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LSF Mag Pin train ....

LSF MAg Pin Train ................

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Sulfora White

SULFORA White for pigmentation and uneven skin tone now available from Aliya Cosmetics. 
We have imported this revolutionary product from Mibelle BioChemistry in Switzerland and it is used by dozens of Major skin care companies worldwide in their skin lightening and pigmentation creams in minute amounts. 
We now offer this product in its pure undiluted form which can be used neat on the skin or mixed with your moisturiser in amounts that you desire.

This has by far been our best selling product and was R1000 for 30 ml at leading skin care companies but we are now offering a 3 months supply (30 ml) for only R750! 
Smaller bottles also available. For more info please contact : pin:2AC8E509