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Morning Drive Show


Press Release
For Immediate Release
27 July 2012
Two former Lotus fm presenters join forces...Faradh Patel & Nichal Sarawan set to make waves...During Radio Al-Ansaar’s Ramadaan Broadcast – KZN’s only Islamic Community Radio Station -90.4fm

Radio Al-Ansaar is gearing up for another bumper month of projects and programmes set to enlighten and uplift the Muslim community, from Thurs 12 July to Fri 24 August 2012.

Seasoned broadcaster Faradh Patel is set to hit the airwaves with his ‘Morning Drive Show’, a live interactive current affairs show with local, national and international contributors. News and interviews are interspersed with traffic and weather updates and Nasheeds [Arabic word for song].

With his infectious laughter, quirky world-view and high energy levels, Patel is set to make waves this season with the rebranding of the Morning Drive Show- Aspirational, Inspirational, Motivational.
In a twist of broadcasting fate, another former Lotus fm presenter and local circuit jock and dynamic presenter, Nichal Sarawan joins Radio Al- Ansaar’s Morning Drive Show team.
Nichal started his career at Radio Phoenix, moving on to Radio Hindvani when Radio Phoenix’s doors closed and subsequently Lotus FM until 2 years ago.
He has spent the last 2 years pursuing business interests and trying his hand at running a DJ academy for young, budding enthusiasts wanting to enter the field, but he is now looking forward to being back on air with Radio Al Ansaar’s Breakfast show presenter Faradh Patel.
Nichal met Faradh while working at Radio Phoenix and joins him between 06h30 and 09h00 bringing the News, Weather, Traffic and Economic Indicators.

With more energy than a box of crickets, Patel is the upbeat man behind the voice in the morning, on the seasonal Islamic radio station, Radio Al-Ansaar, Durban’s only Muslim-based community radio station.
Pietermaritzburg-born Patel attended Woodlands Secondary School, matriculating in the mid-1990. While still at school he auditioned for a position on Lotus fm,
joined Lotus fm whilst reading for a BA at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
“Lotus was excellent grounding as there is such an excellent balance between commercial ethos and community involvement, and it gave me a taste of the world of media.”

Patel then moved to Gauteng, where he pursued his dream of becoming an actor, appearing in the M-Net soap Egoli, as the character Naveen Moodley.
He also appeared in various ads on TV, radio and in print as well as in a Russian television series, before joining the marketing team at Sun International. In an illustrious career within the marketing and communications and media sphere, Patel has worked on high profile events such as the launch of Saffron TV, the Sunday Times Food Show & the Sunday Times Literary Awards.

He has compered various events, including various beauty pageants, Miss India for some years, Face of India, Mr India SA and regional Miss SA contests.
Patel currently writes has his own columns Fashion with Faradh & Faradh on Fashion for the Post Newspaper and the Lifestyle Magazine with a syndicated column in the UAE.Well-travelled Patel balances his media life against the challenging task as of steering his own media and marketing company.
Nichal’s accolades include being the 1stRadio presenter ever to be aired on Radio Hindvani, being the 1st Indian Radio presenter with 3 nominations for the SATMA awards and whilst with Lotus FM, actively promoting the South African Music Industry. He has also been involved in the production and on-air Marketing of an Award winning Local CD in2007.
Nichal has always been extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the music/entertainment industry and after his 2 year absence from Radio, Nichal is now ready for this exciting new challenge which he hopes to be able to take, to positively new heights.

Radio Al-Ansaar’s Ramadaan broadcast will focus on the significance of auspicious days and nights during this important tenement of the Islamic faith.
Patel encourages listeners, irrespective of their faith and beliefs to tune in.
“We live in such a multicultural society that it is helpful to be aware of what is happening in our extended community and beyond.
Patel brings a breath of fresh air to the radio landscape in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The Morning Drive Show has proven extremely popular, so much so that we even launched the Best of the Morning Drive Show, a compilation of the best Nasheeds and the proceeds from the sales were donated to impoverished schools and two charities.

Catch Faradh Patel, Nichal Sarawan and the Morning Drive Show Team every Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 9am on 90.4fm.
With audio-streaming on course, Radio Al-Ansaar may be enjoyed by listeners all over the world through the Al-Ansaar website www.alansaar.co.za.
Blackberry Link: http://infant.farm.co.za/alansaar/mplayer.asp
Twitter: @FaradhPatel

For more information, call Faradh Patel on 072 711 8338.


