Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Loving Allah

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Love Allah for what He nourishes you with of His Blessings, love me due to the love of Allah, and love the people of my house due to love of me."
(Jami`at-Tirmidhi, Vol. 1, Book 46, Hadith 3789)

Hijab Styling


500gr minute steak
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp fresh red chillie paste
1 tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp salt
3 tblsp lemon juice
3 tblsp tomato puree
2 tblsp mayonnaise
2 tblsp sourmilk
1 tblsp steak n chops spice
3 tblsp fresh cream
1 onion sliced into rings
1 cup grated cheese
½  pkt frozen chips, fried
Tomato sauce /mustard sauce
½  cup jalapenos sliced
Cut steak into squares.
Mix all ingredients together except the butter and marinate the steak for few hours.  Place in a pan, add butter and cook until steak is tender.
Add fresh cream to the cooked steak.
Place half the fried chips in an oven proof platter, top with cooked steak, add half the jalapenos and some cheese.
Cover the steak with remaining chips and cheese.
Drizzle a little tomato and mustard sauce over the chips and scatter remaining jalapenos over the chips.
Bake in a pre-heated oven of 200 degress for 5-10 minutes until the cheese melts.

La lucia musallah project


Clearvue Optometrists... Eyecare

The Savoury Journey & Half Paste Ate

Zaaheda Amir, is a South African food connoisseur and author of two amazing Recipe Books “THE SAVOURY JOURNEY” & “HALF PAST ATE”.
“WE ALL LOVE food, there’s no two ways about it, but we also get tired of eating the same thing over
and over. My first recipe book was to be a complete meal book but I found I had so many things to share besides just the savouries, so I just completed it on savouries, and appropriately named it

“HALF PAST ATE” is truly a wonderful book with delicious, yet healthy foods, especially the rice dishes. The breakfast dishes I thought would be ideal for a young lady or a new bride but I never cease to be amazed, as it’s the grannys are trying them out!”

Zaaheda says her inspiration was and is her mother, who is most often spending time in the kitchen.

Her books cover recipes and non-recipe info, eg. naturopathic and hakimi info, a liver cleanse with a parasite cleanse which we don't do these days, a de-worming method, the harmfulness of soft drinks, preservatives, additives colourants are big eye openers to us as to what we are putting in our bodies. The tasty looking foods portrayed in the full colour photos which indicate they are all tried and tested. “HALF PAST ATE” has a complete separate magazine section and between the recipes she has added some light hearted food humour. Another special feature that I’ve included in HALF PAST ATE are the gluten free recipes. Zaaheda shares some of her amazing recipes with us!

Fresh cream chocolate cake


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Today’s Beautiful Hadith is about Worldly Things

Narrated Ibn `Umar: Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) went to the house of Fatima but did not enter it. `Ali came and she told him about that. When 'All asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about it, he said, "I saw a (multicolored) decorated curtain on her door. I am not interested in worldly things." `Ali went to Fatima and told her about it. Fatima said, "I am ready to dispense with it in the way he suggests." The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered her to send it to such-and such needy people."
(Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 3, Book 51, Hadith 46)


Fashion Focus

Monday, 28 November 2016

Mango Pickle

1 & 1/2 cup cubed mango
2 tbsp mustard powder
1 tsp methi powder
3 tbsp chilli powder
1 tsp salt (as needed)
4 clove garlic
5 tbsp oil (sesame)
Dry mango well, preferably sundry it. Then add all ingredients in a glass bowl, cover, set aside 24hours! Mix, add salt as needed! Store in glass jar, not in plastic jar, as taste will be altered! Join my bbm Channel C00473727 for pictures! Enjoy!

Hijab Styling

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Sadaqa

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: I go back to my family and I find a date lying on my bed or in my house, and I take it up to eat it, but then I throw it away fearing that it may be a Sadaqa or from Sadaqa.
(Muslim Book 5, Hadith 2343)


1/2 tsp Ginger (grated finely)
1/2 tsp Red Chili powder
1.5 cups Water
1 tsp Kalo Jeera (kalonji seeds)
2 Whole Red Chilies
1 Bay Leaf
1 Large Onion (peeled and cut)
3 Whole Green Chilies
800 gms( 28.21 ounce) Fish(any)
1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt (to taste)
2/3 cup oil
1 tbsp Ground Coriander Seeds
1 tbsp Ground Cumin Seeds

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Provoking Shaytan

Mutarrif reported that his father said, "I went in the delegation of the Banu 'Amir to the Prophet (peace be upon him). They said, 'You are our master.' He said, 'The Master is Allah.' They said, 'The best of us in excellence and the greatest of us in generosity.' He said, 'Say what you like, but do not let Shaytan provoke you.'"
(Al-Adab Al-Mufrad, Book 9, Hadith 56)

