Saturday, 18 January 2014

Glam Cubes

Delta Superette

Daycare Home on the Ridge

DAYCARE home on the Ridge .

Time is running out ......Enrolments for 2014 almost FULL.

Spaces r limited as we work with small groups to giv the best to your lil 1 thru, luv, laughter and learning.
We provide a safe, relaxed and fun environment, indoor and outdoor play areas, secular and islamic programme, extra murals and a simple nutritous lunch.
Our top priority is the care we provide♥. Catering now for ages from 6 mnths to 4 years.

Teachers and assistants required

Zeenat 072 9387 867 bb pin 27B69FCA/ Faheema on 082 6330 430 bb pin 29C80ACB/

Concept Dezignz

ConCepT DesIgnZ®
"Your company begins with us"

* All prices are for 500 Cards
Mat finish
Full colour 1 side R195
Full colour 1 side black on back R235
Fiull colour 2 sides R280

Gloss UV Finish
Full colour 1 side R295
Full colour 1 side plus black on back. R325
Full colour 2 sides R345

FOILED and ROUND CORNER business cards done as well.

We also do:
flyers & posters
vehicle magnets
Stickers & labels
And much more

✆ 079 146 2811
Facebook : Concept Designz

Reflexologist ... Dbn

REFLEXOLOGiST : Rukeya Ally-Kajee : Cell: 076 854 5500 Pin: 286EA307 
 The Body is A Natural Healing Mechanism Beneficial Knowledge is Power Stress is the "Seed" of Most Illness </3 
If most Illness are caused by the Mind, is it not Possible that most Illness can be reversed by the Mind too The Brain functions on a small amount of electrodes/electricity - much like a computer. 
This elec-current vibrates pulses at various speeds. 
While awake, one's Brain vibrates 20 times per second scientifically. 
 Your Mind is in every "Cell" of Your Body "The greatest discovery of the 19th Century was not the realm of the Physical Sciences, but the Power of the Subconscious Mind touched by Faith. 
 Any individual can tap into an Eternal Reservoir of Power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. 
All weakness can be overcome, Bodily Healing, Financial Independence, Spiritual Awakening, Prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. 
This is the Superstructure of Happiness." William James - Harvard Psychologist - The Father of American Psychology - Dangerously, the Opposite is also True... No matter who... Everyone is in need of Better Health & Wellbeing.. Mind-Body Healing is not only one of the Easiest, most Natural approach to a Healthy Mind-Body-Soul!! 
You are the Master of Your Own Health

Zarin Relaxing Beauty

Bacaro Skincare

Enchanted Day Spa

World Hijab Day

Blade IT Solutions

Ladies Active Lifestyle Studio

Arctic Amanzi

Lose with Sakz Shaik

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stay connected on the move with Blade IT's Cell C Package

BLADE IT Cell C Mobile Data offers you high-speed internet access within the Cell C coverage area. Cell C's Smart Data prepaid option give you complete control of your data usage and spend..never go out of bundle again!

For enquiries email,

Stay connected on the move with Blade IT's MTN Package

BLADE IT offers a variety of MTN Mobile Data package options to best suite your specific needs.

1 and 2gb options with top up.

For enquiries email,

Stay Connected with Blade IT's Vodacom Package

Stay connected on the Move

BLADE IT offers a variety of Vodacom Mobile Data solutions to best suit your specific needs. Vodacom Mobile Data is a simple mobile data bundle plan with up to 60 days data-carry-over. Our packages offer you the flexibility to choose a package which either includes a USB Modem or alternatively 'Data-Only' at reduced rates should you already own a 3G enabled device (modem/tablet computer). Choose the data size you’ll need:

Huawei K3772 USB Modem *Not included on SIM Only deals

For enquiries email,

Drink Arctic Amanzi

Blade IT Website Specials

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Marketing Services

Cell: 083-597-8602
Fax: 086-512-3411
BB Pin: 2A0208AF / 25BE279E

Websites - basic
·         2 page website
·         Link to blog
·         5 email add
·         Free domain reg.
·         1yrs hosting free
·         Sample of basic sites:,,
From R800 

Websites – Advanced
·         Quote on request
·         Sample of advanced sites:,,

·         Blog Creation
·         Maintenance
·         Updating thereof
·         Sharing to our social networks
·         Email adds of your contacts can be uploaded and they will receive posts
·         Sample of our blogs:,,
Creation: R400 once off
Updating: From R250 / month

