag" with her tantalising receipes, hints & tips.