Sunday, 31 January 2016

Celebrate World Hijab day

Gift of the Needy

Slms ~ gift of the needy update: The refugee crisis was given our urgent attention for the past 6 weeks with a team accompanied by Director Faiaz Majid assisting our Refugee Brothers, sisters & children at the port of Lesvos as well as the moira refugee camps in Greece . After the perilous journey by boat in freezing temperatures to the port of Lesvos , refugees were kept warm, given meals , medication & comfort. Some refugees were assisted in purchasing tickets to continue on this difficult journey. The crisis is far from over & Gift of the Needy is making a heartfelt plea for you to help us help refugees to ease their distress. While on the homefront- daily provision of breakfast to indigent learners of Summerfield Primary School as well as hazelmere Education Centre continue. 450 children are fed a hot, nutritious breakfast to help them focus in class. Zakaat applicable, standard bank Acc:272327654.Br;043826. Log on to our website for pictures and videos. Perfect ..can u add after standard bank::Gift of the Needy zakaah acc:272327654 .Br:043826 and then our ph number pls 031 2713102


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

pls donate toys


Toys that are in good condition or brand new, required for pediatric ward at a rural hospital.

Collection Cut off date is 19th January.
For more information or drop off points please contact sister Shaheda on 0723786204

Rasulullaah Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: "Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity."
Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith

Thursday, 7 January 2016

10 Beautiful Advices

10 beautiful advices...

ߌ1) Say "Bismillah hir rahmaan nir raheem" in every single thing you are going to start doing ( In using the elevator .. sitting on a chair .. Opening The juice bottle .. Eating .. Entering the house .. take the phone .. Starting to study .. Open the fridge ...etc ) Make it a habit

ߌ2) Smile to your father .. mother .. brother .. sister .. husband .. wife .. your neighbour .. workmate .. classmate .. Smile to everyone .. You'll feel great

ߌ3) Before giving a charity to poor people .. Say 'salaam' to them first .. Smile to them .. Feel their pain .. Be nice to them (Even while looking at them, don't make them feel inferior to you .. they have feelings .. don't hurt them with your eyes) ..And then Give them your money .. They might be in need of your kindness more than your penny.

ߌ4) Perfect idea ! Use the stairs in dhikr Allah .. In each step one dhikr.. For example : In the first stair say ' Astaghfirullah ' .. In the second ' Alhamdulillah ' .. The third ' La ilaha illa Allah ' .. the fourth ' Allah akbar ' .. the fifth ' La hawla wala quwwata illa billah ' .. the sixth ' Subhan Allah ' .. the seventh ' Sallallahu alla Sayyidina Muhammad ' ...etc. Do this while stirring tђε pot oƒ food ...while walking ..while doing anything & everything.

ߌ5)Think of what you are eagerly awaiting to happen in your life .. Put a strong belief that " IT " will happen VERY soon .. Keep that Imaan shining in your heart.. And watch اللَّهُ Subhana Ta'ala 's miracles.

ߌ6) If you want something .. write it down on a sheet of paper.. stick it in your room.. And make a dua every time your eyes come across that paper ( maybe it's time for acceptance of the dua ).. then wake up one hour before Fajr & ask Allah to make your wish real .. Do it .. & wait and watch Allah's blessings on your life

ߌ7) Download the Holy Quran in your mobile phone & buy headphones & ''Create opportunities ' to listen to Quran in every possible way. For example : While c

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Do you know 5 favours to us by Allah?..

Read on:
🍁1.Do you know that Prayers are never turned down
when done immediately after athan before iqamah?
Ask Allah all ur needs during dis time, for, prayers
are automatically accepted!

🍁2. Do you know where our sins are kept while in
prayer? Sins are kept on our necks and shoulders
and when we bow down to make the ruku' and
sujud, they fall like how leaves fall down from
trees. So stay long while in ruku' and sujud!
🍁3. Have you heard that a woman died and when
her relatives visited her grave they felt an
awesome fragrance coming out of her grave? They
asked her husband and he said she recited suratul
mulk every night while she was alive!
🍁4. Do you know that if u recite ayatul kursiyyu
after every congregational prayer that there will be
nothing that prevents u from jannah except death?
🍁5. Do you know that angels ask Allah to forgive us
whenever we finish prayer? So please stay long
after prayers, don't leave immediately!
May Allah make this as sadaqatul jariya for me and for one who forwarded it to me