·         Creation and promotion of facebook page
Creation & Updating: From R250 / month

Blog adverts
·         Running your adverts and links on our existing blogs – Durban Muslima
R100 / month

BB adverts
·         Solo ads / dp & status ads
R100 / month

LSFMag adverts
·         Quarter page: R300, Half page: R500, Full page: R800
·         Promotion through write-ups available to half and full-page advertisers or long-term advertisers

Nb. We will require your co-operation and info updates on a regular basis to ensure new info etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

                                                Shireen Mansoor

Blade IT! Web Solutions

2 Page Website .... R800
Includes Free Domain Registration
Extra Link to blog upon request
1 year Free Hosting
5 email add

Personal email addresses eg. @ R28/month

Hosting Reseller Packages from R150 / month domain registration @ R150
.com domain registration @ R200
Other domain ext available on request
Basic hosting @ R50/month
Website builders installed to allow you to create your own website.

For more information, contact Blade IT now!

BB Pin: 25be279e / 2a0208af

Sakz Shaik

Visit / subscribe to her blog to keep up to date with her events, products, specials & mush more!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

World Hijab Day Brochure

Pin Train 5

LSF MAg Pin Train #5 of 5
»»» TheLifeStyle&FashionMag &
ShireenDivaM Marketing
»Bb pin: 25be279e / 2a0208af

»Habib Signs vinyl cutting and signage bb pin: 25E2771A
»Fazaman Products bb pin:2A83112E
»Imi Chishti BB bb pin:27A0AD2D
»Samsung Android pc tablets and more Bb pin: 29B3A1ED
»Kubeshni Pillay. Bb pin: 7COED63C
»Bianca-Android tablets bb pin: 2714700B
»Onlinevaganza - technology bb pin: 74EA9D21
»Mens xtra length shorts bb pin: 279d146f
»Shazia | hijab bb pin: 2123f6cb
»Nåzrєєn вв Ŧåsнîøn størє
Bb pin: 26455C50
»blu-ray dvd sales at R80 each bb pin: 7BB7587A
»Skin as soft as babies bum bb pin: 290656BC
»Unabridge birthz/marriage/passportz all purpose documentZ bb pin: 266E5b2D
»ϻ姣£ bb pin: 287C082D
»CUPPING4LADIES bb pin:2604a954 JHB
»anytime alltime bc Bb pin: 287EB162
»Kids ride ons bb pin:2A6C5B26
»Baby gifts: pin:26394816
»Bridal mendi and for any functions: pin:26394816
»Timeshares bb pin:2ACE1796
»Icon Hair care Products Pin:28B602F5
»Imported clothing pin:287F244E
»Razia Estate Agent DBN bb pin: 271ADEC3
»Joburg: Fresh Chickens, fillets Bb pin:2238B6AF
» Jhb Cell phones bb pin: 2B47E94C
» Kids ride ons pin:2A6C5B26
»UESA Radio Live For FREE LIVE Radio On Your BlackBerry bb pin:76361F3F
»F'Aymaans Couture Delights / Wedding Parcels and Gifts - bb pin: 2B6C798A
»devine baking;desserts;savouries bb pin: 265274CD
»GHDs, Micabella hair irons and curlers ,TAG heuer,Choppard and Guess watches bb pin: 2AFB4553
»Jhb Zee's Bricks pin:24E07862
»Swimdry towels /Gorgeous pjs porsche bmw guess puma Bb pin: 264DD368
»Styled by Naz, branded goods (ladies &kiddies) bb pin: 28999200
»Jhb laser hair removal at a reasonable price bb pin: 287013D9

Pin Train 4

LSF MAg Pin Train #4 of 5
»»» TheLifeStyle&FashionMag &
ShireenDivaM Marketing
»Bb pin: 25be279e / 2a0208af

