Saturday, 31 December 2016

All in the name of a New Year....

Dressed in a black leather mini skirt,a shimmery silver top and Jimmy choo heels she is ready for the new years eve party at the hotest night club in town.How could she miss out on the most happening party of the year,on the most happening night of the year so she quickly covers herself up with an abaaya and hijaab before making salaam to her unsuspecting parents and rushes out the door as they think she is going for a sleepover at her cousin's apartment.She removes her abaaya and hijaab as well as her haayah as soon as she enters her friends car.The party was as awesome as she expected and after trying an attractive looking alcoholic drink or two she was ready to dance the year away.A few minutes later she passed out only to be woken up the next morning,in a strange car,next to a strange man,her clothes had been stripped off as well as her dignity.All in the name of celebrating the new year.

A Muslim woman is the cleanest woman on earth.

A woman who is divorced by her husband has to wait (at least) 3 monthly periods and a woman whose husband died has to wait (at least) 4 months and 10 days before they can marry again.
If she turns out to be pregnant, then her waiting period lasts until the birth of the child.
This has surprised the modern science after discovering of (imprint man water).
The liquid imprint of a man contains 62 proteins, and it differs from one man to another, just like our fingerprints. It's like a personal code for each man and a woman's body carries the computer where the code can be put.

If a woman marries another man immediately after the divorce, or allows other codes to enter her, it's like viruses entering the computer. This will cause imbalance, and it'll bring dangerous infectious diseases. It has been proven scientifically, during the first menstrual period after divorce, the woman removes 32% to 35%.
Second period 67% to 72%,
and third period 99.9% of the man's imprint.

The Story of a Painter....

A man was asked to paint a boat. He brought with him paint and brushes and began to paint.

While painting, he realized there was hole in the boat and decided to repair it. When he finished painting, he received his money and left.

The next day, the owner of the boat came to the painter's residence and presented to him a nice cheque much higher than the payment given for painting the boat.

The painter was surprised: You have already paid me for painting the boat! He said. But this is not for painting job, it's for having repaired the hole in the boat. Ah! But it was such a small service..... Certainly it's not worth paying me so such a high amount for something so insignificant.

My dear friend you do not understand. When I asked you to paint the boat, I forgot to mention about the hole. When the paint dried up on the boat my 3 children took it on a fishing trip. They did not know there was a hole in it and I was not at home at that time. Imagine what went through my mind but when I saw them, I could not believe it. Then I found out that the hole in the boat had been repaired by you. You saved my children. God bless you.

Friday, 30 December 2016

I left my soul....

South African student, Karishma Magan, recently visited the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and penned this incredibly powerful poem about her experiences in Hebron. Share widely!

Hijab Styling

Three problems solved in three ways:*

The first one:*If you have too much desires:
Solution:* Check yourself with your prayers. Are you praying the right way?
Proof:*ߍÁllah Taala Says.      
{But there came after them an evil generation, who neglected prayers and followed sensual desires, so they will meet perdition,} Surah Maryam, 59.

The second one:* If you feel miserable n lacking success.
*Solution:*Check yourself with your mother. Are you treating your mother good?
*Proof:* Allah Taala Says: {And He has made me dutiful to my mother, and He has not made me insolent (rude), unblessed;} Surah Maryam, 32.

The third one:* If you feel stressed n depressed.
Solution:*Check yourself with Qur'an. Are you reciting Qur'an?

*Proof:* {ߍÁnd whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life,} Surah Taha, 124.

Surahs to be recited at night.

"If one recites Surah Yaseen every night and then dies, he dies a Shaheed (Martyr)

Sayyidina Jaabir (R. A) says Rasulullah (S. A. W.) would not sleep until he would read Surah Sajdah and Tabarak.
"The person who reads Surah Tabarak and Surah Sajdah between Magrib and Esha, the reward will be as though he had stood awake during the night of Laylatul Qadr.