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Exquisite Scarf Styling, in Bridal Issue of THE LIFE, STYLE & FASHION MAG

Islamic headgear is the trademark of a Muslim woman hence for centuries Muslim women have covered their heads. Today, with the interesting styles, colours and textures available, one can wear a scarf in a variety of styles that are versatile, appealing, comfortable as well as attractive.  Furthermore, the scarf style that you choose to wear should compliment, accentuate and complete your outfit. The correct colour and scarf style can work wonders on any outfit.

NAZMA RASOOL from “EXQUISITE SCARF STYLNG”, is a professional scarf stylist and make-up artist.  She specializes in scarf styling for weddings and special occasions, including bridal scarf styling, as well as conducting basic scarf styling workshops.
Scarf styling is definitely one of her passions. What started off as a hobby has developed into a full-time business. Nazma has done many bridal scarf styles, each one custom designed to suit the bride’s individual needs.

  • Are you tired of wearing the same scarf style everyday?
  • Does your scarf slip off your head throughout the day?
  • Do want to learn quick, easy, appealing styles where you can be in and out of the house within minutes?


The following options are available
  • Attend a workshop at our premises in Lenasia
  • Attend a workshop in your area
  • Host a workshop at your place

Learn how to create interesting styles which are versatile, stylish and comfortable. The styles are practical and can be adapted to wear with any outfit or Abaya.

Nazma Rasool
Mobile +2784 410 3200

Nazma, has joined THE LIFE, STYLE & FASHION MAG team. Catch her in the second issue of the mag.

Radio Al Ansaar Ramadaan Fair 2012

Radio Alansaar Ramadaan Fair 2012!!! 

This weekend 27 - 29 July!!! 
All happening at 189 West Road, Overport!!!

Shopping, Entertainment and loads of Giveaways...

* Umra Ticket from PAKCO
 * Holiday Voucher from CONTINENTAL TRAVEL
 * Clocks from VAWDA JEWELLERY
 * Uthmani Pen Quran courtesy of COOEE

Not forgetting the MAJOR HIGHLIGHT "THE KIDDIES FASHION SHOW" between 3 to 4pm Saturday 28 July 


So come on over!!! Yes, RADIO ALANSAAR RAMADAAN FAIR 2012!!!

Mahesh Bhatt, fasting in Ramadaan

The Famous Film maker and Human Rights activist MAHESH BHATT observes daily fast (roza) during Ramdan ? Why?

On the 14th day of Ramdan, as I drove back home to break my
daily fast (Roza), a beep on my cell phone alerted me to an incoming message. This is what the message said: Hello, Mr. Bhatt, I understand through your utterances and writings that you are not a religious man and you do not believe in the efficacy of prayer. But I have now learned that you maintain Roza in the month of Ramdan. Your actions, Mr. Bhatt, bewilder the Hindus and shock the Muslims as well. May I ask why you keep Roza? 
This question from a stranger made me smile but since the query
was an innocent one I instinctively punched in my response, which was, Islam is a part of my heritage. I was born to a Brahmin Hindu father (Nanabhai Bhatt) and a Shia Dawoodi Bohra Muslim mother (Shirin Mohammed Ali). 
When I was a child my mother would ensure that I fasted for at least one day in the month of Ramadan. I remember her telling me that during the month of Ramadan the Muslims say that the gates of heaven are open. This is the month when Muhammad received his first revelation. 
After my mother died six years ago I realized that the only way to keep her alive within me was to fast for every single day in the month of Ramadan.?
That evening when the distant Azaan was heard and the clock
announced that the day's fast had come to an end, my parched body welcomed the first sip of water that I had taken in 14 hours like a desert would welcome rain. 
As I bit into an overripe date I discovered that at this particular moment I was a part of this collective release which bound me together with millions of people in my country and all over the world with such unnatural force that I experienced a sense of exhilaration like I had never experienced before. 
And it was then that for the first time I realized what the spirit of Ramadan is really all about. 
When so many people together wholeheartedly share a common purpose, they are united in a way that one has to experience to truly comprehend.
And the exhilaration comes from the fact that it's not about the
individual alone but about all of us, together, doing something so
completely. And it is perhaps this feeling of brotherhood that makes fasting in Ramadan such a unique and joyous experience.