» BaGs UnLiMiTeD bb pin: 2a60bf48
» GHDs n samsung S4s. Bb Pin: 25CC3F0C
» Naz ~ SA Celeb W8 Loss ~ bb pin : 2288CD76
» Simply Baked: bb pin: 293412D3
» Mumtaz Skin Therapist & Sh'zen, BB: pin: 27220292
» Icon Hair Care Products Pin:28B602F5
» Mib distributors bb pin: 26379546
» ELLA scarves pin: 2920966E
» Styled by Naz bb pin: 28999200
» Celltech & Fashions - bb pin: 273D65BE
» Simply Stunning - bb pin: 2AD53834
» 2ply virgin toilet paper bb pin: 2B07C4D2
» Fancy biscuits & cinnabons bb pin: 270f7627
» Gaming Consoles & BB Phone Covers (Personalized) bb pin: 7B11FDF1
» Bata toughees from R115!fatima bb pin: 24F46094
» Ismail Moosa (Discounted gold and diamond jewellery) bb pin: 2968804E
» Raw honey/hibah islamic products/iphone bb pin:2A961BB1
» Herbalife & Sh'zen by Zees - pin: 24d3fd58
» Melanie Kisten Dance Academy bb pin: 2AD49120
» Gfrag Weightloss Injections and lifestyle Products bb pin: 2B57BCED
» Herbalife Lifestyle & Wellness coach Amina Tambay bb pin: 7BBC6E7C
» Rene Cellphone Contracts bb pin: 2AD332A5
» Mendhi 4 U - wholesaler of rizwana nd r & s mendhis + mendhi apps (dbn) bb pin: 25be279e
» Exquisite kuncha boxes for sale Bb pin: 23bc5b32
» Dubai Souk International Info bb pin: 7C2B0942
» Pta Amber Teething Necklaces bb pin: 2A272168
» STREET towing and recovery bb Pin: 29AEF1EC
» S4 nd free sales bb pin:29840f41
»Courier services bb pin: 27D83629
»Aahana's Delicate Designs bb pin: 2B4E6C93
»Bint&co, Hijab styling and more bb pin: 29D2687F
»Elite Travel and Tours bb pin: 2A5CC821
»Cute kids clothing bb pin: 2931A9C6
»Tнε Salon Laser Sabiha pin: 26D4B2D9

Pin Train 3

LSF MAg Pin Train #3 of 5
»»» TheLifeStyle&FashionMag &
ShireenDivaM Marketing
»Bb pin: 25be279e / 2a0208af

» KRUGERRAND Dbn bb pin: 2A78F550
» FUSION DELIGHTS bb pin:266D874F
» Fabulous Thingz bb pin: 22E93F43
» Safz Beauty Care BB pin: 2615951D
» Eco-Rockz ,Baltic Amber &Eczema bb pin: 29D612C7
» Gorgeous pj bb pin: 264DD368
» Home based nurse•alzheimer counselor•frail care•step down bb pin: 297Eb1EC
» Forever products & SH'ZEN bb pin: 2B65A280
» Tantalising Green Dip bb pin: 2A4E34E4
» R's Male pills BB pin: 28695072
» Razia- Herbalife dbn bb pin: 24E84FC1
» Delicious Home Made Cakes To Tantalize ur Taste buds bb pin: 21AC6CDC
» Splendid spices n sauces bb pin:23BEA4DB
» Dbn Delicious Designs Bb Pin: 2334dd54
» CASH4CARS (all kinds) bb pin:2ACA210B
» Reduce traffic fines jnb bb pin: 7ad02cea
» Kids ride ons pin:2A6C5B26
» Jewellery with ngravin. Labels. pin:23A1D68F
» Muslimah Creations pin:26DA048E
» Cash 4 Gold - pin: 26F6F7CD
» Belles hair n nails bbm pin: 25AB89F9
» Natasha,sh'zen pin:23369694
» KidZ EduWoodenToys/Books/Puzzles pin:285C17E9
» High Quality Perfume @ cheap prices-bb pin: 2961c24c
» Weight loss Recipes bbPin: 28877F02
» Rabia couture exclusive Branded Baby clothing Pin: 25ABAC78
» E...B pin: 7BC06715
» Decadent Delectables(frozen pastries) - bb pin: 2A411A89
» Zubeida/Herbalife Pin:25CFDD28

Pin Train 2

LSF MAg Pin Train #2 of 5
»»» TheLifeStyle&FashionMag &
ShireenDivaM Marketing
»Bb pin: 25be279e / 2a0208af