The promise of Allaah to the regular reciter of this Surah is that he will be saved from the punishment of the grave.
Sayyidina Abu Hurairah (R. A) narrated that Surah Mulk will continue interceding on behalf of its reader until the reader is pardoned.

Abdullah Bin Masood (R. A) says that I heard Rasulullah (S. A. W) "The person who reads Surah Waaqi'ah every night, poverty will never befall him."

Today’s Beautiful Hadith is about Paradise

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever believes in Allah and His Apostle, offer prayer perfectly and fasts the month of Ramadan, will rightfully be granted Paradise by Allah, no matter whether he fights in Allah's Cause or remains in the land where he is born." The people said, "O Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him)! Shall we acquaint the people with the is good news?" He said, "Paradise has one-hundred grades which Allah has reserved for the Mujahidin who fight in His Cause, and the distance between each of two grades is like the distance between the Heaven and the Earth. So, when you ask Allah (for something), ask for Al-firdaus which is the best and highest part of Paradise." (i.e. The sub-narrator added, "I think the Prophet also said, 'Above it (i.e. Al-Firdaus) is the Throne of Beneficent (i.e. Allah), and from it originate the rivers of Paradise.")
(Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 4, Book 56, Hadith 8)


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Masnoon Dua ~ For Protection from the Abuse of Ones Limbs

 اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِّ سَمْعِي، وَمِنْ شَرِّ بَصَرِي، وَمِنْ شَرِّ لِسَانِي، وَمِنْ شَرِّ قَلْبِي، وَمِنْ شَرِّ مَنِيِّي

‏ رواه أبو داود والترمذي وقال حديث حسن‏.‏

Hazrat Shakal bin Humaid RadiAllahu Anhu reported: I asked: “O Rasulullaah Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam, teach me a prayer.”

He Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam  said, “Say: Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min sharri sam’i, wa min sharri basari, wa min sharri lisani, wa min sharri qalbi, wa min sharri maniyyi

(O Allah! I seek refuge in You from the evils of my hearing, the evils of my seeing, the evils of my tongue; the evils of my heart and the evils of my private parts).” [Abu Dawud and At- Tirmidhi].


Thursday, 29 December 2016

Blade IT Solution: BlackBerry Tips!

Blade IT Solution: BlackBerry Tips!: These are the default shortcuts that I think are particularly useful!  Press and hold a key to activate an existing shortcut or ass...

Tempted to Sin

Each time, my heart fills up with regret and my shoulders hang in shame. I know he is laughing at me. I know it!

After a few hours he starts to tempt me again. Over the next few days he he builds up my temptation until I cave in. I sin. I realise he's done it again. I regret. And the cycle continues.

Shaytaan! You are so determined to influencing me into sinning.

Shaytaan was not always like this. There was a time when Shaytaan made Ibadah. There was a time when Shaytaan was a scholar of the Deen. There was a time when Shaytaan taught the Angels. He looked at his Ibadah and knowledge and it made him proud of his achievement. He felt that he had reached the pinnacle. What he did not realise was that Ibadah should be done to please Allah Taala, and should not be treated as a trophy to display on the mantle. That is the difference between sincerity and pride. 

Today’s Beautiful Hadith is about Charity

Narrated Abu Huraira: A man came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and asked, "O Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him)! Which charity is the most superior in reward?" He replied, "The charity which you practice while you are healthy, niggardly and afraid of poverty and wish to become wealthy. Do not delay it to the time of approaching death and then say, 'Give so much to such and such, and so much to such and such.' And it has already belonged to such and such (as it is too late)."
(Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 2, Book 24, Hadith 23)

What Goes Around Comes Around

A couple were once seated for meals. Suddenly a knock was heard at the door from a beggar standing outside. The husband in a fit of rage approached the beggar, scolded him and chased him away. As time passed it so happened that this wealthy man became poor. He lost his entire empire and eventually even ended up divorcing his wife.

