Wednesday, 26 June 2013

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Pregnant Muslimah's Guide to Natural and Spiritual Pregnancy

22 June 2013, Sherwood Hall Durban, South Africa.
Entrance fee: R100 - includes snacks.
"Ladies Only"
Dress: Islamic attire - please be dressed appropriately enough to perform salaah.
Our aim: To empower the Muslimah on all matters pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth.

Topics and speakers:
a) Melissa Jacobs Professional Doula - Advanced Skills and Holistic Women's Health Emissary.
She will be discussing pregnancy and labor - how to prepare your body for the most natural childbirth

b) Doctor Raeesa Aboo Baker: Qualified with a Master's Degree in Homeopathy at DUT - with a special interest in women's health. She will be talking about the Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS ), and Post Natal Depression ( PND ). The definition, treatment and prevention of these conditions using homeopathic 

c) Sumaiyya Mahomed: Doula, Swim instructor and water fitness instructor, trained in breastfeeding and 
lactation. She will be discussing post natal care, how to look after yourself after a natural birth and a Cesarean, as well as breastfeeding issues.

d) Doctor Chantelle Damon: Chiropractor. She will demonstrate how chiropractic care assists in helping baby into position, opening the pelvis and helps with adjusting the body.

e) Mualliamah Aadiah Kharsany: A learned Islamic scholar who has spent most of her life dedicated to teaching and propagating Islam. She has recently returned to South Africa after spending 8 years in the USA.
We are indeed very fortunate to have her grace us with her presence. She will spiritually enlighten us on how to give our unborn child the best Islamic beginning, as well as discuss various laws with regards to pregnancy, childbirth.

Monday, 10 June 2013

FashionEASTa .....The Designers

FashionEASTa will feature the best of local fashion as well as some surprise exciting International Brands:-

ZIVA COUTURE: Hailing from the UK, this Internationally trained Designer has hit the soils of South Africa.  An exquisite selection of Evening wear as well as personalized Abaya wear made for the individual with a modern, funky twist. A fashion forward look achieved by taking the average Abaya to new heights. 

ZURI COUTURE: A unique selection of the most unusual Eastern Designs fused with Western design elements. Includes their eagerly awaited Wedding Collection and Bridal Collection 2013 that features an array of unique Anarkalis and Lehengas. including a surprise Designer Sari Collection that will revolutionize the way you see a Sari! 

SWEETY ABAYAS UAE: The exclusive and authorized stockist of UAE based Abaya design house Sweety in South Africa, HAYA, will be showcasing their latest range of garments. Known for their exquisite designs, this UAE based Design House is amongst the most admired labels in the UAE, with cutting edge designs that set the trends in the Abaya Fashion genre. It is finally available in South Africa Exclusively through Lenasia based Haya. 

ZIA ABAYA & MODEST WEAR: At the forefront of pioneering a truly South African Modest Wear Collection, this range will be a colorful infusion of western and abaya silhouettes. Zia will be showcasing their 3rd collection of Modest Wear garments that will incorporate the most happening fashion trends from abroad. For this season, U can expect to see a Monochrome themed collection as well as a Retro themed collection.  Using distinctive combination techniques and superior fabric selection. This collection is definitely going to turn heads and create conversations. 

FIZA EXCLUSIVE ABAYA COLLECTION: A fashion experience of a bygone era. This year Fiza will be showcasing a vintage themed Abaya collection, with every aspect that can make a woman fall in love again. Handwork, laces, pearls. Their signature Jalabiyya Range will also be showcased. Added a twist aimed at the younger buyer, a strikingly trendy studded and spike collection will also be launched at the event. 

HAYA:  An exciting teen focused Abaya collection that is expected to draw lots of attention as well as an exclusive in store range of stunning Kiddies Abayas! We have no doubt that these little ones will steal the show! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Unforgettable Love Story ....

The Unforgetable Love Story of A'isha RA and Nabi Muhammed Sallallahu Alahi Wasallam
We all have a certain image of lovers, a star-crossed pair, love at first sight, living happily ever after…

Normally, we associate these of love with couples who meet, date, and fall head over heels for each other. Very rarely do we relate these images to married couples.

Moreover, we almost never connect ...this perception to Muslim couples, who marry according to purely Islamic customs. Although this link is quite rare, there actually exists an example in Islam's own history, which not only depicts this kind of love but goes far beyond it.

This is the pure, married love between the Prophet Muhammad and his beloved, Lady Aishah.

The two came together in circumstances that are a stark contrast to today's conventional love story. He was a devoted Messenger of God, embarking on the third year of prophethood; she was the daughter of his best friend and companion, Abu Bakr.

The early years of their marriage began quite innocently. Although Aishah was a young bride, she was in the standard marriageable age that the Arabian culture approved of and encourages at that time.

