Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Advertise in The Life, Style & Fashion mag

The Life, Style & Fashion Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for the South African muslim community.
 It covers life, style, fashion, travel, beauty, alternate healing, health issues, healthy eating, food, and much more. We are constantly adding to our content to inspire people to the Islamic way of life.

With so many “free mags” on the market, why should you want to advertise in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag?
The Life, Style & Fashion Mag appeals to a market between 20-40yrs of age.
The magazine appeals to a market that specifically purchases the mag for its content and advert quality.
With adverts being kept at a minimum, we allow you maximum exposure with minimum competition.
Purchased mags offer an air of exclusivity to the purchaser and advertiser which is not offered via free mags.

What makes The Life, Style & Fashion Mag different from other muslim magazines?
We offer buyers a fresh magazine that makes an appealing read with up-to-date topics that are not prevalent in other muslim mags on the market.
We allow for pictures of people if need be.
Our contributors include, public leaders: Salma Kazi, Faradh Patel & Amina Jamal of Radio Al Ansaar, Sister Ammarah of Radio Islam, Leadership specialists: Mirza Yawar Baig, Edris Khamissa, Ismail Kamdar.
The magazine also serves to empower others to become regular and maybe eventually feature contributors.

For more info on our ad rates,email adverts.lsfmag@gmail.com

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Ultimate Guide to being A Superstar

A life changing book. A must for every student and adult

Cost is R150

To purchase call:  031 3329724 or 0836231154

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Durban Muslima's Pink Hijab Campaign

We all have Pink Scarves lying around at the bottom of our drawers that we are not using.
Post them to us, with your details, to be donated to cancer patients all around South Africa.

Or make a small contribution of R20 for us to purchase scarves for donation.

All donors names will be published on a special page on the Durban Muslima blog.

So come out and support Durban Muslima's Pink Hijab Campaign.

SMS the word "Pink Hijab"  to 078-601-9180 and ask for postal add or banking details.

Shukran for helping us touch someone's life in a small way!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Graceful Effortless Living

"Graceful Effortless Living"
By: Razeena mouradi
Please Join me for my talk on 27th October 2012:
 With Razeena Mouradi
My talk is from 13:00pm to 15:00pm at The Soul Sanctuary Full Moon Fair , 124 Florida Rd Morningside, Durban.
 Are you Living a Life that is Graceful & Effortless.......
 Or Not......
 If you are not Living in Graceful Effortlessness then find out WHY you are not.

 WHY are you Struggling?
WHY are you still frustrated?
WHY are you not Manifesting Ease, Joy or Abundance?

 Have you heard of 'Silent Saboteurs'.
 Find out more about them & how they keep you stuck.
 This is a chance to clear them out for good-so that you can start Manifesting the Life you really want.
 Please join me as we uncover & release all the 'stuff' keeping you stuck & blocked in your Life.
 All you have to do is bring along a Journal & a pen.
 It will be well worth your while.

 This talk is:

 The time is Now
 Seats are Limited. Call 071 8848 113 to book your spa

Razeena Mouradi
*Conscious Life.   Transformation Coach.
*Journey Practitioner
 Mobile: 071 8848 113

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pink Hijab Day

Pink Hijab Day was founded in 2004 by Hend El Buri, a high school student at the time. It began small, in a high school in Columbia, MO. A group of girls decided to wear pink hijabs one day to encourage others to ask questions about their hijabs and about Islam. After more and more people began participating, the Susan G. Komen Foundation was contacted and Pink Hijab Day had its start. The girls felt that wearing pink might lessen the tension of how people view Muslim girls wearing the Hijab, or headscarf. The creators of this event hope that Pink Hijab Day will encourage people who are curious about women in Islam and hijab to ask questions to dispel misconceptions. They also promote taking preventative action against Breast Cancer and to donate to various Breast Cancer Foundations to find a cure.