Life continued. She remarried and now was seated for meals with her new husband. Again a knock was heard at the door from a beggar. Her husband told her: “Take this food which was prepared for us and give it to the beggar outside.” She did as he instructed her but she returned crying. She replied: “The beggar outside was my previous husband.” Then she related to him the entire incident which transpired between her previous husband and his abuse to that beggar. Her new husband then told her: “By the qasm of Allah, I am that very same beggar.” (Al Mustatraf vol 1 pg 24)

Lesson: If you have been blessed with prosperity and ease, never regard it as your achievement. Also, do not look down upon those who are less fortunate or treat them with pride and arrogance. Instead, be humble and grateful to Allah Ta’ala and treat His creation with compassion and kindness. Otherwise, the tables could turn.

Five Things That Only Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala has Exclusive Knowledge Of

(1) Knowledge of the Hour (Qiyamah)

The actual moment (hour/day/year) of Qiyamah is exclusively known to Allah Ta’ala alone. People asked Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, when is Qiyamah? To which he replied : “The one who is asked knows not more than the one who is asking”. [Hadith-e-Jibra’eel]

(2)  Knowledge of the time Allah will send rain

The knowledge of rainfall lies with Allah Ta’ala alone. No one knows when it will rain but Allah Ta’ala. The time of rain, amount of rain and location of where rain will fall, is all determined by Allah Ta’ala.  It is only Allah Ta’ala that sends down rain and spreads His Mercy.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Steak Casserole

1 kg rump steak( cut in pieces)
1/2 tsp ginger garlic
1 Tblsp chillie paste
1Tblsp lemon juice
1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp crushed jeera
1 tsp fine dhunai and jeera powder
1 tsp red chillies
1 tsp fine white pepper
4 Tblspoon chillies garlic sauce, salt to taste
Marinate, for 1 he and cook in butter

While steak is cooking, get ready the ffg ingredients
1 large onion sliced in rounds
3 colour peppers cut in rounds
1 tblspoon Worcester sauce
Sauteed above in little oil or butter, keep aside

Peel and cut 2 potatoes in rounds and fry, add salt and pepper and tosssluce 2 tomatoes in rounds
In a bowl mix peri peri sauce
Chillies sauce 2 tblsp each and 1 tblsp tomato sauce ,

Once steak is cooked layer in oven proof glass dish , pour a little of the sauce and spread over steak, then layer your onion and peppers, spread sauce over and then layer tomatoes and potatoes, pour the rest of sauce and spread , put dillops of mayonnaise and butter, on top and bake till heated through , serve with potato wedges, veg and pittas....from another group.

When a glass is broken...

When a glass is broken, the sound of breaking disappears immediately whereas the glass pieces are scattered over the ground hurting whoever walks over it.

Similarly, when you say something that hurts people's emotions and feelings, the voice disappears immediately but the heart remains in pain for long.

Therefore, don't say anything except good and remember always the nine advises and prohibitions that Allah Almighty gave us in Suratul Hujurat (The Sura of Islamic manners) before you say something to anyone:
"Fa Tabayyanu": Investigate: when you receive an information, lest you harm people out of ignorance.

Today’s Beautiful Hadith is about Protection

Ibn 'Abbas narrated: "I was behind the Prophet (peace be upon him) one day when he said: 'O boy! I will teach you a statement: Be mindful of Allah and He will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and you will find Him before you. When you ask, ask Allah, and when you seek aid, seek Allah's aid. Know that if the entire creation were to gather together to do something to benefit you- you would never get any benefit except that Allah had written for you. And if they were to gather to do something to harm you- you would never be harmed except that Allah had written for you. The pens are lifted and the pages are dried.'"
(Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, Book 37, Hadith 2706)

Monday, 26 December 2016

Hijab Styling

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Supplications

Qatada asked Anas (R.A) which Supplication Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) frequently made. He said: The supplication that he (the Prophet made very frequently is this:" O Allah, grant us the good in this world and the good in the Hereafter and save us from the torment of Hell-Fire." He (Qatada) said that whenever Anas had to supplicate he made this very supplication, and whenever he (intended) to make another supplication he (inserted) this very supplication in that.
(Sahih Muslim, Book 48, Hadith 36)