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Day of Judgment

Jabir narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Indeed the most beloved among you to me, and the nearest to sit with me on the Day of Judgment is the best of you in character. And indeed, the most disliked among you to me, and the one sitting furthest from me on the Day of Judgement are the Thartharun, and the Mutashaddiqun and the Muthafaihiqun." They said: "O Messenger of Allah! We know about the Thartharun, and the Mutashaddiqun, but what about the Muthafaihiqun?"' He said:"The arrogant."
(Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, Book 27, Hadith 124)


Fashion Feature



1 kg steak sliced thinly marinate with
1 tsp salt
½  tsp tumeric
1tsp lemon pepper
2 tsp garlic
2 tsp crushed red chillies
2 tsp chilli powder
2 tblsp lemon juice
2 tblsp worcester sauce
2 tblsp mayonaise
2 tblsp chillie sauce
2 tblsp tomato sauce
½  tsp pepper
cook in ghee till done
fry sliced polony ,viennas and russians..add to cooked steak mix well fry chips add salt vinegar chilli powder place steak in fancy boxes place chips on side and serve with pita or naan..

Saturday, 26 November 2016


1 kg steak
2 onions sliced
1 tsp whole cumin
1 tblps ginger garlic
1 tblsp salt
2 tomatoes liquidized
4 tblsp yoghurt
¼ tsp haldi
3 tsp fresh ground red chillies
1 tblsp dhana jeeru
½ red pepper,cut in big cubes
½ yellow pepper,cut in big cubes
½ green pepper,cut in big cubes
Braise onions with cumin till golden brown,add steak n gg..cook till tender..then add all spices..cook until well done....10 mins before done add the peppers,garnish with dhania..serve with naan..

Friday, 25 November 2016

Niqabi Diaries

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Entering Jannah

'Imran b. Husain reported: Verily the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Seventy thousand men of my Ummah would enter Paradise without rendering account. They (the companions of the Holy Prophet) said: Who would be those, Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)? He (the Holy Prophet peace be upon him) said: They would be those who neither practice charm, not take omens, nor do they cauterize, but they repose their trust in their Lord.
(Sahih Muslim, Book 1, Hadith 433)


1 kg steak cut into cubes
1 teaspoon black pepper powder
1 tablespoon ground garlic
2 teaspoon chilli powder
4 tablespoon lemon juice
salt to taste
Marinate steak with all ingredients. melt about
tablespoons butter into a pot , add in marinated
steak and cook until done.boil 1x 250 ml fresh cream and with 1 tin creamstyle corn,salt,pepper...till till
thickens. Pour over steak..

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Aspiring to Inspire

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Benefits

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) observed: When three things appear faith will not benefit one who has not previously believed or has derived no good from his faith: the rising of the sun in its place of setting, the Dajjal, and the beast of the earth. (Sahih Muslim, Book 1, Hadith 305)    

Teaching as a Career Choice...

Hearing the pitter patter of little feet stirs the mind into many a moment which holds a respective place on the shelf of my emotional belongings. Amidst the entirety of these shelves I have accomplished, there's one which stands out and that is my years of service in teaching. The story of my life that will stay etched in time and continue to inspire me and hopefully many who wish to dwindle on the possibility of experience in a personal trivia of challenges.

Hijab Styling


1kg fillet steak (cut in strips)
marinate with..
1 ½ tsp salt
1tsp black pepper
½ tsp lemon pepper
½ tsp garlic pepper
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp worcester sauce
1 tsp chillie paste.
½ tsp crushed garlic
Garlic flakes
In a non stick pot add olive oil/ghee and
stirfry steak till nycly browned then add 1 sliced
green pepper.. 1 onion sliced and chopped
green chillies stirfry on high for 5 mins den add
1 curry spoon chillie sauce and 1 curry
spoon tomato sauce.
Butter spread long rolls..spread with mayo,sauce of choice
Fill with steak,salad and chips


1 kg fillet steak butterflied.
1 tsp salt.
1 tsp black pepper.
1 tsp lemon pepper.
2 tsp garlic.
2 tsp worchestershire sauce
crushed green chillies.
lemon juice.
Marinate steak for 2 hours. Cook on high in non stick pan with some ghee.
Use any steers sauce.
Baste steak pieces and quick fry
Place a block cheese on steak
½  fresh cream
1 sachet spur cheddarmelt sauce.
1 slice garlic butter.
Pour over sizzler

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Healing Therapy of Cupping

Hakim Saeed, an Egyptian by origin, arrived in South Africa in 1995. With well over 30 years of experience in cupping, he was one of the first people to establish cupping in South Africa. The establishment of cupping in South Africa was not an easy task, since cupping was not a common practice and was still very strange among South Africans back then. With a lot of dedication, time and countless workshops, Hakim Saeed gained peoples trust, respect and confidence as a result of assisting many with their illnesses which modern medicine couldn’t help. After a strong 17 years in the field of cupping in South Africa, Hakim Saeed can surely consider himself a leader in cupping throughout RSA as per testimonies of many South Africans, including doctors and specialists whom have been treated by him personally.

