Friday, 25 May 2018



Don't fall prey to the status quo, where everything you do stems from one's own selfish ego, you keep away from those whom you deem as below, you consider in every choice what would lead one's status to grow, to maintain this you would also take the weak as a foe, everything you purchase and the way you behave is all part of the show, do you not know that our prophet Sallallahualaihiwasallam, to an invitation of trotters would go.

Amidst the thought of status where in the world is sincerety? Ones motives become a conglomeration of dishonesty, one is blinded from what really matters till one cannot see,Islam has reminded us that this life is temporary, leave all this baseless status live a life of simplicity, ponder over all this over a steamy cup of tea.

You become an obstacle for those that try to do good and practice choices of righteousness, when you disregard them you make them feel as if something is amiss, it is only in Aakhirah will one know who achieved eternal bliss.

Impressing peoples minds is a disease, to achieve this end some will even take occasional holidays overseas, by making such the goal they lose sight of the door of true contentment and its keys.

To achieve true contentment make your goal one, put Allah and his Deen before entertainment and fun, if you do so behind people you wouldn't have to run, keep him in mind in every action before whilst and after it is done.

Be kind to all regardless of who they are, that will distance you from pride keep you afar.

Remember true honor is in the life to come, their the bank balance would not matter nor the sum, neither will it matter where you are from.

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