Tuesday, 1 November 2016


We have mentioned Tafaqquh-fid-Dien (proper understanding of Dien), Rizq-e-Halaal (Halaal sustenance), Zawjatun Saaleha (pious wife) then we will get, Aulaad-e-Abraar (pious offspring).
If we nurture our children correctly we will attain the Barkat of the Duaa in the Quraan Sharief. “Rabbana Hablana min azwaajina wa dhuriyatina qurata a’yoon” “O Allah grant us from our spouses (our wives) and our children, the coolness of our eyes.”

The Tafseer of this verse by Hadrat Ml Ashraf Ali Thanwi ra “Qurata’a’yoon (coolness of the eyes) is proverbial in Arabic which means make them a source of great joy for us, so that when we see them we get great happiness. We should ask ourselves how many husbands get great joy and happiness when they see their wives. The major reason why a husband does not get happiness when he sees his wife is because he has filled his eyes with the poison of snakes and scorpions. He is looking at filthy, dirty women from the street and not only the street women, many men who are pious by appearance are involved in watching pornography and have become addicted to it to such an extent that they are using their credit cards and are paying interest on overdrafts to maintain the internet in order to watch all this filth, then if we don’t fight with our wives what else are we going to do?
So when he sees his Halaal wife she does not appear beautiful to him. Remember if a person protects his eyes from the poison of the street, Wallah Allah will make his wife appear to him like a “Hur (a damsel) from Jannat (paradise) in this world.” Miss world and Miss South Africa will not appear as beautiful as your Halaal wife which Allah swt has given you to enjoy in this world already. If a husband wants his wife to be “Qurata’aiyoon” then the husband must keep his eyes pure and Allah swt will make her the “coolness of your eyes.”
She will be a Hur of Jannat for you in this world and your children will become righteous, pious and “Qurata’aiyoon (coolness of your eyes)” Then remember to save them from western education which teaches them their fathers were first monkeys and they are monkeys if this is what they learn then how can we expect a monkey to have respect for their parents. Remember Islam teaches us “Wa Qadha rabbuka alla ta’budoo illa iyyahu wa bil waalidaini ihsaana” “Allah swt has decreed that you do not worship anyone besides Allah swt and that you be good (kind) to your parents.”
Wallah if we teach our children to respect and be kind to parents then our children will carry their parents on a “golden tray.” Once when I visited Lahore I saw a young boy about seventeen years old and I was astounded by the respect he showed his father. The way he spoke and the words he used and his humbleness, I was taken aback so I was constrained to ask the father as to how he managed to get a boy like this in this zamana (era). The father said, “If you make effort of Dien on your children Allah swt grants you the fruits.” Today we do not make Dieni effort on our children we make dunya effort on them. We send them to learn to colour in pictures of monkeys and lions.
We regard Islamic education as a waste of time and we say, (May Allah swt save us) “What money will he get if he becomes an Aalim.” We have made our “god” money and we feel that money will do everything for us and it has become our object in life, whereas our object in life is to bring Dien into our lives. We must bring qualities of “Insaaniyat” into our lives. We must first become an Insaan (human being) and then we will become a Muslim and a Mu’min.

by   Hazrat Moulana Abdul Hamid Is’haq (DB)

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