Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The darkness of the mind:

Written by Naadira Chhipa

Almost every Sunday afternoon we take M.Armaan to the same park and I have become familiar with the other mums who are also trying to chase after an energetic toddler or pushing a pram trying to settle a little one. A mum who occupied a specific wooden bench every Sunday would greet me with the warmest smile and hello. We never did have a conversation but exchanged smiles and greetings. I used to watch her play tag or push her little girls on the swing and to me she looked like a picture perfect mum. I did not see her for over three Sundays, yet I noticed a helper attending to her three little girls, all under the age of six. I politely asked the helper about the mother of these girls and the news of her suicide shocked me. This was a young mum of three beautiful girls who hanged herself as she surrendered to the darkness of depression and anxiety.

I felt broken after hearing that news, looking at her girls I just felt a deep sorrow sink into my soul. She was ill, she was suffering inside her mind, heart and soul, yet all I ever saw was her smile. She was probably screaming for help, yet all I heard was her laughter. She was afraid, vulnerable and weak, yet all I saw was a brave, confident and strong mother. She was sinking into the depths of dark despair, yet all I saw was her happiness and brightest days as she spent time with her daughters. I felt hurt, why did I not speak to her? Why did I not notice that she was in pain? Why did I not befriend her like I did with so many other mums? The answer to all my questions was simple, to me she appeared to me a normal, healthy and happy mum. I was wrong, I was so wrong.

My lesson: Never take everything and everyone you see at face value. You do not see depression overpowering another, you do not see anxiety creeping into their heart and mind, shaking their soul.

You do not see the darkness engulfing the very core of another. Appearances are deceiving. The illness of the mind is often never taken seriously or ignored until it defeats you. It is not cancer, yet it can kill you, it is not the flu, yet it can destroy you. There can be so much sorrow masked by a warm smile, there can be so much despair masked by a cheerful greeting and there can be so much tears masked by joyful laughter. Let us always remember to be kind to every soul that we meet for we not know what lies hidden behind picture perfect masks.

To all those that are sinking deep into the depths of depression and darkness, please seek help as this is an illness that needs immediate attention and healing. Confide in someone you trust, seek professional assistance as you would when physically ill but never surrender to the whispers of shaytaan. You are never alone, Allah is with you and he will illuminate your darkness with the a beautiful light that will guide you in this world and the hereafter.
Suicide is not an escape, suicide is not a relief, suicide is not a cure and suicide is not ever an option.

May Allah heal the heart, mind and soul of all those that are suffering from the illnesses of the mind and grant them complete shifa. Ameen.
Never surrender to the darkness of the mind.- Naadira Chhipa

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Demanding Beggar

Mufti Taqi Uthmani has mentioned an amazing interaction between himself & his honourable father Mufti Shafee (Rahmatullah Alayh). He says; "It was the habit of my father to always give beggars something. Once I was in the car with him. At a certain junction, we stopped. A beggar came & asked in a demanding voice for some money.
My father took out something from his pocket & handed it over to him.

I submitted: "My father, these type of beggars are generally not worthy of being granted money. Should we give them or not?"

The amazing answer which he stated is still engraved in the recesses of my heart. He said, "what u have said is correct. However, ponder, if we also have to receive from ALLAH Ta'ala according to our worth, then what will happen to us ?"

OH MERCIFUL ALLAH, we are such sinful servants yet YOU still continue to bestow YOUR Bounties upon us.
OH LOVING ALLAH, we use the very bounties that YOU have favoured us with to disobey YOU yet YOU are always so kind to us.
YA RAHMAANUR RAHEEM forgive us all  our sins & take us away from this world in a state pleasing to YOU.
   Ameen Ya Rabbul Aalimeen

Breakfast in 2mins

Respect their homes and their hearts:

Written by Naadira Chhipa

When visiting relatives, even of it is your son or daughter be respectful, polite and cheerful.It is so easy for negative comments to ruin even the best of relationships and start huge misunderstandings. For example: A mother went to her daughters home to visit her and upon entering her kitchen she starts commenting on the kitchen curtains, which 'need' to be changed and the fridge that needs to be 'upgraded'.Now these comments affected her daughters mind and hurt her heart. As soon as her mother leaves she begins arguing with her husband about the old curtain and the outdated fridge. This never troubled her before her mothers comments yet it ended in a huge argument between a husband and a wife who were happy and grateful for whatever they had. Her mothers intention was never to cause a feud between her daughter and son in law yet her comments did hence we should think before commenting on the lifestyle and homes of our loved ones. When visiting the homes of your family and friends respect their choices and their home, if you need to advise them on something do it privately and choose the best of words, instead of criticising and insulting try to motivate and uplift.Always leave a home and its people in a beautiful and cheerful mood.Spread and illuminate love, happiness and peace.

Always remember when visiting family and friends be grateful for whatever they share with you even if it is a slice of bread and water as this maybe all they have at the time. Never complain or worse gossip about the type of food that your hosts graciously served.This also applies to family gatherings, weddings and walimahs. Duas should be given to the hosts as well as sincere gratitude for the meals they have provided.May Allah bless us with the ability to illuminate and provide happiness to the homes and hearts of our loved ones. Ameen

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Hijab Styling...

Attacks on character

Nouman Ali Khan

One of the most painful things a person has to deal with in life is an attack on their character. You and I should take comfort in knowing that dignity is granted by Allah and people's reckless comments and accusations can't take away what is only Allah's to give or remove. He knows what was said about you, what was true and what wasn't. None of it goes unnoticed and His justice is supreme. He knows the people who passed judgment on hearsay in matters that were none of their concern to begin with. Don't pray against these people. Allah will deal with them as He sees fit. He may choose to show them the error in their ways or allow them to drown in their own self-righteousness. That is for Him to decide. Instead, you and I should focus on the positive. We should also be grateful that we get to taste a drop of the kinds of unfair characterizations and insults the prophets and their followers faced throughout the ages. Our response shouldn't be to defend ourselves or lash out. It should be to turn to the Giver of dignity and serve Him more than ever before because He honors His slaves who serve Him with humility and leave their dignity and pride in His merciful hands.

Mufthi Menk...

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Yasmin Mogahed...

A Strong Woman

A strong woman works out every day,
Pride in her appearance she portrays,
But a woman of strength kneels to pray,
Her soul in shape, God leading the way.

A strong woman claims she isn't afraid of anything,
Looking forward to challenges each day will bring,
Women of strength show courage in the midst of fear,
Declaring triumph through faith because God is near.

Strong women won't let anyone get the best of them,
So skilled in defenses even if they have to pretend,
Yet a woman of strength gives her best to everyone,
And even on a cloud filled day still bright as the sun.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Skinny Delicious VIP Nite

VIP Nite @ Skinny Delicious.. an amazing nite that brought together the who's who in Durban's Social circuits..

The recently opened restaurant is the brainchild of Dr Raeesa Aboobaker. An oasis in the midst of Durban's hustle and bustle, enter the doors and be transported to sunny skies, blue beaches and be enveloped by that whole feel good, care free, happy atmosphere.
The menu boasts healthy as well as normal eats and treats from pineapple fruit boats, to avo burgers, to flavoursome prawns, desserts, cakes and much much more.
So if you feeling blue,escape to Skinny Delicious for a feast for the soul and the tastebuds and if you have a bit more time, then you can indulge in spa treatments at the Ocean Ridge Spa that's on the same floor as Skinny Delicious.