Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Niqab Story

Having recently adorned the niqab, I have searched for info on etiquette of hijab, purdah etc and although niqab veils the face, purdah is not just a veil over the face, it's a veil over ones behaviour, actions, words, thoughts, etc.

True purdah is steering all what u see, speak, hear, write etc to the right path ie. the path to Allah.

So before deciding to adorn the niqab, keep this in mind.

I contemplated a long while before starting to adorn the niqab as I didn't want to go into niqab nd then drop it. I wanted to do it with full conviction and no intention of backing out.

I've had people giving me queer looks asking me "Why?", "What's wrong with u?", "Who r u hiding from?", "Does ur husband not want us to see ur face?" etc and my answer is simply "To please my Lord!"

Strange, coming from one that was once highly modern and westernised, but truth is when all else fails u, when all else leaves u, u r left with only one realisation : Allah never leaves u, Allah never abandons u, No matter what u do, No matter where u end up, Allah is always with u... Then sacrifices in the path of Allah become easy.

Funny enough my 10 year old, the trooper that she is, again impresses me, by yet again standing by me with my decision.
The one morning I forgot to adorn the niqab and left with her for school and she insisted I turn back home so I can put on the niqab.

I am no expert, neither am I perfect, nor flawless... I am simply a slave of Allah, striving to do my best in the face of the adversities I face.

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