The purpose of Pink Hijab Day is threefold:
Hijab – To encourage those who are curious about Muslim women and about hijab to ask Muslim women about what their hijab means
Society – To encourage Muslim women to participate in various community improvement projects because we are a valuable part of the fabric of the societies we live in. One of these projects is the effort to find a cure for breast cancer
Health – To raise funds for cancer research, and to encourage all people to maintain their health by getting regular screenings and to increase knowledge about preventative methods.

Pink Hijab Day was initiated in South Africa by 21yr old Humairah Jassat of Azaadville, 4 years ago. She had lost an aunt to cancer and after seeing a few women of her community also succumb to Cancer, she began researching breast cancer online. She then started Pink Hijab Day in South Africa. She got people across the country to don pink scarves and then donate to cancer survivors she regularly visits at government hospitals.
So help, Humairah Jassat by wearing a pink scarf in honour of Pink Hijab Day and then donate it to Jassat so she can give it to a cancer survivor.
Email her on humairahjassat@gmail.com for more information, and follow her on Twitter.


Mendhi 4 u

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mendhi 4 u

Mendhi apps for bakri eid by appt only @ Enchanted Day Spa, 313 Cowey Rd, Durban .... 
To book bb me on 2a6fd61c or call 0835978602 ....... 
Mendhi 4 U

Win a ticket to The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair

Answer three easy Question and stand a chance of 
Winning a Ticket worth R150 to 
The Pink Hijab Glitz and Glam Affair!

Q1: What is the statistics for the number of women that are diagnosed with Breast Cancer?
Q2: Which spa, featured in The LSF Mag is the Importer & Distributor 
of The Mantra Range of Products?
Q3: Name one Honeymoon destination featured in The LSF Mag?

All answers can be found in Edition 2 of The Life, Style and Fashion Mag!

Email your answers with your contact details to:

Closing date for this competition is 24th October 2012!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Muslimah's Making A Difference

“Muslimahs Making A Difference” is an organisation committed to inspiring, educating and empowering women, especially widows and divorcees.

In commemoration with Cancer  Awareness Month,we have launched an exclusive range of bottled water called “Drink Pink” which we are promoting at all schools, corporate companies and associations.

This water is sold at R10 each on Global Pink Hijaab Day (24th October 2012) or any other day, and all proceeds are forwarded to hospices, cancer support groups, oncology units at government hospitals as well as to empower widows and divorcees who are trying to earn an income with dignity as opposed to relying on hand-outs from welfare organisations.

We urge you, your fellow colleagues and clients to join us in our campaign to make a difference and be part of this dynamic initiative to uplift humanity at large.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact my colleague, Anisa on 082 587 8686 or myself, Tasnim, on 081 359 4343 or, email: muslimahsmakingadifference@gmail.com

May the Almighty accept this humble effort in our favour and make it a means of success and goodness.

Kind regards,

Tasnim Patel
Co-ordinator: Muslimahs Making a Difference

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Essence Collection, turns pink for October!

Pink Ribbon Cuppy Cakes

Support for Cancer


ILM SA Programme with Professor Tariq Ramadan

A three hour programme with Professor Tariq Ramadan, featuring: 

a) a dynamic discussion about being a Muslim within the SA context, 
b) the launch of his latest book 'The Arab Awakening,' and 
c) a question and answer session. 

Cost: R150 including finger foods. Registration is compulsory. 
To register SMS 083 271 4500, BBM 2729054A or email info@ilmsa.co.za as soon as possible.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Women's Cultural Group - Cuppa for CANSA

Womens Cultural Group
invite ladies only
to a fundraiser

Cuppa for CANSA
(delectable treats & savouries)

Venue: Mariam Bee Sultan Hall, 222 Kenilworth Road, Overport
Date: 18th Ovtober 2012
Time: 9:30am
Entrance fee: R30pp

For more info call Safoura on 031-2086203

The Honour & Status of The Human Being

Join us at TIMBUKTU BOOKS, Stadium on Main, Main Road Claremont for the Launch of the book

Speakers: Shaykh Seraj Hendricks, Muhammad Allie Khalfe
Date: Saturday, 10th November 2012.
Time: 4pm for 4:30pm.
Book size: 420 pages.
Cost: R160.
Snacks will be served, all welcome.