In this "buy, consume and junk" age where one's consciousness is
being bombarded by all kinds of pleasure peddlers who market their
mouth-watering food and drink on the hour by the hour, it is
such a relief to shut the door to them and their wares and protect your body from an overdoes of pleasure. 
In the month of Ramadan one takes a break from the hedonistic way of life. One gets off the treadmill of constant pleasure seeking and lives a life of austerity and simplicity. This rejuvenates the physical organism and fills one with unusual vigour. As days turn into
weeks you being to realize that the human organism spends too much energy in trying to process excess food intake. The maxim that man is killed by too much food begins to make sense.

In the first few days of Ramadan, when the pangs of hunger gnaw
at your insides leaving you to constantly stare at the clock, you
suddenly feel as if there is an invisible umbilical cord connecting you to the sea of otherwise faceless people all over the world that often go for days without a square meal. Your apathy and indifference slowly begin to fade away and your heart begins to wake up to the all-pervasive suffering of your fellow human beings

Another thing that makes this Ramadan even more special for me
is that my 13 year old daughter Alia has for some strange and unknown reason spontaneously decided to fast along with me. "Like you fast for your mother, I fast for you", she said simply after I asked her what prompted this unexpected decision. 
No wonder a wise man once said, "What you teach you children, you also teach your grandchildren." I wonder whether years ago while my mother was shaking me awake in the hush of the morning light and whispering, "Beta, time for Sehori", she knew she was also awakening her future grandchildren. Isn't this at the end of it all what culture is all about?



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Muslimah Today

Plans are underway for a Muslim women’s conference to be held in Durban from September the 22nd to 24th this year.

According to Fatima Asmal-Motala, the director of conference organiser ILM-SA, ‘Muslimah Today,’ will feature dynamic presentations by several prominent Muslim women from around the country, including Safiyyah Surtee, Quraysha Sooliman, Lubna Nadvi, Shubnum Khan and Khadija Patel.

“This is a conference by Muslim women, for Muslim women, about Muslim women,” she said. “We’ll be looking at a range of topics – spirituality, human rights issues, Muslim women and the media – all aimed at motivating women to play a more active role in society.”

“Often we find men speaking on behalf of us, particularly within the mainstream media –it’s time we changed that, and we’ll only achieve this when we become more comfortable with our identities as South African Muslim women,” she said. “We hope the conference will go a long way towards achieving this.”

Asmal-Motala said she hoped women from around the country would attend the event. “The conference is also expected to provide a platform on which women can connect with each other across geographical, ideological, racial and other barriers,” she said.

‘Muslimah Today,’ will take place at University of KwaZulu-Natal Senate Chamber. Registration is compulsory and is limited to two hundred delegates. The registration fee is R300 per person, which includes entry to all three days, as well as refreshments and stationery. 
Registration opens on August 25th. Call 083 271 4500 or email info@ilmsa.co.za for details on how to register.

*Breaking News for Durbanites*

Alwani Dates.....

Fresh from Medina & Speciality dates
Will be available @ The Al Ansaar Ramadaan Fair this weekend!

For more info, call 082 8577 277

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Heritage On The Palm of Your Hand

A wonderful article on the night before Eid with everyone applying mendhi and some of the myths and tales associated with it..........by Educator and mendhi artist, Rehana Rawat ............ only in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

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Quote of the Day

I look up high to see only the light,

And never look down to see my shadow.
This is wisdom which man must learn.
~ Khalil Gibran♥

In The Kitchen....only in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

Recipe's, Hints & Tips ............... all that and more ............... only in The Life, Style & fashion Mag 
In the Kitchen with Ammarah of Radio Islam

Healthy Diet for Ramadaan

Eat Healthy this Ramadaan by following Pharmicist, Razeena Cassim's diet plan..............only in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

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The reality of sihr jadoo vol one curing with th ways of Nabi Sallahu alayhi wasalam . 

Love hate love n jadoo in th life of Sumaya Mahomed vol 2n3 with durood shifaa n duas

Recipe books WANTED with recipes frm food to deserts . Exclusively sweet everything sweet ideal for eid and savouries of th centuary savories recipe book ideal for ramadaan

Mother's Intuition

Mother's Intuition, by Doula Sumayya Mahommed

A page especially for new mother's and mother's to be.

