Tuesday, 27 November 2018

I don't want to be loved anymore...

I dont want to be loved anymore

If to be loved is to cry tears of pain daily

I dont want to be loved anymore

If to be loved is to have my pain overlooked daily

I dont want to be loved anymore

If to be loved is to be blamed for every problem 

I don't want to be loved anymore

If to be loved is to be used and abused and discarded 

I don't want to be loved anymore

If to be loved is to be threatened to the point of suicide

.. Shaairah

I dont want to be loved anymore

Sunnah to Women

A very commonly reminded Sunnah to women by their husbands is the permission to marry more than one woman. Here are some of other relevant but very often forgotten and neglected Sunnahs:

1. It’s sunnah to marry older woman.

2. It’s sunnah to marry a divorcee.

3. It’s sunnah to marry a widow. 

4. It’s sunnah to help women in household chores i.e. cooking, cleaning, washing etc.. 

5. It’s sunnah to put food with your hand in your wife's mouth as an expression of love. (graded as a form of charity)

6. It’s sunnah to verbally express love, appreciation and respect to your wife. 

7. It’s sunnah to forgive her mistakes. 

8. It’s sunnah to keep yourself looking pleasant for your wife. 

9. It’s sunnah to try to know the feelings of your wife and console her when she needs it.

10. It's sunnah to be playful with your wife and spend quality time having fun together. (racing, story-telling, sharing happy occassions with her are some well-known examples)

11. It's sunnah to recline and relax in your wife's lap.

12. It's sunnah to call your wife with beautiful names.

13. It's sunnah to not disclose her private matters to other family members or friends.

14. It's sunnah to love and respect her parents

Mufthi Menk

Nouman Ali Khan


Read it!!

A boy said to his father “I saw a girl and I want to marry her. She is so beautiful and she has gorgeous eyes etc.” The father answered his son “of course son let’s ask for her hand in marriage”.

When the father saw the girl, he admired her beauty and he told his son “You don’t deserve this girls, she needs someone who has experience in life and she can depend on, someone like…me”.

The boy was surprised by the attitude of his father and he told him “She will marry me, not you!” They started to fight and finally they decided both to go to the police station to solve their problem.

When they told their story to the police officer, he told them “bring the girl so we can ask her opinion about this”. When the officer saw the beauty of the girl, he said to the boy and his father “you both don’t deserve her, she needs someone who has prestige…like me”.

All the 3 men started to fight. Finally, the girl said “I have the solution! I will start to run and whoever catches me first, he will be my husband”. All 3 men agreed. When she started to run. Suddenly the 3 men fell into a deep hole.

The girl looked to them from the top and she said “Do you know who I am?”

I am the Dunya – This World!!!

People are running after the fame, wealth & beauty of this world. By doing so they forget their real purpose of life till they finally end up in their graves and meet their creator. So realise the reality of life and amend your ways before it’s too late.


The owner of a small business,

a friend of the great poet


met him on the street

& asked him, 

“Mr. Suryam, 

I need to sell my small farm,

the one u know so well,

could u please write an

announcement for me in the paper?”

Bilac wrote: 

For Sale: A beautiful property,

where birds sing at dawn in extensive woodland,

bi-sected by the brilliant &

sparkling waters of a large stream. The house is bathed by the rising sun. It offers tranquil shade in the evening on the veranda.

Some time later, the poet met his friend & asked whether he had sold the property, to which the man replied, 

“I’ve changed my mind. 

When I read what u had written, 

I realized the treasure that was mine.”

Sometimes we underestimate 

the good things we have & often take it all for granted. We chase after the mirages of false treasures & become blind to how blessed we truly are.

We often see people letting go of their wonderful children, their families, their spouse, their friends, their professions, their knowledge, their good health & the amazing memories of life that was accumulated over the years. They throw out all those priceless possessions which اللَّهُ Subhana wa Ta'ala has given them so freely in the mad pursuit of better & more wonderful.

How many homes have been broken with the expectation of the grass being greener on the other side...?

How many children have been cast aside because of mistakes & not living up to their parents expectations...?

How many professions have been cast asidè in pursuit of a better one which brought about more frustration & stress...?

How many are suffering from ill-health due to not valuing their good health..?

Look within & around u & appreciate what u have: ur Imaan ,ur free time ,ur loved ones,

the knowledge u have gained,

ur good health, &

all the beautiful things in life

that are truly ur most precious treasures which money can never buy.

"May we always teach our children not to seek after riches, but rather to learn about happiness & when they grow up,they will know the true value of life,

not the price of things."

Wearing the "divorce" label

This! !!✅✅💯

People think divorcees ARE the worst of people yet they forget that even the Daughters of the sahaba were divorced by her husband, a sahabi, who was promised JANNAAH, for being too harsh. Was she ridiculed or ostracized? No!

Why then do we do it to our sisters?! ALLAAH swt has made DIVORCE a solution NOT a punishment.

The mother of the believers Khadija (ra)was married twice and widowed both times; she had 3 children before she married Rasul ul Allaah (sallalaahu alayhi wa sallam), WERE they seen as a burden? NO!            They lived with them and were raised by Rasulullah (sallalahu alayhi wa sallam).

To the SISTER's wanting to flee abusive marriages there is NO evidence from the  Qur'an or sunnah that says a woman must stay even when she is suffering abuse.

Don't stress if you ARE divorced thinking YOU won't remarry. Men are supposed to compliment you NOT BE an added stress!

This poisonous thinking is cultural NOT ISLAMIC. The women of the past would be approached FOR marriage AS SOON AS their iddat was up. Rasul ul llaah (sallalaahu alayhi wa sallam's) own daughters were divorcees (they were married to the sons of Abu Lahab)! If it was always the woman's fault then why were they referred to as 'Light' when they married Uthman Ibn Affan?! He was known AS 'the possessor of the TWO lights' the "lights" being Ruqqayah and Umm Kulthum (Radiallahu Anhuma).