Quote of the Day

“Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.”

Mora Ammo

Mora Ammo brings together an enviable line-up of selections from the biggest names in Indian fashion, with a carefully chosen mix of collections comprising of dresses, tops and accessories. The unique collection focuses on those who have a fine sense of style and grandiosity.
It’s for those who wish to be admired and want to stand out. 
The range includes designs and collections by a.d Singh, Expressionist Designs, Meera Mahadevia, Pinky Saraf, Rocky S, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna and more.

Mora Ammo will be showcasing part of their collection at The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair... 9th Nov @ NMJ Islamic Centre. For ticket bookings call 083 597 8602.

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair - Nur el Ein

Nur-el-Ein .....showcasing at The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair ..... 
Nur El Ein Abayaat & Arabian Dresses will be showcasing the Summer Range of Abayaat. Middle Eastern inspired, incorporating modesty with a touch of sheer elegance. 
In this Range we explore color,drapery & daring prints. 
Hijaab is simple but elegant. 
Our range puts emphasis on the elegance of a women. 
We do not need to wear the clothes of the West when leaving the house. 
Our hijaab is our identity and we can still look so beautiful if we only know how to don it.
A womens modesty is the best clothing she can wear. 
Our abayaat makes sure that your femininity is boasted with modesty and in accordance to Shari'ah.

Durban Muslima

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Gift of The Needy

Scarves up for grabs .... in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

Scarf Give-away in The Life,Style & Fashion Mag, courtesy of The Life, Style & Fashion Mag!

The Pink Hijab Glitz and Glam Affair - Press Release

Issued by Durban Muslima
For Immediate release
10th October 2012

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair         

Plans are under-way for the second annual Pink Hijab Fundraiser & Awareness Campaign in Durban, originally hosted by Durban Muslima & Scarves Unlimited. “This year, we partner with Butterfly Beauty and Cazabella to bring you a ladies only event to remember,” said Shireen Mansoor of Durban Muslima. “ The event is supported by media partners ITV and The Life, Style & Fashion Mag.”

“Termed, The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair, the event incorporates guest speakers, a fashion extravaganza, sumptuous dinner, auctions, and an exclusive shopping and exhibition area.”

The aim of the event is to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds.  For this event we have nominated two organizations as beneficiaries: CANSA & Highway Hospice.

Guest speakers include: The Pink Hijab Girl – Humairah Jassat, Counselor – Fawzia Peer,  Apa Khadija of Libasut Taqwa, and Survivor – Hannah Lurie.

The Fashion show includes an exciting line-up of fresh, new design talent – Nur-ul-Ein, Fanazish Couture, Zeeny B, Cazabella & more. “The event is proud to be the launch-pad for an exciting new range for the contemporary Muslim woman,” said Shireen. “The range is 100% local, internationally inspired but designed exclusively for the South African Muslim Woman, by a leading fashion stylist.”

The Trade / Exhibition Area includes a Scarf Styling Display by Scarves Unlimited, Lakme, Cazabella, Scarves Unlimited , Bling!, Golden Rose, Forever Living Products, Black Vogue, Oh So Pretty …..

Durban Muslima in conjunction with Naseema Mall of Breeze Publishing, will be launching the Breeze Publishing Library Project at The Pink Hijab Event. “The aim of this project is to set-up libraries at under-privileged schools, where there is a dire need for reading and resource material,” said Naseema. “ We urge the public to donate all types of reading material to help us to make this dream project a reality.”

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair will take place at the NMJ Islamic Centre, on Friday, 9th November 2012 after Maghrib Salaat.

Tickets for the event are R150pp. Reserved tables for corporates, friends or family (seating 10) also available. To book or for banking details or more info call 083 597 8602 or email durbanmuslima@gmail.com.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Travelling with Salma

Travelling with Salma ..... Salma Kazi's personal diary, she shares her story of her travels in Baghdad, only in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

Gadgets & Gizmos

All you need to know about Gadgets and Gizmos, Codemaster!
                                                          Only in The Life, Style & Fashion Mag!