Everything you need to know.....only in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

Quote of the Day

Beauty has its own heavenly language, 
loftier than the voices of tongues and lips. 
It is a timeless language, common to all humanity, 
a calm lake that attracts the singing rivulets to its depth and makes them silent. 
Only our spirits can understand beauty, 
or live and grow with it. It puzzles our minds; 
we are unable to describe it in words; 
it is a sensation that our eyes cannot see, 
derived from both the one who observes and the one who is looked upon.
~Khalil Gibran♥

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Smart People Work From Home ......

International company just launched in South Africa.

No selling!

Can you believe it  ..... I get paid for handing out free stuff!

Contact ,me for more info:-
BB Pin: 2310e203
Cell: 072 325 6465
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Gulafsha of ITV's Let's Talk

Profiled only in THE LIFE, STYLE & FASHION MAG......Guafsha Sayed of ITV

Read about Gulafsha and her segment on ITV, Let's Talk......

Ramadaan in Cairo

The Life, Style & Fashion Mag, features publisher, Naseema Mall's story on Ramadaan in Cairo. Mall, lived in Cairo for a period of 5 years where she worked at an egyptian publishing company and she shares her story on Ramadaan in one of the most captivating cities, Cairo. Mall, now back in SA has her very own publishing house, Breeze Publishing. She is the sole publisher in SA, for books by renowned writer, Yawar Baig. 

Read her story, only in THE LIFE, STYLE & FASHION MAG.........

Rumi Quote of the Day

O moon-faced Beloved,
the month of Ramadan has arrived.
Cover the table
and open the path of praise.

Ramadaan Mubarak

Dubai Souk International....is back!

A Conversation with Little Sarah

"What is Ramzaadaan?" asked little Sarah. "Do you mean 'Ramadhaan'?" I responded, curiously. She nodded her head. Little Sarah wanted to know about the month of Ramadhaan for the Muslims. The 'fasting' month, as it is known and this was my reply:

Just as you may know the months of the year to be January, February and March- we, as Muslims, have our own calender with our own months. Ramadhaan is one of our months and so is Shabaan. Muharram is our first month of the year. Our January.

You see, Little Sarah, as you have the Bible, we as Muslims, have the Quraan. Ramadhaan is the month that our Quran was sent from God to our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) for us. It is because of this that we take one month out of our year to give thanks to God. We turn to God. We pray to God. We pray daily, it is just that in this one month, we increase our prayers to thank God for all that we have. What we also do is 'fast'.

Little Sarah gave me a confused look as she asked, "What is so fast?"

I chuckled and continued to tell her what fasting was all about:

From the time the sun rises until it sets, we do not eat and we do not drink. At night, we can eat and drink but not during the day. We wake up before the dawn and eat and then we do not eat again until the sun goes down.

We endure hunger as it helps us feel what those who don't have much feel everyday. We go through thirst and we thank God for all that he has given us- and when we are hungry, we remember God and we try not to do anything sinful or bad. We stay away from smoking, we stay away from fighting and we stay away from causing pain to other people.
It is a lesson we learn that some people aren't fortunate enough to have three meals a day. A lesson that teaches us that it isn't difficult to do good if we're willing to put aside bad actions. A lesson that makes us, in more ways than one, better humans.

"What else do you do in Ramadhaan?" Sarah asked.

In this month of Ramadhaan we read the Quraan- our Bible and try to see what is lacking in our lives. We try to add this to our lives and hope that we please God by doing so.

Through Ramadhaan and fasting, we learn patience, we turn to God and we realise that there is more to life than eating and drinking. We learn about prayer and how to treat our fellow brothers and sisters and also how to be good to everyone on a whole.

Ramadhaan is the one month in the year that helps us do great things and make up for the mistakes that we made in the other months of the year.

Ramadhaan is our fasting month, a month that makes us better people, faster.

When I was done, Little Sarah looked at me and smiled. Sweetly, she said, "Thank you," and I knew that she understood what the 'Fasting Month' was all about.

