Saturday, 26 March 2016

a simple dua

Al-'Abbās, the uncle of the Prophet , came to the Prophet and said,
“Ya Rasūlullāh, teach me a du'ā'.” .
The Prophet said:
“O my uncle, say:

Allāhumma inni asaluka al-'āfiyah
(O Allāh, I ask you for 'āfiyah).”

What is 'āfiyah?
'Āfiyah means “to save me from any afflictions.
To be healthy, you are in 'āfiyah.
To have enough money
To live, you are in 'āfiyah.
To have your children protected,
you are in 'āfiyah.
And if you are forgiven and not punished, you are in 'āfiyah.
'Āfiyah means
“O Allāh, protect me from any pain and suffering.”
This includes dunya and ākhirah.

Al-'Abbās thought about this for a while, and then he came back after a few days and said (paraphrased):
“Ya Rasūlullāh, this du'ā' seems a little short. I want something big.”
The Prophet said, “My dear uncle, ask Allāh for 'āfiyah for wallāhi, you cannot be given anything better than 'āfiyah.”
It is a simple du'ā'.
Sincerely mean what you say.
“O Allāh, I ask You to be saved from any distress, grief, hardship, harm. Don't test me.”
All of this is included in
“Allāhumma inni asaluka al-'āfiyah”

Riyadh As Saliheen,
Sunan At-Tirmidhi

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