The clear evidence is that Aishah had already been engaged to another man before her engagement to the Prophet.

Though Aishah was ready for marriage life, the Prophet preferred to grant her extra support in her transition to life as a married woman. She carried on with the many joys of childhood and fortunate for her, as she had a husband gentle and kind enough to understand this.

Rather than throwing all the responsibilities of a wife on her at once, the Prophet made the marriage and its duties a gradual process for Aishah and ensured that she made a smooth transition into her new life. The compassionate nature with which he nurtured Aishah in her early years as a wife made a tremendous impact on the strong woman she went on to become.

As the so called "honeymoon period" between the couple came to an end, many challenges and trying moments began to arise. In the midst of all the mayhem, this blessed couple still took time out for simple fun and laughter.

Aishah fondly recalls memories of racing with the Prophet and even winning the race when she was young and fit (Ibn Al Jawzy 68).

They enjoyed these races so much that the couple even raced to the Battle of Badr which was one of the most important battles in the Islamic history.

The romance in this marriage was not limited to just fun and games. As their marriage continued, intimacy was ultimately inter-woven in their daily affairs.

They would sit and eat together and Aishah would take a sip and then the Prophet would do so from the same spot her lips touched.

She would have some meat or chicken, and then he would eat from the same spot she ate from. This is just one of many ways they infused romance and affection in even the simplest of acts. These small gestures show that in this marriage, romance was not a superficial bouquet of roses. Rather, it was natural and existed in their everyday life.

Love has several expressions. However, it is known to all and sundry that for a woman, nothing expresses love like the words a man simply speaks from his heart.

The Prophet was most forthcoming in expressing his love for Aishah and this is evident in multiple sayings (hadith) in which he publicly declares that Aishah is the most beloved to him.

Such profound love he held for his wife that he referred to her as one with the complete qualities of a believing woman. This is a clear sign of the kind of respect he held for his wife.

This respect was possible because he actually put forth the time and effort in getting to know and understand his wife enough to recommend her as an example for other women to follow.

The Prophet and his beloved connected as soul mates, as he received divine revelations often when he was with her. The fact that God blessed and ordained this marriage is evident in that the Prophet confessed to Aishah that before marrying her, he saw her twice in his dreams.

Both times, Angel Gabriel carried her to him in a silk cloth and said to him, that Aishah would be his wife in this world and in the Hereafter (Al-Bukhari). Their blessed companionship came to a peaceful end after nine years, when the Prophet drew his last breath in Aishah's arms.

The Prophet's demise may have ended their companionship in this world. However, it did not put a stop to his mission nor did it end Aishah's role in carrying out her beloved's message.

It was after the Prophet's demise that one can truly see the divine purpose behind this marriage. Because she spent the most formative years of her life with the Prophet, she was able to learn and imbibe all of his teachings.

The love story between the Prophet Muhammad and Lady Aishah may not be what epic romances are made of, but it certainly provides a more realistic perception of how true love can be found within a marriage.

The sole purpose of marriage in Islam is to fulfill an individual's need for companionship and true love. Islam emphasizes and encourages this fulfillment but only within the bond of marriage.

The Prophet's marriage to Aishah shows that intimacy and romance is not necessarily limited to rosy-eyed young dating couples. This blessed couple exemplified that the true love and companionship we all seek, is entirely possible within marriage and moreover, within the Islamic way of life.

Today, this is a marriage which many may choose to slander or demean. Yet one needs only to take a look at the evidence Prophet Muhammad and Lady Aishah left behind, in the form of numerous sayings they related, which testify so dearly to the love and intimacy they shared.

They lived it, cherished it and practiced it, down to earth in their daily life. He loved her dearly and passionately, and she loved him back.
She — like any normal, loving woman — felt jealous for him and expressed that obviously. He also felt jealous —like any normal, loving man — and expressed it obviously. They were human in their love, not angelic.
Yet, despite his deep love to her, and his genuine passion towards her, he never permitted this love to make him neglect his duties or role as a prophet and worshipper. He would leave her warm side in the middle of the night and take her permission to pray. He would tenderly ask her: "Let me stand for my God an hour in prayers." And, she would let him willingly and lovingly.

They lived love in their daily moments and they practiced it in every action. Their story of love did not stop at their lively moments, but continued till they departed.

Again, it has always amazed me and touched my heart deeply the moment of the Prophet's death. It was when he chose to depart the world from her house. He chose to go there when he felt death approaching.

And, then, at the moment of death, he chose to lean his head between her arms and to depart from there. Her hugging arms were the last he encountered in our world.
And not only did he die in her arms, but he was also buried in a grave dug in the floor of her room, in the house next to the mosque. The spot became known as the Haram al-Nabawi.