Contributed by, M. Ismail

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Proven Techniques for a Successful Positive Change this Ramadaan

By The E Islam Team

The Noble Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has said,"Almighty Allah says, 'I treat my servant according to his expectations from Me, and I am with him when he remembers me. If he remembers Me in his heart, I remember him in My heart…. if he walks towards Me, I run unto him." (Hadith-Qudsi)

Make this Ramadhaan the month of "Change"..Are You Ready for it???

"Change" is the vogue today. "Change" is being chanted by the Presidents to rally up public support; "Change" is being demanded by the masses suffering due to skyrocketing fuel and commodity prices; "Change", a drastic one indeed, is what we are witnessing with awe in the global weather patterns.

For Muslims, Ramadhaan is the prime time for change. This month dramatically alters our routines and schedules. From tight sleep schedules, to hunger for extended hours, to reduction in consumption of junk foods, to a technology diet; to withdrawal from caffeine addiction, to lengthy standing in Taraweeh prayers at night, to extensive listening to the Quran. What a change indeed!

Beyond Routines and Rituals

The real change, however, Ramadhaan demands of us is the internal change – a change that positively transforms our lifestyle, character, attitudes, conversations, and habits. Allah has described this change in the month of Ramadhaan as follows: "O you who believe, fasting has been ordained on you as it was decreed upon those before you so that you may adopt Taqwa" (2:183 [Quran 2:183].

Slavery to Ramadhaan?

If our change is limited to outer physical practices only, we become slaves to Ramadhaan, instead of being servants to Ar-Rahman (Allah, the Merciful).
Prophet Muhammad has warned us about those who don't fast from bad behaviour:
"Allah has no interest in any person's abstention from eating and drinking, if that person does not give up lying and dishonest actions" (Sahih al-Bukhari)
Ramadhaan Resolutions

Every Ramadhaan we make resolutions and tell ourselves: "This Ramadhaan will be different. I'm going to change my ______ habit." "I will give up ………", "I will take my practice of Islam to the next level". But how many of us are really able to follow through? Plenty of good intentions, many amazing wishes, but sadly enough, life goes on as usual the morning of Eid.
Ask yourself, how is my fasting benefitting my spiritual connection with Allah? How is my extensive worship in Ramadhaan helping me discipline my tongue (taste and speech), eyes, ears, and habits?
Are you ready to take that first step to transform your bad habits into good ones?

Ways to Kick Bad Habits

Few things are more demanding than eliminating bad habits, since they are part of our daily routines and personality. It takes days of patience and practice to break old habits.

However, the good news is, Ramadhaan offers a perfect and natural environment for moral training. Interestingly, researches from "positive psychology" (scientific study of successful people) have repeatedly shown it takes between 30 to 40 days to kick a bad habit and develop a new one.

In addition to the physical discipline during the month of Ramadhaan, the increased spiritual exercise and connection with Allah, can transform your habits for life.

Try these proven techniques for a successful positive change in your habits during Ramadhaan and beyond!