Hijab styling


1 kg  steak sliced thin and tenderised
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
½ tsp lemon pepper
1 tsp garlic flakes
1 tblsp steak and chops spice.
1 tsp crushed garlic
1 tblsp mustard sauce
1 tblsp worcester sauce
1 tblsp ground green chillies.
2 tblsp lemon juice
Marinate in above.. Add some garlic butter in a nonstick pan. Place steak and fry on high until both sides are brownish and well done.....Brush with steers barbecue sauce and place a slice of cheese on top of each steak. Serve with fresh chips and garlic bread....

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Sadaqa

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: I go back to my family and I find a date lying on my bed or in my house, and I take it up to eat it, but then I throw it away fearing that it may be a Sadaqa or from Sadaqa.
(Muslim Book 5, Hadith 2343)

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Eezi health 4 u

Keep your child healthy

Arctic Amanzi has decided that it's time to make your lives easier. How you may ask? We have decided to launch a campaign called "Keep your child healthy"
What is this about? We all know that children love having drinks available to them at all times and guess what? We now deliver bottled water to your door. The days of running around buying drinks between household chores and after work stops can now come to an end. Your child will have easy access to bottled water.
Why not contact us and give it a try. Nothing ventured , nothing gained. Water is the healthiest drink for adults and children alike.

Minimum order of 60 bottles (10 packs) at R17.50 per pack and free delivery to all houses based in central Pietermaritzburg. And thats not all - with very order of 10 packs - we give you one pack free just to show you how much we care!!!
To mums out there in Durban, we have not forgotten you and yes we will deliver to you as well but at a small transport charge of R75 per order (delivery for central DBN only). So for only R250 you will get 66 x 500ml bottled water delivered to your door.
Keep your child hydrated the healthy way!!!
For further enquiries, please contact the Arctic Amanzi customer care number on 076 950 6657 or email
The Arctic Amanzi Team

hijab styling

Photography of animate objects

Two of the most poignant ahadith are the following and will clearly highlight the severity of partaking in taking photos and worse still doing an action that is haraam and then displaying it to be seen, whether in the houses, or on any type of social media; i.e. facebook, twitter etc

The most severely punished people (1) on the Day of Resurrection would be the image-makers. [Bukhaari and Muslim]

Every image-maker will be in the fire of Hell. A soul will be made for him for every image which he has made and it will punish him in the Hell-fire. [Muslim]

Love Fashion KM

Designer: Khatoon Moosa

Brand Name: Love Fashion KM

Today's Beautiful Hadith is about Day of Judgment

Jabir narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Indeed the most beloved among you to me, and the nearest to sit with me on the Day of Judgment is the best of you in character. And indeed, the most disliked among you to me, and the one sitting furthest from me on the Day of Judgement are the Thartharun, and the Mutashaddiqun and the Muthafaihiqun." They said: "O Messenger of Allah! We know about the Thartharun, and the Mutashaddiqun, but what about the Muthafaihiqun?"' He said:"The arrogant."
(Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, Book 27, Hadith 124)

Monday, 21 November 2016

Arabella Couture

Designer: Zeenat Arbee
Brand Name: Arabella Couture


500g steak cut into thick pieces big enough
to fit a burger bun
½  teaspoon salt
1 tsp fine red chillies
¼ tsp ground black pepper
¼  cup nandos garlic sauce
3 tblsp tomato sauce
burger buns
lettuce, thick slices of tomatoe,
1 large onion (cut into thick rings
In a bowl place onion rings,and a tblsp og ghee,microwave for a few mins,until soft
cheese slices
Marinate steak in salt,pepper, chillies
and sauces.
Place steak in a pan cook over high heat until required tenderness is in oven,blob with garlic butter..
Grill in oven for 5 minutes.
Slice buns and toast slightly.
Spread thinly with butter..Top with a piece of juicy steak, tomatoe, onion and lettuce. Add 1tsp
of mayonaise or sauce of choice..
Top with a cheese under
grill till cheese melts.
Close bun and serve with french fries..