» Decadent Delectables (frozen pastries) bb pin: 2A411A89
» AVON+HERBALIFE REP bb pin: 25D90D13
» Dilarno! KESA-Koinonia Enterprise SA*ZA*Cellphone Wholesaler bb pin: 29967266
» MB Fashions ♥♥ bb pin:2AD5EFB6
» Mohammed / Al namowa / bb pin: 28231D6C
» TUPPERWARE bb pin:2B7A380E
» Shoes Galore Bb pin: 2B43DBC0
» J&D Exclusives Clothing+Bedding. Dale bb pin:29DA3CF2
» Property investment bb pin : 2288CD76
» Nas Creations bb pin:26394816
» Mendi bb pin:26394816
» Whudu towels bb pin:26394816
» Cherry Gowns an Kaftans bb pin: 29D7A242
» Cozzywear ninja burki's bb pin: 297B482A.
» Dreamy Sleepwear bb pin: 2B685A36 / bb pin: 2B67E127
» Guess bags~bling bags ~ ecig ~ bb pin:25A4A1BF
» FUSION DELIGHTS bb pin:266D874F
» Charlize "Gifts and Gadgets" bb pin: 2AEBA343
» Forever products & SH'ZEN bb pin: 2B65A280
» Shoe Fever Sa shoes bb pin: 26EF8396
» Shape Matters Wellness Centre BB pin: 24E84FC1
» Natural Health bb pin: 29ADE2B0
» JKFashionFlair bb pin:2B60BEFE
» Jhb: Fatima : Scarves / shawls Bb pin 213EB01F
» Bags Unlimited bb pin: 2a60bf48
» Baby COBBLES+Himalaya bb pin: 27B15AE8
» bags, shoes, phones, Ghds - AISHA bb pin:2B51FBFF
» Bags,heels,watches bb Pin: 2986A3E6
» Mumz Brandz bb pin:27A7A83B
» Gorgeous pjs bb pin: 264DD368
» dbn Clearing tupperwares bb pin: 29EF10B3
» Exquisite Delights bb pin: 270E7680
» Icon Hair care Products Pin:28B602F5

Pin Train 1

LSF MAg Pin Train #1of5

»»» TheLifeStyle&FashionMag &

ShireenDivaM Marketing

»Bb pin: 25be279e / 2a0208af


» Blade IT BB Pin: 7c26c047
» Enchanted Day Spa BB pin: 21b7d252
» Kushee M BB pin: 270812e7
» Salon Stylistique BB pin: 27c64383
» Mother's Intuition BB pin: 2637224f
» Dubai Souk BB pin: 25f53cb4
» Deceased Estates Admin BB Pin: 28d79424
» Zaytoun SA BB pin: 2958f758
» Bella Rosa Butiful Brides BB pin: 264b11fa
» Spoil yourself bluff BB pin: 269dfa70
» Zeeny B BB pin: 2b33754d
» Studio Al Ain BB pin: 285aab05
» Aliya Cosmetics BB pin:2AC8E509
» Whey Holidays BB Pin:20C738ED
» Autoroom BB PIN:28503DB9
» Beauty Magic Clinic: BB PIN:23ACC674
» Bedroom Beautys BB pin: 7C87A52E
» Daycare on the ridge BB pin: 27B69FCA
» Dr Bakers Super Slim BB pin: 233624BD
» Habibtii Hijabs BB pin: pin:231AAAAB
» Hangit Hangers BB PIN:27B7C31D
» Hibah Marketing BB pin: 21473FF9
» Jeweled Florist BB pin: 27DF8B9F
» Mask Events Co BB Pin: 27146F57
» Bella Home Studio BB Pin: 2891BA44
» Sakz Shaik - Herbalife BB Pin: 26519473
» Rose Valley Delights BB Pin: 7C6942BF
» TUPPERWARE,Shzen, AMC BB pin: 2B15C7F4
» Homeware BB pin: 2ABD6478
» Bargain Brandz Bb pin:7b5288c6
» Novelty cakes bb pin: 28978D22
» Ns Audiology bb pin: 7c48ef3c
» Ilm SA bb pin: 7b5bd0bd
» Junaid Bhayat bb pin: 2205a525
» Kruger rand dbn bb pin: 2A78F550
» Azra Herbalife bb pin: 269f2ffb
» Elite Travel and Tours bb pin: 2A5CC821
» Hollywood's Secret to weight loss bb pin: 26F6F7CD
» Personalized Jewellery & Labels bb pin:23A1D68F
» Enchanting Cakes & Desserts. Bb pin: 2B4F025E
» L&A Enterprises(1) bb pin:27B15BAB / 2651A62F
» Shybella,Dream Cars bb pin:26C5522C
» MRS KHANS GOOGIES bb pin:2905759E

Bella Rosa

Khan Travel

Glam Cubes

Bacaro Skincare SA

Zarin Relaxing Beauty

Blade IT Solutions

Blade IT Solutions