1. Acknowledge and Identify your bad habits: First step is to admit you need to change. If you are in a state of denial, you won't recognize that you have a bad habit to change.
2. Pick a habit for this month: Prioritize your bad habits and focus on one for this month. If you are committed to changing at least one habit, you will see remarkable results, Allah-willing.
3. Realize that it's in us to change: Don't believe the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." You can break a bad habit if you really want to. No one else can change your habits, if you don't want to.
4. Remember, Allah loves those who commit mistakes and repent:  The Noble Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:
"By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if you were not to commit sin, Allah would sweep you out of existence and He would replace (you by) those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness from Allah, and He would have pardoned them." (Hadith -Sahih Muslim)
5. Intention & Plan to change: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." A healthy process of change in character requires a gradual pace, which entails planning. Develop concrete milestones to measure your progress.
6. Replace a bad habit with a good one: Completely eliminating a habit is more challenging than replacing it with a more productive habit. Moreover, it's crucial to replace the lost natural needs, such as the need to socialize and to be entertained with something healthy.
For instance, it's easier to replace your addiction to TV with a physical workout or reading the Qur’aan or a good Islamic book etc. Interestingly, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the greatest 'psychologist' of humanity, illustrated this principle in these words:
"Fear Allah wherever you may be; follow up an evil deed with a good one which will wipe (the former) out, and behave good-naturedly towards people."(Hadith-At-Tirmidhi).
7. Change your Environment: Resist the negative peer pressure by finding a better company of friends. Collective action to change is very powerful. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) explained this peer pressure effect with the analogy:
"A good friend and a bad friend are like a perfume-seller and a blacksmith: The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift, or you might buy some from him, or at least you might smell its fragrance. As for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes, and at the very least you will breathe in the fumes of the furnace." (Hadith-Sahih al-Bukhari & Muslim)
8. Exercise: Spiritual exercise is important for lasting change. You may not realize that by exerting your yourself in spiritual exercises like the reading of Qur’an and Hadith, fasting, giving charity, Zikr(remembering Allah),Spending time in the Path of Allah etc helps in eliminating a number of bad habits. Through the spiritual light of doing noble deeds, evil ones will gradually be eradicated from your life. Allah says : "Indeed, Salah restrains from Shameful and unjust deeds"(Quran:29:45). A person complained to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about someone who read salaah and also committed theft .The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said "His salaat will very soon wean him off that sin.' This shows that the evil habits can be got rid of by adhering to good practises. The doing of good deeds such as remembering Allah cleanses the heart. A clean heart encourages a person to do good deeds and refrains one from evil habits!
Moreover, exercising your will power (struggle to fight temptations) for this month helps you kick all kinds of bad habits and form new good ones. Willpower is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the more you strengthen it.
9. Think of yourself as a changed, different, new person. This simple psychological shift in your thinking about your own image can do wonders. Tell yourself, "I can't continue this ill-behaviour. I am better than that. I am stronger. I am wiser."
10. Reward success: The most fundamental law in all of psychology is the "law of effect." It simply states that actions followed by rewards are strengthened and likely to recur. Unfortunately, studies show that people rarely use this technique when trying to change personal habits.
Setting up formal or informal rewards for success greatly increases your chances of transforming bad habits into good ones, and is far more effective than punishing yourself for bad habits or setbacks. As Muslims we should also remember that the ultimate reward is Allah's Pleasure and Paradise in the Hereafter.
11. Get help: Tell someone about your effort to change if it helps. He or she may keep you on track and may offer some good advice. Read books that will encourage you to do virtues actions. Join the various (amaal) programs in your local Musjid. Ladies should endeavour to join their local Taalimi Halqas. There are good and sincere people who are ready to assist. We are not an island- We are an Ummah!
12. Boost your spiritual immune system: By fasting,doing good actions,Itikaaf(seclusion), spending time in the Musjid with the pious friends of Allah or going in the Path of Allah will boost your Imaan which will provide you with internal strength to overcome temptations to reverting to old bad habits.
13. Remind yourself of Death and Hereafter often: "Remember often the terminator (or destroyer) of all the pleasures(i.e. death)," the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)once stated. (Hadith-At-Tirmidhi.)
14. Resolve to continue on and follow up: Giving up bad habits or learning good habits requires regular maintenance and determination. It is a long, ongoing process, also known as "Tazkiyyah" in Islamic terminology. It's more difficult than the first few steps of change. ("How many times have I dieted, for example, only to gain the weight back?"). So ensure that you follow up. Link yourself to a good Allah-fearing Islamic Scholar, make a habit of spending time in the Path of Allah and constantly engage in noble and charitable work.
15. Develop a relapse strategy: How do you ensure not to return to your bad habit you are trying to change? Some people donate money to a good cause every time they return to sinning or a bad habit. This reminds them of the 'cost' of going back to old bad habits. Others try physically demanding acts to deter them from reverting to old ways. For example that if you do___ act than you will keep three fast or pay so much sadaqah(charity) etc
16. Ask Allah for Help (Dua): MOST IMPORTANT!-Make Asking for Allah's Help an integral part of the overall change process. Ask for Allah's Help before, during and after every attempt at kicking a bad habit. Do so sincerely, even begging and crying, like a child does when he or she really wants something. Allah is Ever-Willing to Help and to Respond to our needs, but it is us who must take the first step towards Him. Allah will NEVER disappoint us! Allah Ta’ala says “ Ask me, and I will answer your call…” (Quran 40:60)

"And whosoever is conscious of Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He (Allah) will make a way for him to get out (from) every (difficulty), and He will provide him from (sources) he could never imagine." (Quran 65:2-3)
So surely  you Can do it!!!…Just Trust and Pray to Allah and make that great change this Ramadhaan!

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