Al Ansaar Cancer Support Group's 2nd Breast Cancer Awareness & Chai Day

The Al Ansaar cancer Support group 

hosts its 

2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness & Chai day

on Sat 13th October
@ 2 pm @ Al Ansaar hall,189 West road,overport,

Be informed & educated by excellent speakers, 
viz. Oncologist - Dr.Lucille Heslop, 
Psychologist - Dr.Sherona Rawat, 
Physiotherapist - Donnee Ness,
Mammographers - Fatima farouk & Nasrin Ismail.

Free breast examinations.

Enjoy a cuppa chai/Coffee & muffin/cupcake.

Proceeds wil go 2 Hospice,Cansa & al ansaar cancer support group.

Ladies only.

Regret no children under 13years.

No bookings needed.

For any queries contact Amina 0312076368/0826526368.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pink Hijaab Day 2012 @ Al Falaah College

The Mums Committee invites all Ladies to support our "Cuppa for Cansa". 

For a minimum donation of R20 you can join us for a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of lemonade and  a cupcake while supporting a worthy cause.

Don't forget to wear your pink hijaab.

Date: 12th October 2012
Time: 9am - 12 noon
Venue: Al Falaah College Indoor Sports Centre

We look forward to hosting you. Insha Allah

All proceeds go to CANSA

Beauty Focus

Beauty Focus ..... this edition focuses on the eyes, and it's enhancement .......
In The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

Farhad on Fashion

Catch up on Style & Fashion with Farhad on Fashion in
The Life Style & Fashion Mag!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Essence Collection's Clearance Sale

Dont miss out on the final week of ESSENCE COLLECTION'S clearance sale.

With tops from R50 and a further reduction on all overseas ranges.

Hope to see you @ The Sale!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Help Marisha to Hear

For more info contact: nazeemahs@gmail.com

Project Read

The Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair

Fundraiser for Cancer & Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Ladies Only!

Dinner + Fashion Show + Trade / Exhibition Area + Guest Speakers + Gift Bags

Hosted by Durban Muslima & Scarves Unlimited
Media Partners: ITV & The Life, Style & Fashion Mag

Shireen Mansoor (083-597-8602 durbanmuslima@gmail.com bb pin 2a6fd61c)
Shenaaz Jamal (083-653-7868 shenaaz@neweraprint.co.za)
Safia Kazi (078-788-8888 safia.kazi@hotmail.com)

Designers show-casing include: Nur-el-Ein, Fanazish Couture, Zeeny B, Sofia, Cazabella & more .....

Sponsors include: Cazabella, Scarves Unlimited, New Era Print & Forms, Impress Printers,Islam Today & more .....

On Auction will be Abhaya's, Gents Wrist watch, Designer Sari's, Designer Cakes & more....

Traders include: The Designers, Butterflly Beauty, Cazabella, Scarves Unlimited, Golden Rose, Forever Living Products, Black Vogue, Hanayan Scarves, La Perla Bags & much more ....

Compere: Raeesa Mohamed 

Speakers include: Counsellor Fawzia Peer, The Pink Hijab Girl - Humairah Jassat, Breast Cancer Survivor - Hannah Lurie

Lighting, Drapes, ramp by AK Azam Khan

++++ Launch of an exciting range of halaal perfumes & the Sofia Range of Clothing for the South African Muslim Woman!
Tickets are R150 per person
Reserved & Booked Tables seating 10 persons available @ R1500.00
Tickets must be pre-booked and paid for. No tickets will be on sale at the door.
For ticket bookings contact Shireen Mansoor / Shenaaz Jamal

Fashion Designers wanting to be part of the Fashion Show, contact Safia Kazi

For sponsorships, trade / exhibition enquiries or any other contributions contact Shireen Mansoor.

So don your prettiest outfit & be @ the Pink Hijab Glitz & Glam Affair for a night to remember!