Monday, 12 September 2016

Moulana's wedding dilemma

The friendly chit-chat abruptly halted
Traditions and values altered

Music welcomed her as she entered
And I cursed why I attended

I don’t know the difference between Bieber and Zain
But it’s music, simple and plain

Now I had to decide
To walk out and be accused of pride

Or remain seated as if there’s no harm
Yet on the mimbar I say music is haraam

If I leave the function, the host feels abused
If I remain, I am accused

Hypocrisy and double standards they’ll shout
Thus my sermons will have no more clout

I hope you understand my dilemma
And stop thinking that I need an enema

Yes we grace the occasion with recitations from the Qur’aan
But not in a manner that pleases Shaytaan

Just as haram wealth may not be given in charity
Qur’aanic recitation alongside music is also a blasphemy!

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