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Beach workout

Yallabina fitness and nutrition
Beach workout
Zumba cross fit cardio and more
Saturday meeting point
California dreams north beach
6am R100 per session
Walk in class with RSVP
👉once you climb this mountain
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😇fitness incentive free nutritional advice
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The new modesty: a new age of fashion is dawning

Signs of Qiyaamah

Prophet Muhammad said this 1400
Years ago!
will no longer be used as a means
of transport;
* People will ride on saddles that aren't saddles
* The distance on earth will
become short;
* Horses will not be used in wars;
* Muslims will defeat the
Byzantines which will end
with the conquest of
Constantinople - Istanbul);
* The Jews will gather again to live in Bilad

Batter Fried Fish

500 g Fish (Pieces)
1 cup Gram Flour
2 Tomatoes (Sliced)
1 Green Chili (Chopped)
½ tbsp Turmeric Powder
3 tbsp Bread Crumbs (Fresh)
½ tbsp Red Chili Powder
½ tbsp Black Pepper (Powdered)
2 cups Water
1 tbsp Lemon Juice (Fresh)
¾ Coriander Leaves
Oil for Frying

How to make Batter Fried Fish :
Rub turmeric on fish and salt on the fish and keep it for ½ an hour.
Mix gram flour, chili powder, pepper, green chilis, bread crumbs, coriander and water to a smooth paste.
Heat oil in a wok.
Coat the fish nicely with batter and fry till golden brown on low flame.
Garnish with lemon and tomato.

Today’s Beautiful Hadith is about Sneezing

Abu Burda reported: I visited Abu Musa, as he was in the house of the daughter of Fadl b. 'Abbas. I sneezed but he did not respond to it (by saying): Allah may have mercy upon you. Then she sneezed and he (Fadl b. 'Abbas) said: May Allah have mercy upon you. I came back to my mother and informed her about it, and when he came to her she said: My son sneezed in your presence and you did not say:" Allah may have mercy upon you, and she sneezed and you said for her:" May Allah have mercy upon you." Thereupon he said: Your son sneezed but he did not praise Allah and I did not beg mercy of Allah for him and she sneezed and she praised Allah and so I said: May Allah have mercy upon you, as I heard Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) as saying: When any one of you sneezes he should praise Allah and the other should say: May Allah have mercy upon you, and if he does not praise Allah, no mercy should be begged for him.
(Sahih Muslim, Book 55, Hadith 71)

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Hijab styling


500g tenderized steak cut into strips
2 tblsp oil
1 tsp chilli garlic paste
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp red chillis
1 tsp  lemon pepper
1 tsp crushed cumin
1 tsp salt
1 tsp barbeque spice
2 tblsp vinegar
2 tblsp oil
1 onion, chopped
1 med green pepper sliced
1 med red pepper, sliced
2 tblsp peri peri sauce
2 tblsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tblsp mayonnaise
2 tblsp ground  tomato
Combine all the ingredient except the
oil and marinate the steak
for 2-3 hours.
Heat the oil and stir fry the steak for
a few minutes.
Add  water and cook until the steak
is tender
Heat oil and stir fry the onions and
green and red pepper and add
to the steak
Finally add the sauces and simmer until
slightly thick. Add more
salt or chillies if required. Serve with
either chips or bread

Friday, 18 November 2016

Who is Allah

AsSalãmu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullãhi wa Barakãtuh!

*Who is Allāh (ﷻ)?*

He it is.. & it is He..

{Allāh is He Who has created the heavens and the earth and sends down water (rain) from the sky, and thereby brought forth fruits as provision for you; and He has made the ships to be of service to you, that they may sail through the sea by His Command; and He has made rivers (also) to be of service to you.

And He has made the sun and the moon, both constantly pursuing their courses, to be of service to you; and He has made the night and the day, to be of service to you.

Permissibility of adornments

Laws of Beautification and Adornment
Posted: 17 Nov 2016 05:40 AM PST
Foreword by Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah)

Beauty and adornment is the nature of women. Shariah also encourages women to beautify themselves for their husbands. If a woman adorns herself within the limitations of Shariah, that is an act of virtue. If she trespasses the limits of Shariah in beautifying herself, it will be a vice.

We are inundated with requests from women to present some guidelines on beautification and adornment for women in Shariah.

Moulana Huzaifah Deedat Sallamahu has researched the topic and presented guidelines on more than 20 means of beautification with relevant references. We hope this article will make a useful read and guidance.

May Allah Ta’āla accept the efforts of Moulana Huzaifah Deedat and grant him qabuilyyah. Ameen.

Pepper Cream Steaks

500g Steak fillets thinly sliced and cut into pieces
1 tblsp butter
3 cloves garlic sliced
2 green chillies sliced
1 tsp crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
1 x 125ml fresh cream
Green chillies to garnish
1. Braise garlic and chill in butter
2. Add steaks and seasoning and cook until meat is tender
3. Add water if necessary
4. Just before serving, stir in the cream and heat gently until a thick sauce forms
5. Garnish and serve with French fries

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Thank you... Durban Muslima


Hijab Styling

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