Please SHARE this and raise awareness about the TRUE BEAUTY OF ISLAM and NOT the cultural version.            Via ideal Muslimah fb

Monday, 26 November 2018

Quick and easy Cheesecake

Fake friends

This is a true story about a woman who lived in India in the middle ages and had a pet snake, python, which she loved so much. The snake was 4 metres long and looked healthy . However, one day her pet snake just stopped eating .

This lack of appetite in the snake continued over a few weeks.. The desperate woman tried everything. Nothing worked. Finally woman took her loving pet to the vet as a last resort.

The vet listened to the woman carefully and asked,

Does your snake sleep with you at night, wrap around you closely and spread out its length?"

The woman was surprised and said yes yes he does, everyday. And it makes me so sad because I cannot help him.

Then the vet said something shocking and most unexpected "madam your snake is not sick, he is just preparing to eat you.

Every time he is creeping and hugging you,  wrapping around your body , it is sizing you up. And he is preparing him self for the attack , and yes , he doesn't eat in order to have enough space to digest you easily"

This story comes with a #Moral to everyone. 

You have friends that are close to you with whom you chat to 24/7 day and night; you're affectionate with, but they could have mean intentions.

You need to identify the snake around you and their true intentions. 

Hugs and Kisses are not always honest

Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but fear the Fake friend that hugs you.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

❤True Love

Once there was an extremely rich King. This King had four wives or rather four Queens. Out of all these four Queens he loved the youngest one the most. The Wazeers (Ministers) would often comment that because she was the youngest she received the maximum amount of the King’s admiration and adoration. But the King had altogether a different reason for regarding her as his favourite.

One day the King called all his Wazeers and said to them, “I have come to know that you people think that I am being unfair to the other Queens because I give extra attention to the youngest one for the obvious reasons of her youthfulness. Tomorrow early in the morning I want you to come to my Durbar (court) where I intend to demonstrate to you why she deserves to be loved the most.

The next day the King ordered his workers to lay all his treasures wide open. Since the King was immensely wealthy the courtyard was full of his treasures that included, besides his lavish household goods and furniture, very expensive and intricately beautiful ornaments, jewellery, diamonds, rubies and pearls, clothes and plenty of cash.

He then summoned all his four Queens to come to the court. He announced to the Queens thus: “Today you can grab whatever you want from my treasures. You will be allocated a limited period of time within which whatever you will touch with your hands will be yours. Your time starts…NOW”

As soon as he said the word ‘NOW’ all the Queens, with exception of the youngest one, got into a frenzied rush to touch the maximum numbers of things. They frantically kept running from one end to the other in a bid to touch the maximum number of items. Special guards were placed there to make a note of every single object each Queen placed her hand on.

While all this was going on the youngest Queen stood there motionless. The King noticed it and he said to her, “What’s wrong with you? The time is running out and you are just standing there like a statue!”

The Queen smiled and said, “Will I get whatever I will touch?

The King, ‘Of course! That’s precisely what I have said. Come on, use your senses and act fast before it’s too late.”

On hearing this, the youngest Queen, cautiously taking her steps, moved towards the King’s throne. Almost everyone thought she was going for his diamond studded crown or his lavishly adorned throne. But to the bewilderment of all the people gathered there including the Wazeers, she gently picked the King’s right hand and with a tight grip she held it in both her hands. It was definitely an awe-inspiring moment and the King triumphantly looked at his band of Wazeers.

While the other three Queens tried to amass whatever they could lay their hands on, the wisest of them preferred just to have the King alone, knowing full well that if she got the King then whatever was his was automatically going to be hers.

Related above is a parable with a very profound message!

While we are all hankering after the treasures and pleasures of this world we keep on forgetting the Khaliq or the Creator of all these things. We get so busy amassing the temporary and materialistic things that we tend to forget the Mâlik al-Mulk, the Owner of all Sovereignty, the known and the unknown, the manifest and the hidden.

Coming closer to Him and winning His pleasure should be our sole purpose. We have been sent to this Duniya (temporary world) to make His ‘Ibadah and ‘Ibadah does not mean offering Salah, fasting, going for Hajj and giving Zakah alone. Besides performing these obligatory acts, ‘Ibadah is connected with the word ‘slavery‘. Thus ‘Ibadah means  ‘obedience with submission,  humility, and devotion to Allah alone with the ultimate love for Him.  It is  also something that comes from the heart with Ikhlas or purity and total sincerity.

Once your heart is linked with Allah it develops the following traits:

It is always remembering Allah.

It is always fearing Allah.

It is always humble to Allah.

It is always seeking Allah.

It is always repenting to Allah.

It develops an intense love for His Beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa Sallam and ardently follows his Sunnah.

It is attached to His  Kitaab, the Qur’an Kareem, reciting it as often as possibleIt does not despair whatever the conditions may beIt is constantly aware of the impending death. 

It is always concerned about the life of the Hereafter 

Let us solely be interested in gaining the pleasure  of Al-Khaliq (the Creator) and Al-Malik  (the Owner) of everything.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala guide us to be linked to Him with all sincerity.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Beautiful sunrise.. Good morning from Durban

Let us fulfill your dreams...


🚫Do not put a question mark where Allah puts a full stop.

💞When praying, don't give Allah instructions, just report for duty.

💟We do not change Allah's message, His message changes us.

✨The Masjid is prayer-conditioned.

❤️When Allah ordains, He sustains.

💥Exposure to Allah may prevent burning.

✨Most people want to serve Allah, but only in an advisory position.

📖Suffering from truth decay? Brush up on your Qur'an. 

👣 Exercise daily, Walk to Allah